PortraitFlip vs Welham & Co: Choosing the Best Custom House Portrait Service

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PortraitFlip vs Welham & Co—that is the sizzling topic for today! 

If you have a beautiful new house, or a vintage home, wouldn’t you want to capture its beauty in a frame?

More than photographs, custom made portraits have a way of capturing the essence of anything.

If you are thinking of creating a custom art of your beloved abode, there is much to think about before deciding. 

We have two of the best in the market here—PortraitFlip and Welham & Co., so let us do a brief study of both. 

In this article I will take you through important factors that should be considered while choosing a custom art service. 

We will look into the individual services of the brands, its security policy, customer support and also look into its quality. 

Services: PortraitFlip vs Welham & Co

One of the major differences among the two is that while PortraitFlip produces handmade paintings, Welham & Co creates digital art prints. 

Apart from their service type , there individually offer some of the best features that needs to be considered, check them out on the table below;

FeaturesPortraitFlipWelham & Co
Service TypeHandmade PaintingsDigital Art Prints
Starting Price $89$59
Deposit30% PaymentFull Payment
Delivery Time12-14 days8-12 days
Express DeliveryAvailable
ShippingFree WorldwideFree above $100 only
Mediums 7 mediums1 medium
Custom Layout YesYes
Unlimited Revisions YesYes 
ArtistsHandmade PainterDigital Artists
Pricing ListAvailableAvailable 
Hidden ChargesNoNo 
Framing OptionsAvailableAvailable
Specific Date DeliveryYes

Now both brands have its unique features, but PortraitFlip’s variety and versatility with its seven different mediums is what makes it stand out. 

Family painting from different photos

Imagine having the choice to choose between a house oil portrait or a charcoal sketch! 

A good user experience of the website also dictates the overall satisfaction of the services. 

The better and smooth a website is running, the more credible it becomes for the customer. 

Here, both PortraitFlip and Welham & Co have a good interface but you’ll notice how things run more smoothly on PotraitFlip. 

Well, you can check it out yourself because after all the decision is yours and it needs to be made wisely. 

Customer Support: PortraitFlip vs Welham & Co

Be it a virtual or physical platform, as customers one of our priorities does lie on the brand’s customer service. 

Here is a table that will give you an overview of the customer support from both the custom portrait brands. 

FeaturesPortraitFlipWelham & Co
Customer Communication Platform EmailEmail
Dedicated Support Manager Yes
24×7 Live Chat SupportYesYes
Chat Response TimeImmediate
Satisfaction Policy YesYes

The customer service of both PortraitFlip and Welham & Co are commendable for they have most things in check. 

Even then, quick response is a very important factor when it comes to customer service. 

As the table suggests, PortraitFlip’s dedicated Support Manager and immediate chat response makes them a more reliable source. 

Apart from this, each custom portrait brand has also included some unique offers that the customers can benefit from. 

So, now you know what you need to keep a lookout for! 

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Security Policy: PortraitFlip vs Welham & Co

Trust is a very important factor when it comes to business! 

So, this is also one of the features you can look into while choosing the best suitable custom art service. 

Below is a table that explains the security policy of both the services;

FeaturesPortraitFlipWelham & Co
Safe and Secure TransactionYesYes
Trusted Site StampYesYes
Trustpilot Reviews 13761119
Trustpilot Ratings4.83.9
Third Party Seal Yes

While choosing services like this, it is inevitable that we will be sharing our personal photographs for reference to them. 

Fortunately, both PortraitFlip and Welham & Co have proved to be trustworthy websites that will handle the customer data with care. 

You don’t have to take my word for it, instead you can always look into PortraitFlip’s Trustpilot reviews and ratings for a better understanding. 

Hearing it straight from fellow customers should help you seal the deal, I am hoping! 

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Quality Check: PortraitFlip vs Welham & Co

Now that we have carefully analyzed some of the most vital factors to consider while choosing a custom art service, let us look at the end products, shall we?

Below, you can have a visual comparison of the two services, starting with their popular custom house portraits;

Custom House Portraits

comparison between portraitflip and welham and co house portraits
Images: PortraitFlip and Welham & Co

      Imprinting a personal space on canvas is one of the most special additions to your home sweet home. Wondering where to get one? 

      Family Portraits 

      family portraits comparison of portraitflip vs welham and co
      Images: PortraitFlip and Welham & Co

      Pet Portraits 

      portraits of dogs from portraitflip and welham and co
      Images: PortraitFlip and Welham & Co

        Well, these are some of the common portrait options that you can see in both the brands. 

        But did you know that PortraitFlip has more potions? Let me show you;

        Compilation Paintings:

        compilation portrait

        Memorial Paintings:

        memorial painting

        Reproduction Paintings:

        reproduction painting

        Well, right about now you should be having the urge to explore their gallery and choose anything from a house portrait to a reproduction painting; so indulge away! 

        Personal Review 

        Now that’s what I call a fruitful debate!

        I hope you enjoyed discussing PortraitFlip vs Welham & Co and have finally come to a conclusion on your choice. 

        But were you wondering what my choice among the two will be?

        Here are my two cents—it is without a doubt, PortraitFlip!

        When it comes to services, customer support, security policy and every other aspect, PortraitFlip has proved their excellence. 

        Their quality is incomparable, and above everything they value their customers’ requests like no one else! 

        So, if I were you, PortraitFlip would definitely be my choice. 

        I will see you soon with yet another intriguing post. 

        Until then, 

        Toodles xx 

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