24 Creative Hobbies That’ll Keep You Entertained and Productive

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You can do better things in life to witness joy than mindlessly scroll through Instagram and stalk people online. Literally, this sucks your energy out, leaving you a lazy and unproductive person by the end of the day. You’re stuck! And it’s imperative that you leave this routine behind and focus more on what’s important […]

Understanding Space Element of Art and Its Four Types

Space plays an integral role in the art creation process. Even the slightest change in space can impact the dynamics of art. The way you comprehend art and later visualize it in your mind can be influenced by just a few modifications. If you look at Da Vinci and Michelangelo’s art, you’ll understand how brilliantly […]

Color in Art Explained: The Ultimate Guide

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When you look at any work of art, what is the one aspect that cannot escape your eyes? Well, it’s none other than colors..! There is nothing that escapes color in the world we live in.  Anything around us that is hit by light will carry a certain color of its own.  Think about it, […]

Seven Elements of Art: Explaining Aspects of Art Elements (Examples Included)

Seven Elements of Art: In-Depth Explanation on Art Elements

Have you ever wondered why we find Mona Lisa’s smile mysterious? I mean, it’s just a lady who is posing for an artist. Well, this is because of how Leonardo depicted each element in it. Her smile, her hand posture, her body language—each detail tries to convey something unusual; it wouldn’t have been possible without […]

Ways To Clean An Acrylic Painting Without Damaging It: 2024 Guidebook

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When you think about an artist, what do you think their greatest possession is? Definitely their artwork and art supplies; they do love them a little extra! Therefore, they keep up their work with the utmost care and love.  But it’s next to impossible to preserve art and protect its beauty for a longer time […]

Understand the Definition of Line in Art, Its Types and How to Use it!

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Are you in the mood for some fun activities because I have one task for you. Can you draw a square without any trace of lines? Wondering how to draw a square that doesn’t include lines? Well, that is impossible! What I want to convey is that “lines” are everywhere. A person cannot paint or […]

10 Tips on Art Marketing: The Complete Guide 2024 

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Being an artist, one tends to fall in love with the process of art making rather than art marketing!  Phew, the number of Instagram reels I come across featuring worried artists and their attempts to show the world their art is shocking! That said, I know each artist strives to do this because they understand […]

Vet Clinic Designs: 5 Tips On Selecting Vet Clinic Layout

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Building a vet clinic on your own is no less than a big achievement. But setting up a vet clinic without taking a few things into consideration can give you nightmares for weeks. Unplanned and improper decision-making may put your dream in jeopardy, and you may end up losing your patients and eventually your business.  […]

La Primavera by Sandro Botticelli: A Mystic Tale Of Love and Marriage

La Primavera by Sandro Botticelli featured Image

Welcome to the mythological world of Botticelli, where mystical tales were carved on canvas. Today, we are going to talk about his famous creation, ‘La Primavera’. Almost looking like a scene from a spiritual book and being one of the biggest tempura panels, Sandro’s La Primavera was nonetheless a masterpiece. La Primavera was one of […]

Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird: Inside Kahlo’s Symbolism!

Self portrait with thorn necklace and hummingbird cover image

Who would’ve thought a Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird can also be a medium to channel divorce grief? This was done by none other than the queen of self-portraits, Frida Kahlo!  Kahlo is infamous for being an open book through her self portraits, depicting different events and emotions from her life.  The Thorn […]