Adele Bloch-Bauer I: Klimt’s Portrait of Lady In Gold!

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Portrait! It is not only a painting on a sheet of paper or a canvas, but a portrayal of emotions straight from the artist’s heart! Many times artists manipulate you with the expressions their subjects portray, but in reality, they are just trying to convey a hidden message.  That’s how the portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer […]

Liberty Leading the People – A Battle Through Eugene’s Eye

Cover of Liberty Leading the People painting

The artwork is defined as the idea or thought that the artist had in the first place. Some paintings depict fantasy, some stories, and some historical events that make the viewer question what exactly happened. The events that are later marked as the most important days in history always have different aspects related to them. […]

The Arnolfini Portrait: Understanding The Classical European Masterpiece

Giovanni Arnolfini and his wife with the title "The Arnolfini portrait"

A classic 15th century masterpiece by the European painter Jan Van Eyck, The Arnolfini portrait is an expression of artistic brilliance. It’s an artwork from the early Renaissance period.  The Arnolfini portrait by Jan Van Eyck is one of the most famous paintings produced in the Netherlands. It outshined the standards of paintings back then […]

Painting Of Lady Godiva – Uncovering The Facts From Fiction

Painting of Lady Godiva with the text beside "Painting Of Lady Godiva - Uncovering The Facts From Fiction"

People are always inspired by paintings, but these are more than just works of art with brush strokes on canvas. A painting always has a narrative, truth, symbolism, deeper meaning, colors, lights, thoughts, and inspiration that add to its allure. With numerous famous paintings around the world, there are some that have a naked history. […]

Harlem Renaissance: An Era Of African-American’s Triumph & Accomplishments

the cover photo of Harlem Renaissance

(Disclaimer: The word “black people” or “negro” is used to give readers clarity on certain subjects. We’re not meant to hurt or mock any race, creed, or group) Black people are unsung heroes, brave souls, somebody who is loyal and hardworking. They are significant and prominent contributors who also changed the views of the world […]

Paintings By Gustav Klimt: Vivid Depiction Of Fantasy & Pleasure Through Art

Paintings By Gustav Klimt Vivid Depiction Of Fantasy & Pleasure Through Art

Prior to famous artists like Dali, a painter in Austria known as Gustav Klimt founded a movement called “Vienna Secession.” In 1897, Klimt became the former president of the Vienna movement to bring different forms into art culture.   Being a master of symbolism in art, his paintings depict sexuality and lavishly decorated figures with a […]

These 13 Realism Paintings Will Recite The Era’s Untold Stories

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The portrayal of the world from an artist’s perspective—hmm, that sounds amazing! Also, when it comes to depicting exactly the subject matter for the painting, realists were the real OGs. They created some of the most famous realism paintings. The ongoing French and industrial revolutions in the 18th century led to realism, which led to […]

The Art Of Romanticizing Intimacy: 11 Renoir Paintings That Portray Love And Affection!

French painter Pierre Auguste Renoir with his painting The Luncheon of The Boating Party.

Born in the Limoges city of France, Pierre Auguste Renoir was a French painter who significantly contributed to the Impressionist art movement.  Coming from a family of artisans, Renoir developed an interest in craftsmanship at a very tender age. He also discovered his singing talent when he was just 13. He was great at it.  […]

Paintings by Jackson Pollock: A Collection Of Abstract Expressionism

paintings by Jackson Pollock

As soon as you hear “Abstract Expressionist,” Jackson Pollock’s name pops up as the major figure of the art movement. He was among the leading artists of the 20th century with a notoriety tag added to his name. Pollock developed many styles in the history of abstract and modern art. Finding a new means to […]