How To Ship a Painting Without Worrying?

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Shipping artwork sounds like a hectic and tedious job.

From looking for a reliable delivery partner to sourcing the packaging supplies, it is itself such a huge task.

Even if you find a company that will do the packaging and other formalities, I’m pretty sure it will break your bank at some point.

And trust me, you wouldn’t want to sell an artwork at a loss, would you?

If you are an artist or own an art gallery that sells and deals in paintings, then you might be wondering:

“How do you ship a painting?”

Well, you are not alone in this!

There are a lot of business owners and art dealers who go through the same dilemma.

But don’t worry, I am here to help you with the same.

In this blog, we will be getting a hold of the goals, precautions and types to keep in mind while shipping a painting.

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So, let’s get started!

Factors to Consider

A painter packing their painting.
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Once you are done creating a beautiful piece of art, you need to let it sit aside for a while to let it dry completely.

While moving on with the process of getting artwork ready to be shipped, there are a few factors that you need to consider. 

Take a look at them below:


Different size chart of the painitngs.
Image Source: PortraitFlip

Talking about the first and foremost important factor in shipping a painting is the size of your painting.

Check the size charts presented by the courier services or your delivery company.

Each and every company has its own pricing structure, so make sure that you measure your painting and inform them beforehand.

It is important to analyze the size of your painting before shipping, as it can save you some extra bucks and last minute hassle to get it checked at the depot.

Medium Of Your Painting

Brushes and palate of paint
Image Source: Freepik

Now, it may sound like a small thing to do but it is once again a very crucial aspect of your painting’s shipment.

There are two solid reasons why you should mention the medium of your painting as it can help the courier service know about it and the recipient will also know that it’s legit.

Also, handling becomes easier when the painting medium is known.


As we have discussed, the size of your painting matters just as much as its weight.

You should be prioritizing weighing your painting to prevent last minute hassle as well as to protect yourself from additional charges.

Every company has their own package weight policy, so keep an eye on that as well.

Packing Your Painting

It is suggested that you bring in your painting completed with all the formalities and the packing part as well.

Packing a painting is one of the most important and crucial parts of the process. 

Now, if we talk about the packaging that the courier company provides, yes, you can opt for that as well, but it’s your painting and you should be extra cautious with that.

Hence, you can stack up your packaging materials like bubble wrap, plastic wrap, tapes, etc.

Pro Tip:- Never ever use old cardboard and boxes to pack paintings and artworks.

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Safety First: Insure The Art

Art Insurance papers
Image Source: Artscapy

There are a lot of factors to consider before shipping a painting, but safety remains the top-most concern. 

Now you might wonder why the safety of art is important.

Well, like any other good, painting is also a pricey possession for some, and it needs to be handled carefully.

And there are various ways that you can protect yourself from losing money. 

When shipping a package, you can first purchase the carrier’s insurance. 

By default, the delivery companies typically provide a minimal level of coverage, usually amounting to only a few hundred dollars.

You can add more coverage for a fee and secure your painting.

Set Your Goals Before Shipping Art

a man standing right next to box of parcels
Image Source: Freepik, edited by PortraitFlip

To keep a check on the progress you’ve made so far in terms of packaging art for shipping, here’s a checklist that you can refer to:

  • Is the painting packed properly?
  • Is the painting secured with a double layer of bubble wrap and plastic wrap?
  • In the case of delicate paintings, is it covered with a protective coating of either thermocol or cardboard?
  • Is the cardboard intact and taped properly?
  • Is the destination on the package correct or not?
  • Is my painting insured?
  • Are the details of the recipient filled out and checked in correctly with the company?
  • Is every bill cleared before the painting gets ready to be handed over?

These are the factors and goals that you should be keeping in mind before handing over the art to shipment services.  

At PortraitFlip, we too take care of these things, so that our handmade portraits reach our customers safely and without any worries.

Ways To Ship A Painting

There are many ways in which you can ship a painting but it all depends on how your customers want the painting to be shipped.

Generally, the courier services or the delivery companies usually offer two kinds of delivery services: standard and express deliveries.

And, as a matter of fact, people prefer either of them.

Even at PortraitFlip, we offer two delivery services:

1. Free Service – 23 Days (The painting duration will be 15 days, and the delivery duration will be 8 days.)

2. Express Service -14 Days (We will paint your order on high priority within 10 days, and the delivery duration will be 4 days.)  

You can select as per your preference and with this, you can also order a handmade portrait to surprise your loved ones today!

Order Now

At the End: Destination Of the Painting

Destination of the painting featuring a building, car and map logo.
Image Source: ambreybaker

Once everything is done and your painting is ready and packed as per the checklist, let’s now move onto the final step.

The final step in shipping a painting would be to mark the destination.

Once you have marked fragile on your package, make sure to stick a piece of paper on it that mentions the destination, the recipient and also the area code. 

Use a scanner to access the location as well.

Also, do not mention either stamping the package with your brand name or editing the paper with your details as well.

For one last time, check if everything is done properly and then hand it over to the delivery partner and ship your painting right away!

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What is the average cost of shipping a painting?

On average, it costs $3 to $700, depending on the package size and the weight of the painting.

Can a painting be shipped via post?

Yes, a painting can definitely be shipped by a post, but in some scenarios it can get delayed too.

How do you protect your paintings before shipping them?

To protect your paintings before shipping them, you can cover them with bubble wrap, paper shredding, and roll tubes (if the painting is sourced in the form of a roll).

How do I ship artwork internationally?

You can ship artwork internationally by booking a delivery service like USPS, DTDC, etc. Also, ensure that it is covered and sealed in boxes with fragile marks on them. You can also use thermocol to protect your artwork.

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