How To Recover From The Loss Of Your Pet (Pro Tips)

How to recover from the loss of your pet (pro tips)

A pet is known as man’s best friend and rightly so. But what happens when this best friend, companion, and confidant is no longer present with you. “No one realizes why dogs are known as man’s best friend until they experience the loss of one.” It leaves a huge void in your life. It can […]

27 Best Family Dogs and Kids Friendly Dogs

27 best family dogs and kids friendly dogs

Having a best family dog will bless you with many happy days of your life. Because once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished.  – DEAN KOONTZ Don’t you want a tail-wagger in your house to bless you and your family with happiness! Here are some main characteristics […]

Pet Portrait Artists

Pet portrait from photo

A pet portrait painting is a perfect memoir for all the special moments and the inseparable bond that you share with your beloved pet. While getting a custom made pet portrait painting sounds like a good option it can be a really difficult thing to find that all elusive perfect pet portrait artist for the […]