PortraitFlip vs PopArtYou: Digital or Handmade Portraits?

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If you are deciding between digital and handmade portraits we definitely have to go through this debate of PortraitFlip vs PopArtYou

We have two unique custom portrait brands with us that work towards delivering the best customer experience in the field. 

While PortraitFlip creates premium handmade paintings across different mediums, PopArtYou creates Royal Family and Pet portraits digitally.

Yes, so it also becomes a debate between handmade paintings and digital art prints! 

In this article I have laid out everything you need to know about PortraitFlip and PopArtYou. 

Their individual services, customer support, and safety and security will give you a good idea to prioritize your needs and make your decision between the two. 

Service Comparison: PortraitFlip vs PopArtYou

Before we get into the highlights of their services, let us quickly skim through this table that covers everything that needs to be considered. 

Service TypeHandmade PaintingsDigital Art Prints 
Starting Price $89$49
Deposit30% PaymentFull Payment
Delivery Time12-14 days10-15 days 
Express DeliveryAvailable– 
ShippingFree WorldwideFree only in the US
Mediums 7 mediums1 medium
Custom Layout YesNo
Unlimited Revisions YesYes
ArtistsHandmade PainterDigital Artist
Pricing ListAvailable
Hidden ChargesNoNo
Framing OptionsAvailable
Specific Date DeliveryYes

The first and foremost distinction you can make between the two is their service type. 

PopArtYou excels in creating royal custom portraits of both humans and pets. This is done through digital means and then printed out. 

And oh, they even have royal costumes ready for your virtual attire! 

Family painting from different photos

On the other hand PortraitFlip also does custom royal paintings, but they produce any kind of custom portrait that is hand painted across 7 different mediums.  

Compilation paintings, pet portraits, memorial portraits, and couple portraits are just to name a few—I told you, the variety is a spread. 

So, your decision should start with this primary comparison—do you need a handmade painting, or just a digital art print? 

Based on your answer, it should be applied to other factors and features while you choose between the two! 

Another important factor that took to my attention is that PortraitFlip looks after how the painting is delivered too—yes, I am talking about framing options. 

You get to choose between rolled, gallery wraps and frames for your final product, whereas PopArtYou has clearly mentioned that they do not provide framing services. 

I hope that gives you plenty of clarity to choose between the digital art and handmade painting services! 

Customer Support: PortraitFlip vs PopArtYou

Customer Communication Platform EmailEmail
Dedicated Support Manager YesYes
24×7 Live Chat SupportYesYes 
Chat Response TimeImmediate
Satisfaction Policy YesYes

Well well well, what do we have here? Just look at the table above…

When it comes to customer service, the competition between the two is almost neck to neck!

It is commendable that both PortraitFlip and PopArtYou have an amazing customer service set up for maximum customer satisfaction. 

Nevertheless, one difference that I could point out was PortraitFlip’s 100% Money Back Guarantee

Yes, you heard it right. Even with your access to the infinite connection, if the painting is not made to your requests, your money will be refunded in full! 

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Safety and Security: PortraitFlip vs PopArtYou

While virtually shopping for anything, the first thing we do is check if the website is trustworthy. 

Here is a quick sneak-peek into the safe and security features of PortraitFlip and PopArtYou. 

Safe and Secure TransactionYesYes
Trusted Site StampYesYes
Trustpilot Reviews 1376689
Trustpilot Ratings4.84.9
Third Party Seal Yes

The table reassures us with great safety features on both sides, and having reviews on Trustpilot also helps us understand other customer’s POV. 

Apart from this, you can also check how user-friendly the website is for you, which shows the brand’s credibility. 

Not everyone is aware of this, but having a third party seal is extremely important for websites to elevate their credibility and authenticity. 

Both parties have also included different offers, which are sometimes seasonal too, to make sure that their customer can benefit from them. 

If they are striving on customer satisfaction, then that is definitely a good sign to consider while choosing between them! 

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Quality Check: PortraitFlip vs PopArtYou

Well, we have gone in depth about all the important factors and features of PortraitFlip and PopArtYou, but I’d say believe nothing but your eyes. 

So, here are some visual examples for you to do the comparison yourself and decide which is the better option. 

  1. Animal Portrait
compariosn of pet royal portraits of portraitflip and popartyou
Image: PortraitFlip and PopArtYou
    1. Royal Portrait (Women)
    comparison of women royal portraits of portraitflip vs popartyou
    Image: PortaitFlip and PopArtYou
    1. Royal Portrait (Men)
    comparison between royal men portraits portraitflip vs popartyou
    Image: PortraitFlip and PopArtYou

    Because PortraitFlip extends their services to more variety of portraits, here are a few examples;

    1. Compilation Painting
    compilation portrait of four men
    1. Pet Memorial Painting
    memorial pet portrait of a dog
    1. Family Portrait 
    custom family portrait
    1. Pet Portrait 
    handmade cat portrait

    Conclusion: If You’d Ask Me…

    That was quite a debate between PortraitFlip and PopArtYou, don’t you think so?

    But if you’d ask my honest opinion between the two, my answer is PortraitFlip!

    I’ll explain  why—PortraitFlip without a doubt excels in every single aspect compared to PopArtYou. 

    Yes, the starting price of PortraitFlip is $89 and PopArtYou is just $49, but we are comparing handmade paintings with digital prints here!

    Anything that is handmade increases its value to 10 folds more, and here it is art that imitates life giving you a spectacular painting. 

    So, if you feel like getting a handmade portrait for someone special, or yourself, don’t wait, you can order right away

    I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and it helped you clear all your doubts and concerns. 

    After all, my priority is that you choose the best service out there.

    So, yes, choose wisely my friend. 

    I will see you soon, till then…

    Toodles xx

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