45 Personalized Anniversary Gifts For Him

45 personalized anniversary gifts for him

Whaddup everyone!

We yet again have brought a helpful blog about Personalized Anniversary Gifts For Him.

We know how difficult it gets to find personalized gifts for him on the anniversary and especially when trying to find a surprise anniversary gifts for husband.

Take a chill pill,

PortraitFlip is here to make sure that your personalized anniversary gifts for him are just a few clicks away.

It is very thoughtful if you add personalization to your gift for wedding anniversary.

It signifies the importance you have for your husband.

So without any further ado let’s jump into the pool of marriage anniversary gifts for couples.

(Consider making a gift basket of multiple small gifts mentioned below.)

1. Heart Shaped Crystal With Engraved Photo:

Heart shaped crystal with engraved photo

Regalo Casilla has taken the digital photo frame’s idea further and has made it available at a very cheap price.

This frame features an LED light which showcases only your photo in the frame.

You have the option to get multiple colored lights as well.

This is a very thoughtful and personalized gifting option.

2. Surprise Him With a Fantastic Portrait Painting From Photo:

Surprise him with a fantastic portrait painting from photo

Portrait paintings are a very unique, thoughtful and romantic gifting option available for you to gift to your loving hubby.

How would he like to see any of his candid image as a painting in your bedroom? He would love it!

You can just click a photo from your wedding album or any of the photos you snapped and get a fantastic hand-painting out of it.

To add the icing on the cake we would write the couple’s name in a fashionable manner to get every visitor to talk about it.

Just send the photo to PortraitFlip,

Choose The Medium You Want, Approve The Final Edited Image, Select The Finishing Option And Receive the Happiness Package At Your Doorstep.

We trust our more than 100 artists worldwide to deliver a masterpiece every time hence,

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee otherwise you get a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee.

Check out paintings of our happy customers here.

3. Custom Perfume:

Custom perfume

A man’s important element of beauty is the way he smells, isn’t it?

And we know how women dig their hubby’s scent, so why to leave that in their hands?

Just make a perfume which you like at unique fragrance, select a flacon of your choice, and add the man’s name on the flacon.

Not only this is customizable but something fresh and completely solves your never-ending question of what to buy husband for the anniversary?

4. Completely Customized Watch:

Completely customized watch

We know how much men love their watch, watches add a style element to one’s personality.

But aren’t we all bored by buying the same old monotonous watches which are designed by the manufacturer?

Just get your own customized watch and you will be able to edit the Dial, Case, Bezel, Strap and be able to add whatever you want at the back of the watch.

The three liner text is engraved in the metal and hence stays lifelong. You may want to add his name or the couple’s name.

You can find many vendors and get personalized anniversary gifts for him.

5. Customized Travel Bag:

Customized travel bag

Don’t like fancy gifts instead, need something useful?

Get this as a custom anniversary gifts for him.

Bags are of great help, they help you carry important stuff like laptops, files, books, clothes, hard disks.

But have you ever imagined losing that bag? Seriously one thing loses and you actually lose everything.

So don’t worry just personalize the bag according to your style and add a contact reference.

The contact reference could be a small QR code or your phone number,

So that in future you have some proof that the bag belongs to you or your husband.

Customize it on sites like custom ink or vista prints and gift this if you don’t want to be a lot fancy.

6. Personalized Cube Lamp With Wooden Base:

Personalized cube lamp with wooden base

This cube can be personalized to add 5 photos of your choice and the cherry on the top is that it lights up to also act as a night light.

People from giftcart have priced it decently and offer a quick delivery option as well.

Find your album photos and get them digitally showcased in your home to get an amazing personalized anniversary gift for him.

7. The Man Flask:

The man flask

Every boy wishes to buy a whiskey flask just like his father but, may think unnecessary to buy one.

Instead of gifting a plain whiskey flask why don’t you personalize it and make your Valentine’s wish come true.

Make sure you use words which describe your hubby and not just some random adjectives.

Now isn’t that an amazing gift for wedding anniversary?

8. Custom Wood Sign:

Custom wood sign

This custom wood sign is the next best add on to your relationship and house as well.

The vendor from woodgeekstore offers to send any text of your choice and it would be laser printed on a stunning looking wood board.

Don’t worry if you have to add two sets of texts you can get the text at the back as well and flip it when you want.

Fantastic, isn’t it!

9. Cigar Kit:

Cigar kit

Cigar lovers!

They are the people who like it organized and clean when it comes to maintaining their cigars.

This cigar set comes with 2 cigar holders, a cutter, and an ashtray.

Don’t forget to personalize it according to your man’s name.

Gift the man of the house a premium looking cigar set and make the best out of your anniversary. You can find the vendor on Etsy.

10. A Stunning Portrait of the Stunning Couple:

A stunning portrait of the stunning couple

Do you wish to remember this anniversary forever?

Then, what do you think about a stunning oil portrait of the stunning couple!

But, why an oil painting?

Oil paintings are known for their archival qualities.

It has been proven that if oil paintings are made in the traditional method they might last for decades.

Our oil painters are handpicked from various parts of the world.

We are inconsiderate of the time required and always follow the traditional methods and let the painting dry completely so as to deliver a masterpiece.

We strictly use high-quality canvas made from the purest linen and oil paints from Winsor & Newton.

PortraitFlip houses specialist painters for every medium that we offer which includes:

Acrylic Painting, Charcoal drawing, Colored Pencil Sketch, Oil Painting, Pencil Sketch, and Watercolor Painting.

Checkout our work here.

11. Pick Him Again!

Pick him again

Is your mate a guitar geek?

Then it’s time to pick him again!

Personalize the copper pick with the man’s name or some short fun text.

Choose one from many vendors available on Etsy to get the custom anniversary gift for him.

Get yours from Etsy.

12. Personalized Photo Shelf Blocks:

Personalized photo shelf blocks

You must have some amazing photos with him, right?

Why don’t you get shelf photo block to add as an interesting element in your love life and your décor as well?

Not only can you get your own photo printed but you can change the background color and choose the background orientation as well.

13. Personalized Romantic Photo Keepsake Memory Box:

Personalized romantic photo keepsake memory box

This keepsake memory box is completely customizable, the vendor from personalization mall will provide a box with your desired photo printed on it.

And when you receive the box you can simply add some cool gifts to in the box.

This cool stuff can be chocolates, flowers, perfume, coffee mugs, etc.

 14. Wine Bottle Holder:

Wine bottle holder

Everybody loves wine.

Of course for its health benefits and nothing else!

Is your hubby a fan of wines and likes to flaunt his knowledge about the grape drink?

Then, this is the perfect anniversary gift idea.

Although it is not customizable but what else does a man want?

Apart from a cool holder which he could flaunt and keep the best poison he has.

Find yours on IGP.

15. Personalized Candle Jar:

Personalized candle jar

Fragrant candle jars are very romantic they add fragrance to relations and keep the couple blissful.

How about adding a small personalized note to go on the jar?

Cute, isn’t it?

This could go perfectly as a small cool gift.

Find the vendor on personalization mall and add an interesting gift for a wedding anniversary.

16. P.S I Love You Personalized Barnwood Frame:

This Barnwood frame goes perfectly in ant living space as it adds to be an elegant add on to one’s décor.

The frame can hold a one-liner text which can be yours and your partner’s name.

Gift your hubby with such an interesting custom anniversary gifts and let the fun begin!

17. Customized Coffee Mug:

Customized coffee mug

Another cool small gift to go in a gift basket, a coffee mug!

You can get an image, text or both onto the mug.

You can try texts like:

Brewing is our relationship

Brewing relation since your wedding date.

I like it hot!

You can find many vendors online and make the best of your anniversary.

18. Gentleman Photo Stand In:

Gentleman photo stand in

We have got yet another cool small gift to go into a gift package, the gentleman photo stand.

Regalo Casilla attaches the face to various uniforms like the doctor, corporate employee, painter, or any profession which matches with your spouse.

This is a fun anniversary gift idea and will grab the attention of guests and lead to great conversation starters.

19. A Family Portrait For The Family Man:

A family portrait for the family man

How does he always make sure what his family needs in advance?

And makes financial or any other types of arrangements beforehand.

The man of the house has a lot of responsibilities with him, and believe it or not he enjoys to do it for you out of love.

So don’t you think something signifying his love for the family is necessary?

How would he like all the family members in one single painting! Framed! And hung in the living room.

Just imagine, he comes home from work and sees the stunning painting signifying his loved members and on top of it you got it there!

He would be the happiest person for getting such a lovely wife and family who all care about each other.

Don’t have everyone in one single frame?

No worries!

PortraitFlip makes sure the happiness package is nothing less than perfect.

You can use the merge photos feature by PortraitFlip.

So suppose you have a picture in which his sister and father are missing, you could just send us that photo and any other photos of the other 2.

Our graphics designing team will take it from there and send the final merged image for approval.

You get free unlimited revisions to reach to the perfect image.

You can also use our Background Replacement and Style Transfer features.

Check out paintings of our happy customers here and see here how they reviewed us.

Pro Tips:

1. Create a beautiful portrait by adding all your pets into it.

 Also we love to paint those adorable tail-waggers.

2. You could ask us to write the lovely couple’s name and the years completed in a calligraphic style, we would love to do that!

20. Beard Grooming Kit:

Beard grooming kit

Beards! Don’t you love his manly beard?

Having a beard instantly makes a man significant and also it is an age-old attractive tool available for men.

But there is a difference between an ordinary beard and a well-groomed beard.

The later could uplift the style game to a great extent.

A dark, well-shaped, and styled beard requires a man to have a lot of trips to his stylist and of course a lot of money.

This beard tool can ensure all of it but with fewer hassles, the kit has a Beard oil, Beard Wash, Beard Balm, Beard Wax, Natural Soap, Beard Comb, Beard Brush, and Scissors.

Now that is a great package!

Doesn’t that make a great element for anniversary gifts set?

Talking about men’s grooming we have an awesome product for you.

21. Grooming Essentials From Park Avenue:

Grooming essentials from park avenue

Now is that not a complete men’s grooming kit?

What else does a man want more other than an understanding woman in his life?

The kit contains Body Deodorant, Shaving Cream, Shaving Brush, After Shave Lotion, Deo-Talc, Storm Fragrant Soap, and a Shaving Razor.

Just gift him one these kits and his happiness is guaranteed.

But where does he keep it all while traveling or in the bedroom as well?

No worries our next product will cut to the chase!

22. Leather Dopp:

Leather dopp

This beautiful bag can store all of your man’s essentials and organize his travel experience as well.

It can be personalized by choosing your favorite leather color, size and you can also add your man’s name on the bag.

You can find many dealers on Etsy to get your personalized anniversary gifts for him.

23. Personalized White Satin Cushion:

Personalized white satin cushion

Satin cushions are soft and comfy.

Add your initials to your cushions and decorate it on your bed to act as an interesting element to your living space.

These cushions are a romantic personalized gift for the couple and also very cute.

24. Personalized Whisky Glasses:

Personalized whisky glasses

We know, witty right?

Add your spouse’s name onto the whiskey glass and let everyone know who the man of the house is!

These whiskey glasses come in a set of 2 and are a must in everyone’s house.

25. Custom Hurricane Candle Holder:

Custom hurricane candle holder

Candles are very romantic. Add to the romance by placing them in this hurricane holder.

It supports candles up to 3 inches.

You can personalize it by adding any text or just the name of the couple.

You may also want to add some contents to make them look beautiful and romantic.

26. Docking Station For The Man’s Accessories:

Docking station for man’s accessories

We know how men fail at keeping things organized and come upstairs to get their keys, wallet or the USB which has the presentation needed at work.

Hence, every man needs this docking station to keep his things handy.

If everything is kept at one place and yet looks beautiful, isn’t that amazing?

Get this personalized anniversary gift for him on Etsy.

27. Customizable Ceramic Liquor Decanter:

Customizable ceramic liquor decanter

When it comes to your favorite libations, one thing’s guaranteed: fuller flavor is more fulfilling!

Release the full potential of your potables by aerating them in this ceramic decanter.

And while your spirits reach their epitome, the barrel itself adds a touch of charm to your countertop.

Get this on gifts.com and make sure you customize it to your hubby’s name.

28. A Bold Charcoal Drawing For Your Bold Man:

A bold charcoal drawing for your bold man

Charcoal portraits are the perfect medium to paint a man!

The blend of black and white signify his boldness and loving nature at the same time.

Charcoal is readily available in nature and hence exhibits an unrefined and raw feel in the viewer’s mind.

B&W drawings can evoke the shadow, light, texture, and pattern from an image.

Charcoal Drawings are a perfect choice if you are looking for faster delivery because an artist requires less time to sketch one layered painting.

We at PortraitFlip also feature a Worldwide Free Delivery.

Checkout our charcoal drawings gallery here.

29. Personalized Glass Whiskey Decanter Set:

Personalized glass whiskey decanter set

This whiskey decanter comes with an option to buy it with 2 or 4 glasses (All Customizable).

The decanter can be engraved at the front as well as the back with some extra charge.

Get this for your hubby if he loves whiskey or to maintain his bar.

Choose one from many dealers available on Etsy.

30. Personalized Anniversary Aluminum Plaque:

Personalized anniversary aluminum plaque

Add a unique, distinctive finish to your home with this elegant Chatham Personalized Anniversary Aluminum Plaque!

This aluminum plaque holds 4 lines of which 2 can be personalized as per your name and establishment date.

Paints have been specially formulated and weather tested to withstand years of the harshest elements.

Now, that is a good gifting idea for your man to save him from the hassles of getting a plaque inscribed locally.

Get yours on personalization mall to make sure you gift a wonderful wedding anniversary gift.

31. LED Glass Keepsake:

Led glass keepsake

The write your own personalized light up LED Glass Keepsake merges lighting technology to make your special message illuminate.

The keepsake can be plugged into your computer or it can serve as a nightlight and looks great on a bedside table.

When customized by adding some funny and relevant text this keepsake can be very romantic and an impressive surprise anniversary gifts for husband.

32. Personalized Double Photo Glass Frame:

Personalized double photo glass frame

Showcase your love for your hubby with this stunning photo frame which can be completely customized.

Add your favorite two 4×4 photos and some lovely messages to go with it.

Choose from the dealers available on personalization mall to make your wedding anniversary more fun.

33. Outdoor Beverage Cooler:

Outdoor beverage cooler

Every man wishes to take his family out on a weekend, barbecue the chicken, drink some beer and then rest in the afternoon on a big bed in a villa.

Well, we could just recommend products but you will have to get your own booze!

So here is a beverage cooler which can be carried outdoor to keep your beverages chilled.

Sleek and stylish, it’s large enough to quench his admiring public’s thirst.

Get the wooden body beverage cooler at gifts.com and personalize it to your hubby’s name to bring home happiness.

34. Personalized Folding Knife:

Personalized folding knife

For the handyman in your life, the customized folding knife will go a long way.

Combining aesthetic value and functionality, there is no end to the potential in one of these personalized gift ideas for him.

Featuring a heavy-duty blade and sturdy construction, the piece is designed to last a lifetime

Add the initials of your man from Etsy which will be engraved on the wood and get this handy personalized anniversary gift for him.

35. Personalized Cutting Board:

Personalized cutting board

Does he cook often?

Is he just the best when it comes to cooking lip-smacking food!

Then you would like this personalized cutting board for him.

This personalized cutting board would make a thoughtful gift that is sure to be treasured for a lifetime.

Thoughtfully made available by the vendors, it will make a special gift for weddings and anniversaries.

Now isn’t that a good option for personalized gifts for him on the anniversary. Choose from many vendors available on Etsy.

36. A Magnificent Acrylic Painting:

A magnificent acrylic painting

How about a personalized acrylic painting of the couple?

Acrylic Painting is a modern style of painting.

Hence our painters are handpicked on the basis of their knowledge and skill to give you an experience worthwhile.

One of the essential aspects of some acrylic paints is their fast drying property.

Hence an artist can works on multiple layers simultaneously and painting reaches you in a shorter time.

Since not all acrylics dry quickly we insist our artists use acrylics which suit the nature of the subject of the painting.

PortraitFlip also features express delivery to get you the joy package anywhere in the world as soon as possible.

37. Personalized Fountain Pen:

Personalized fountain pen

Customize a fountain pen for your hubby by writing some great texts apt for him.

Vendors on Etsy provide a wooden body to the pen which enables engravings and it is also refillable.

Personalized pens would be a great small gift to go in a gift basket.

38. Personalized Fingerprint Bracelet:

Personalized fingerprint bracelet

Surprise your hubby with such an interesting fingerprint bracelet which takes the name and the fingerprint of the person.

You can either put your name and fingerprint and gift him or his name and fingerprint. Both are fresh ideas.

You can customize the belt color and size as well, you can easily find a dealer on Etsy.

39. Couple Hoodies:

Couple hoodies

Now, isn’t that a funny and cute personalized gift idea.

You can come up with different ideas of your own and get them printed through the vendors available on Etsy.

40. Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Keychain:

Jigsaw puzzle piece keychain

We have yet another small gifting idea for you.

This jigsaw puzzle themed keychain is personalized and very cute, find a dealer on Etsy.

41. Personalized Wooden Sunglasses:

Personalized wooden sunglasses

Sunglasses! They make your man more handsome and manly.

Gift him a pair of customized sunglasses and the box as well.

You can add interesting logos out of his name for the wooden box and you may want to stick to his first name for the frame.

Find your dealer on Etsy.

42. A Personalized Diary:

A personalized diary

Gift him a personalized diary for his personal thoughts.

Make sure you send a candid image of his or both of you to get the best out of the diary.

Find this product on bagsoflove and get the best of your anniversary.

43. Get Yourself Inked With His Name Permanently:

Get yourself inked with his name permanently

Get a tattoo of his name on your neckline or your lower arm.

Inking direct names has always been boring, what you could do is go to a nearby tattoo parlor and submit the name of your hubby.

The artist will come up with interesting designs which look completely cool.

You may also suggest blending in your favorite elements like an anchor or the holy cross.

In this case, the artist has to bend his mind and create a perfect blend of the two in the final design.

Get inked and show it to your hubby, he will be the happiest person in the world.

This is by far can be the most creative personalized anniversary gifts for him.

44. Gift Him A Personalized Vacation:

Gift him a personalized vacation

We know how working couples are always either in the office or are working from home.

Get some headspace from the city life and plan a vacation for you both which has all of his favorite activities.

You might want to book his favorite hotel, ask them for a custom room with flowers and decorations with his favorite cake on arrival.

You could also rent his favorite movie to watch in the hotel or plan some beautiful experiences for him in the vicinity.

Do thorough research for the best place to offer his favorite food, schedule the stay and the places wisely.

Make sure your hotel has a swimming pool or a spa or even a massage service will do the needful.

The most important is to just be there for each there and talk about life and how you both are special for each other over a beer watching the sunset.

45. An Amazing Watercolor Portrait Of His Childhood Or With A Pet:

An amazing watercolor portrait of his childhood or with a pet

Watercolor portraits are a great way to creatively present cherished photos and will make an amazing personalized gift for him.

You could showcase a dear pet, a child or any other person he holds dear.

Another great option would be to turn his childhood photo into an expressive watercolor portrait.

Choose any of these creative and thoughtful ideas and leave the rest on the expertise and efficiency of PortraitFlip.

We would love to serve you with a watercolor portrait, check out our watercolor portrait gallery here.

Hey! What do you think about that list was it creative and gave you some great ideas?


Leave the thoughts down in the comment box.


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We from PortraitFlip wish you a Happy Anniversary!

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