13+ Gay Erotic Art: The Naked Truth Revealed

This image shows the statue of David a sculpture by Michelangelo who was a gay artist and this art piece is considered to be gay erotic art. The text reads Gay Erotic Art: The Naked Truth Revealed.

For me, to use the word ‘queer’ is a liberation, it was a word that frightened me, but no longer.  – Derek Jarman. Gay erotic art is the epitome of art.  A form of art that has prevailed itself over centuries, it has been hidden away from the eyes of society.  Homoeroticism didn’t just come […]

History Of Painting: Brief Introduction To Western, Eastern, & American Art

History Of Painting: Brief Introduction To Western, Eastern, & American Art

This is an attempt to take you back to the time when artifacts and artworks were created by pre-historic artists.  The history of painting is a vast subject that consists of various famous art movements, cultures, painting styles, and the origin of the painting. We’ve covered these aspects as well as others that include interesting […]

55+ Modern Home Decor Ideas That Can Enliven Your Space [2022 List]

55+ modern home decor ideas

This is a complete guide to modern home decor… From living space to entryway, we’ve shared 55+ practical ways to help you style or redesign a house of your choice! The best interior designers in the world had a lot to share about modern house decoration. But the fact is the modern decor idea that […]

Famous Nude Paintings: A Tradition, Rebellion, Or Simply Daring?

Famous nude painting in history of art.

“What spirit is so empty and blind that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?” Michelangelo Nude paintings are an important part of art history and have existed for as long as art has been created. […]

47 Best Places To Buy Home Decor – For Finer Things In Life

Best Places To Buy Home Decor

Find the affordable and best places to buy home decor in the roundup list below! We all love to explore decor items that we can add to our home for freshness—whether it’s adding an art piece to the living room or refurbishing the whole interior. With the option to visit a local store or hunt […]

42 Generous Thank You Gifts For Women That Are Better Than Just Saying ‘Thank You’

a woman holding a heart balloon and a gift in hand

Saying thank you can be enough, but giving appreciation gifts to the women in your life will be cheery on the top! We often thank loved ones for their kind gestures, whether they help us rearrange the room or if it’s a small act such as getting you a cup of coffee. But when saying […]

70 Gifts For Coworkers That Will Make Your C. W. Swoon

A co-worker receiving a gift from another co-worker

You’ll earn an “I’m awesome” badge once you give these coworker gifts to the people you work with. Getting an office gift for the person whom you see every day can be a tad difficult—what do you get for someone whom you work with but don’t know personally? But the bigger question remains: what will […]

37 Minimalist Home Decor Ideas Of 2022: Elegance Is Refusal

A photo of home decor representing minimal decor

Minimalist Home Decor Ideas and tips for those who want a chic decor with bare-minimum efforts. If I could define minimalism in regards to home decor, I would say it in just three words, ‘Sophisticated yet simple Those of you who love to live a minimalistic lifestyle, do know the importance of how much “little […]