PortraitFlip vs EpicPaint: Choose The Best Custom Portrait Service!


Let’s get into a hot debate of PortraitFlip vs EpicPaint, shall we? 

EpicPaint is a familiar face in town with their amazing service for custom digital art, whereas PortraitFlip is famous for their custom handmade paintings! 

And why is this debate necessary?

Because looking for websites for custom art online can be a tricky business, so you might as well do some homework and be prepared to choose wisely. 

But the question here is: what are the factors that you need to consider while choosing your preferred custom portrait service? 

Their security and service policy and also the quality of their services are some of the main factors to focus on. 

So, let us do a comparison of PortraitFlip vs EpicPaint and see what factors suit you the best! 

Services: PortraitFlip vs EpicPaint

The first thing you need to look into is definitely the services both the brands provide. 

Here’s a table that will give you a quick sneak-peek into the rest of services available. 

Service TypeHandmade PaintingsDigital Print Art
Starting Price$89$79
Deposit30% paymentFull payment 
Delivery Time12-14 days16-21 days
Express DeliveryAvailableNot available
Mediums7 mediums 1 medium
Custom LayoutYesYes
Unlimited RevisionsYesYes 
Artists Handmade PainterDigital Artist
Pricing ListAvailableNot available 
Hidden ChargesNoUnsure
Framing OptionsAvailableAvailable 
Specific Date DeliveryYesNo 

Having a good understanding of the services will help you navigate through your priorities. 

Family painting from different photos

To start with, one integral difference you will see between the two are—PortraitFlip creates custom handmade portraits while EpicPaint creates custom digital art. 

Apart from this, there are other things to consider when it comes to understanding services.


Apart from these services, there are other factors to look into too. 

For example, look into the information the website provides you with—like recommendations of where to hang a painting, how to gift a painting etc. 


One of the important factors that stand out is the kind of variety you get from different mediums provided by the service. 

PortraitFlip gives you 7 handmade painting mediums to choose from, while EpicPaint works with only 1 medium through digital art. 


Having a gallery that showcases their work builds more credibility and trust amongst customers and gives you a good idea about how your final painting is going to look like. 

Unfortunately there is no designated gallery provided in EpicPaint’s website, and only a few paintings are being showcased. 

Whereas PortraitFlip shows a plethora of examples of each medium and portrait style in their designated gallery. 

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Customer Support Policy: PortraitFlip vs EpicPaint

Another important factor to consider is how quick they are in responding to your concerns and queries. 

Here is a table that explains the customer service policy of both PortraitFlip and EpicPaint. 

Dedicated Support AssistanceYes
Customer Support24×7 chat support + emailChat support + email
Chat FrequencyImmediateUnsure 

Customer service is one thing that needs to be top notch to have a smooth sailing experience and 100% customer satisfaction. 

Having good customer support also shows how reliable their customer service can be. 

So make sure you consider this too and choose wisely! 

Safety & Security: PortraitFlip vs EpicPaint

While purchasing any product, it is natural for customers to expect assurance or security on the services. 

In this regard too, both PortraitFlip and EpicPaint have won hearts in delivering quality custom portraits. 

Let us get a better idea of their service security from this table below;

Features PortraitFlipEpicPaint
Safe and Secure TransactionYesYes
Trusted Site StampYes
Trustpilot Ratings4.83.7
Trustpilot Reviews1400308

In fact, each of them also come up with their own unique offers for their customers to benefit from. 

For example, PortraitFlip provides you with a 100% money back guarantee if your portrait does now turn out the way you want it. 

When it comes to having a secure experience, the table clearly says that PortraitFlip is a better option.

You can even look into PortraitFlip’s reviews on Trustpilot to make sure your decision is on the right track!

Quality Reviews: PortraitFlip vs EpicPaint 

Now that we know the services, security and quality let us put things in perspective. 

How about  a quick quality review of the custom portraits from each of the brands for three different categories. 

  1. Family Portraits 
Examples of portraits from portraitFlip and epicpaint
image: epicpaint.com
  1. Memorial Paintings
Differences between portraitflip and epicpaint
image: epicpaint.com
  1. Compilation Paintings 
comparison between Portraitflip and EpicPaint
image: epicpaint.com

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My Take On It…

Phew, now that was quite the comparison! 

Now if my avid reader would ask me what my choice between the two is, I already have my answer ready.

Without any doubt it’s PortraitFlip!

Why, you’d wonder? Because as you can clearly see in my article, PortraitFlip shines through every criteria that we have discussed here. 

They never compromise in quality and their service is exceptional. 

Apart from all that, nothing gives a more intimate touch to gifting like a good old handmade painting! 

Another unique service that makes PortraitFlip stand out from EpicPaint is their reproduction painting services. 

Too cool, right? Have I ruffled  your curiosity enough? 

If yes, you can now explore the world of PortraitFlip and their amazing services.

But hey, the decision to choose is in your hands, nevertheless, I hope you choose wisely! 

Hope you found this article informative and helpful.

Until I see you in the next one, 

Toodles xx

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