Websites like CanvasPop: Alternatives for Custom Digital Art

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If you’ve heard of custom digital art, then you’ve probably heard of CanvasPop!

In the era we live in, there is a digital solution to almost any dilemma, including custom digital portraits!

Founded in 2009, CanvasPop has dedicated their service to creating custom wall art digitally.    

Their idea of making memories last forever is what drives them as a brand, as well as providing a satisfying customer experience. 

But did you know that there are other options now available in the market with better and unique services?

When you look at custom digital art there are different factors you need to consider to find the best service for you. 

These parameters can include, medium of service, shipping charges, customer communication, framing options etc. 

I have created a quick guide that will take you through the websites like CanvasPop which are the best four alternatives for custom digital art.

1. PortraitFlip  

example for compilation painting
Starting Price$89
Customer Support24×7 Customer Support 
Happy Customer Review5/5
Mediums 7 mediums
Deposit30% percent 
Express DeliveryAvailable 
Shipping Free Shipping Worldwide
Delivery Time 12-14 days 

Now while we are on the topic of custom digital art and discussing websites like Cnvaspop, how can I not bring up PortraitFlip?

How is PortraitFlip one of the best alternatives here?

Family painting from different photos

They use digital means to transform photos to the customer’s needs, and then produce handmade paintings out of them!

So, here you have the best of both worlds—the perks of digital art and the authenticity of traditional handmade paintings. 

What sets them apart is their assurance of 100% Money Back Guarantee along with Free Shipping Worldwide!

Apart from this, their speciality of providing unlimited revisions of the digital copy has been a customer attraction! 

Customers can avail hand painted portraits across seven different art mediums to get their desired result. 

Some of the popular portrait options here are oil portraits, compilation paintings, royal portraits, pet portraits and memorial portraits. 

Do you fancy yourself a compilation painting with the people you miss the most today? Check this out;

2. Crown and Paw

digital art of a man and his dog
Starting Price$139
Customer SupportOnly Email
Happy Customer Review4.3/5
Mediums Digital Art
DepositFull Payment
Express DeliveryNot Available
Shipping Shipping Charges Applicable
Delivery Time 10 days 

While looking at websites like CanvasPop, I came across Crown and Paw, which is a digital art platform wholly dedicated to pets. 

Their mission revolves around aiding pet owners to express their love and gratitude towards their pets. 

Using digital means they create a variety of custom products like portraits, blankets, mugs, etc. 

If you want to make custom made products for your pet, then Crown and Paw could be an alternative option.

To get  more clarity with these options you can read PortraitFlip vs Crown & Paw

3. West & Willow 

digital art of two dogs
Starting Price$42
Customer SupportOnly Email and Forms 
Happy Customer Review4.2/5
Mediums Digital Art
DepositFull payment 
Express DeliveryNot available 
Shipping 10% shipping charges applicable
Delivery Time 14-28 days 

My next option for good alternatives for websites like CanvasPop is West and Willow!

This is again an option for pet owners who want to make custom digital art of their furry friends. 

They are quite similar to our previous option as they also provide different products such as custom mugs, and phone cases. 

A drawback spotted in their service is that they do not provide any artwork previews or proof and you’ll have to wait for the end product to be printed. 

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4. Pixels Photo Art 

Royal portrait of a woman and dog
Starting Price$39
Customer SupportChat Support and Email
Happy Customer Review4.7/5
Mediums Digital Art
DepositFull Payment 
Express DeliveryAvailable 
Shipping Free shipping charges 
Delivery Time 5-10 working days 

Are you a diehard fan of custom royal portraits? Then maybe Pixels Photo art could also be a suitable option for you. 

What sets them apart is their digital closet of royal outfits from which the customer can choose from and get their portrait digitally printed. 

They also work with old and tattered photos to create memorial portraits, but they’d ask you to restore the photo which is another paid service. 

Compared to the other options, their services are a bit more pricey and they require you to pay the whole amount while placing the order. 

If You’d Ask Me To Choose…

I have given you a nice spread of the best options for websites like CanvasPop to choose for custom digital art, but if you’d ask me to choose, can you guess my no.1 option?

I’d without a doubt choose PortraitFlip! 

Are you wondering why? Let me tell you—firstly, PortraitFlip is the only option among the 4 that has all the services of the other mentioned websites available in one space. 

Be it royal paintings, pet portraits, memorial portraits and compilation paintings, you have a huge variety of choices, all at one place. 

And the best part of it all? The end result is handmade paintings which include a personal touch to the portrait! 

Apart from that, like I mentioned above they excel in bringing complete customer satisfaction with their product and services. 

Are you also intrigued to explore their services and maybe place an order? I got you, friend…

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