The Weeping Woman By Picasso: Demonstrating Agony Through Cubist Art! 

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Oh, this is pain, this is anguish! I faint, I fail. Now my body thaws; I am unsealed, I am incandescent. – Virginia Woolf I personally thought that this moving quote by the great feminist author would best represent The Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso!  We would think it is impossible for an edgy and […]

Figurative Art: The Linear Depiction of Figures Through Sculptures and Paintings

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The curves of a human body, the fierce eyes, and the hand postures that look almost surreal! An art form that has helped in shaping the portrayal of humans and living beings in the art world. This is exactly what figurative art talks about. Don’t confuse this with realism, as both concepts may sound similar […]

Understanding Art in Postmodernism: A Guide to Postmodern Art

Understanding Art in Postmodernism: A Guide to Postmodern Art

If you ask about postmodern art, either the answer will leave you confused or unsatisfied. Speaking from my personal experience, this topic was a bit hard to research. But here I am with the explanation in the simplest way you can ever look for. For starters, art in postmodernism is nothing but a later discovery […]

Disturbing Painting “Ivan the Terrible and His Son” Explained!

Ivan the Terrible and His Son cover image

What comes to  mind when you come across Ivan the Terrible and His Son? The first time I came across this title, the following questions pooled in: Who is Ivan? Why is he called Ivan the Terrible? And why mention his son? Does his son not have a name? There is a whole stream of […]

Viking Art: Knowing The Tragic Backstory of Norse Art

History has been unkind to Viking art. I know it’s a harsh yet strong statement. But it’s true.  We’ve always overlooked the creations of Vikings.  All we do is pay attention to their animal carvings and stone art and feed our perceptions that are historically untrue. It is true that they were barbaric, violent, and […]

Art Deco Artists: The Creators of Luxurious Art

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What if I told you that the biggest fashion houses and magazines have made their way into the industry because of art deco? You may ask now, What even is art deco? Well, to be precise, art deco is an art movement that bridged the gap between fashion and art. And it was its artists […]

Illusionism Art: An Overview of Most Deceptive Form of Art

What if I told you that art is not just meant to take you through the artist’s mind; it is also meant to trick you—sometimes to manipulate you without any harm! Every piece of art ever made in history has either demonstrated scenes the artist was part of or come from his/her mind. But there […]

Revisiting Roman History With Famous Roman Paintings

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When you think about Rome, what are some things that come to mind? The tempting smell of pasta, cheese, gelato, or Colosseum?  Well, an art lover would definitely say the art of Rome. Or, to be precise, the famous Roman paintings. An influential mix of various cultures that has shaped a totally unique and fascinating […]