Best Online Art Galleries: Our Top 5 Picks That You Cannot Miss!

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Do you also fall into the category of those people who absolutely love art but cannot really venture out for their new art collection? 

Well, that is why the internet has blessed you with some of the best online art galleries

And if you have never heard of them, then trust me, you’re in for a treat! 

My muse has always been art, and in the search for more, I stumbled upon some really great online art galleries that provided me with some of the best services. 

A world where we can browse art while sitting on our comfort couches and sipping our favorite tea sounds beautiful, right?

With this in mind, I present you with the top five picks of the best online art galleries, along with their services and value.

Get ready to explore some of the best artistic collections!

1. PortraitFlip

PortraitFlip's gallery

Now when I talk about the best online art galleries, how can I miss out PortraitFlip?

They don’t just provide you with a gallery of paintings, but they give you custom handmade paintings of the photos you choose from! 

PortraitFlip creates a space that gives many artists across the world the opportunity to follow their artistic careers.

Family painting from different photos

Don’t Stop With Just A Photo! Turn It Into Custom Paintings. 
Real Portraits By Real Artists! – PortraitFlip

Here are some of the popular services provided by PortraitFlip:

  • You can choose through 6 different mediums for your paintings—oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, charcoal, and color pencils. 
  • They also provide unique services such as pet portraits, compilation paintings and memorial paintings. 
  • Apart from customizing paintings from photos, PortraitFlip also provides Reproduction Painting service (replicas of famous paintings). So if you have a favorite in mind, you can get it painted from here! 
  • Customers can opt for unlimited corrections for their paintings.
  • They also provide Free Shipping Services, but if you want your paintings to reach you sooner, you can also choose the Express Shipping Service. 

If you want the paintings on your house wall to be personal and a reflection of your soul, this art space is for you.

Oh, there is more! Curious to know more about this holistic art space? You can check it out now;

2. Singulart

Singulart's logo and gallery

Founded in 2017, Singulart has been a space for many artists and art lovers to share, sell and buy art.

Their focus on creating an inclusive space for artists has led to having 49% of their community being women. 

Apart from this, the art displays a variety of paintings and drawings that also helps you in finding new talent.

Who knows you’d also find your new favorite artist here!

“Moving the World with Creativity”  is their motto by which they stand for providing a global representation for artists all over.

3. Artmajeur

Artmajeur's logo and gallery

The second one from my list of best online art galleries is Artmajeur, a virtual art space created in the art world.

The Artmajeur focuses on connecting artists, art lovers and even other art galleries—creating an in-between safe space! 

You don’t just get paintings here, this online gallery shows off its diversity and versatility through different forms of art. 

Paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography; you name it and it’s here! 

You have the freedom to browse through and find what resonates best with you as an art lover, while artists can sell their art. 

Due to their service that provides contributions and collaborations, other fellow art galleries also benefit from them. 

Artmajeur is ardently committed in making all kinds of art accessible to everyone!

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4. Artsy

Artsy's gallery and logo

The moment you go finding about Artsy, you’ll come across this phrase—

“Artsy is for art collecting.” 

And that is exactly what they deliver. If you are an ardent art collector, new or experienced, this online art gallery is for you! 

Artsy has curated their online space specifically for art collectors, focussing on a particular niche and audience. 

That said, the website is open to everyone around the world to browse and who knows, it may even inspire you to be an art collector?

Apart from buying art with ease, they also provide opportunities to bid in global auctions. 

This is also a space where you can track the art market and even sell art from your own collection!

5. Artfinder


Artfinder is yet again one of the best online art galleries for you to indulge in! 

From beautiful sculptures, to contemporary drawing and paintings and limited edition prints; you will find it all here. 

They focus on providing services that are affordable and accessible for the community that understands and appreciates art.

Their excellence lies in connecting artists with buyers and viceversa to form a community that supports artists and for the world to find original art. 

Founded in 2011 they have been a thriving source for artists and art lovers! 

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What Are Online Art Galleries?

a man taking a photograph of a painting

Imagine this—a virtual space for art that you can access from anywhere in the world. 

Now this space is filled with art of all kinds, and you have the freedom to browse and look through them individually. 

And the best part? You can even buy the art that is displayed online. 

Well, this is exactly what encompasses an online art gallery, and I am going to introduce you to some of the best online art galleries you will ever come across! 

Their virtual nature makes it easily accessible and feasible for many people around the world, and you have the freedom to buy any art that resonates best with you. 

A lot of these online art galleries also have the option to sell art in their space, which also creates a space to support other artists around the world. 

If you are someone wondering how to sell art this is also an option you can look into and be benefitted from.  

In fact, there are many such online platforms available now, but I have personally handpicked five of the best online art galleries for you and explained their services! 

Conclusion: Make the Best of Online Art Galleries!

a man and a women looking at their screens

At one glance you’d think, “aren’t they all the same?”, but trust me, each online art space has something unique to give you. 

That said, even though these are my top 5 picks for best online art galleries, they each have their own pros and cons. 

It all boils down to one thing—our love for all kinds of art. But personally, I am leaning towards custom handmade paintings over anything!

I hope you liked this quick look into my list of top 5 best online art galleries and I am guessing you have made your choice. 

At the end of the day, our purpose should lie with supporting fellow artists in the art community, even if you are just an art lover. 

Let us show light on these amazing services and make people connect more with the art world. 

Until then, see you in the next one. 

Toodles xx

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is a profitable form of art?

All kinds of art carry their own value and uniqueness. But canvas paintings still have to be the most popular among them all. You can look into art galleries that specialize in the service and art that you are looking for.

Is it safe to invest in art?

Art is always one of the safest options to invest as they don’t rely on the stock market. The best thing about art is that the value of it does not change even if the economy changes.

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