Discover The Perfect Anniversary Gift For Him In 2023! 

Girl gifting her lover a special anniversary gift

It’s always hard to find the perfect anniversary gift for him.   

Any celebration forms an essential aspect of human life. 

It gives us a chance to look back on one of the most important days of our lives and the time to acknowledge all the memories we have shared so far. 

For all the years you have been together, every day should count as a milestone.  

Nothing would work wonders better than a token of love to mark your journey together. 

There are a lot many ways to tell him that this is not just it! Your togetherness is forever and you will keep cherishing it. 

Be it for your boyfriend or your husband, once the clock starts ticking close to your anniversary it’s just too difficult to put your finger on that one perfect gift

Struggling really bad to choose the perfect anniversary gift for him? 

I’ll back you up on this! 

I’m here with a complete list of anniversary gift ideas for him

Couple Painting

Keep reading to know more about classic romantic anniversary gifts for him to fun anniversary gifts for him. 

From the latest trends to the old-school traditional ones, this list has it all! 

Let’s dive right into it then!  

A. Romantic Anniversary Gifts For Him 

A girl gifting her boyfriend a romantic anniversary gift

From red roses to cute little love notes and more, the essence of romantic anniversary gifts never fades off.  

These personalized romantic gifts for him will be the perfect match if your partner loves everything the OG romantic way.  

1. A Handmade Couple Portrait 

A couple painting portrait by PortraitFlip

A Portrait painting is a very thoughtful anniversary gift for him.  

Also, when it’s for someone you love what could be more heartfelt than a painting? 

One can never go wrong with handmade couple portraits as they will remain as a token of your timeless love. 

A gift that will always remind him of the bond and love you share.

You can also check out why a handmade portrait is a perfect gift here

2. Romantic Anniversary Gift Hamper 

Romantic hamper with roses and hearts for anniversary
Image Source: yourkoseli

This is the perfect solution for all those who would want to curate an anniversary gift for him.  

The perks of getting an anniversary gift hamper for him is that you could add anything and everything romantic to it. 

P.S. I would surely go for a romantic love letter in that hamper! Will add so much more personal touch to it. 

3. Personalized Photo Lamp 

Personalized photo lamp for anniversary
Image Source: Etsy

A personalized photo lamp could be the perfect souvenir as a unique Christmas gift for him.

4. Personalized Love Cushion 

Love cushion for anniversary
Image Source: Etsy

When you hunt for anniversary gifts for men what could be more cliché than a heart-shaped cushion for someone who stole your heart. 

5. Frame A Star For Him 

A star frame for anniversary
Image Source: Etsy

Well, hello, who would have thought this could be possible one day! 

A star to your beloved’s name could be a perfect future anecdote for him to hold on to. 

6. Classic Romantic Novel 

A romantic novel
Image Source: acupofwonderland

From the unrequited love tale, Romeo and Juliet to the romantic drama Pride and Prejudice romantic novels can swoon the readers in unimaginable ways. 

This souvenir of love will surely remain a memorable anniversary gift for him.  

B. Fun Anniversary Gifts For Him 

A girl surprising her love with a fun anniversary gift

This is a very thoughtful and quirky gifting option for men who are all things sugar, spice, and nice at the same time. 

They love their special moments to be fun-filled more than anything. 

1. Custom Royal Portraits 

A royal painting portrait by PortraitFlip

Want personalized anniversary gifts for him?  

Your fun-loving better half would go all GAGA on this one!  

It will surely be a head-turner in your living room.  

Think outside the box and go for something crazy as him being Maximilien Robespierre.  

It would be symbolic of his “Reign of Terror” at home!  

Looking for unexpected anniversary presents for him; these witty Custom Royal Portraits would match your requirement. 

Connect with PortraitFlip for spellbound custom Royal Portraits, and convert your beloved’s picture into a portrait of Kings, Queens, Prince, or Princess. 

2. Graphic Hoodies For Him 

A graphic hoodie for anniversary
Image Source:

This one’s my absolute favorite! 

If your guy is someone who loves humor, these graphic hoodies would be the best anniversary gifts for him. 

From funny quotes to epic references, you could have anything printed on them. 

3. Mr. And Mrs. Mugs 

Mr and Mrs mugs for anniversary
Image Source: flipkart

This Mr. and Mrs. mug set will be perfect for your early morning coffee time together. 

4. Waffle Maker 

Waffles for anniversary
Image Source: freepik

A waffle maker at home for some hot waffles dipped in that white chocolate sauce or maple syrup. 

P.S. You can row a boat in my mouth now! 

He will love you a waffle lot after this for sure. 

5. Self-care Hamper 

Self-care hamper with soap, scrub and muslin
Image Source: buzzfeed


This fun anniversary gift for him will make him look like the most a-peeling guy ever!  

For his perfect me time! 

6. It’s Always Wine O’clock 

Two people raising their wine classes for anniversary
Image Source: Amazon

“On cloud wine.”? 

Of course, what a perfect occasion than this to raise a toast. After this, you’ll surely be the wine he wants for life. 

7. Portable Blender 

Portable blender for anniversary
Image Source: Amazon

For all those struggling with ideas for anniversary gifts for husbands or boyfriends, your answer is right here. 

A portable blender to keep your human hydrated even during odd working hours! 

C. Unique Anniversary Gifts For Him 

A girl gifting her love a surprise anniversary gift

For this year’s anniversary why not go for something really different? 

These unique anniversary gifts for him will be the perfect choice if your man loves things out of the box. 

1. Good Luck Plant 

A good luck plant for anniversary
Image Source:

He has his lady luck is with him, why shy away from some extra dose of charm? 

This anniversary gift for him will add the perfect unique touch. 

2. A Customized Oil Portrait Of His Pet 

Pet Portrait by PortraitFlip

Thinking of meaningful anniversary gifts for him? 

What better than gifting him an oil portrait of his endearing furball?  

It will surely be one of those gifts that he will hold dear for life. 

For the purr-fect pet oil portrait, send a picture of your pet to PortraitFlip and we’ll help you accomplish the ideal painting for your anniversary. 

3. Personalized Couple Travel Wallets 

Travel wallets for anniversary
Image Source: Amazon

Does your partner love to travel?  

Then you ought to add this to your travel essentials. 

Personalized couple travel wallets will work best to have stress-free future travels together. 

4. Personalized Wooden Desk Organizer For Him 

Wooden organizer for him
Image Source: Amazon

Spice up his workstation with this personalized wooden desk organizer. 

This will be the perfect aid for him to organize his work table on hectic workdays. 

5. Shot Glasses For Him  

Shot glasses for anniversary
Image Source: slurrp

What a perfect anniversary gift for the party animal inside him!  

Raise your shot glass to the beautiful, loving bond that you share with him. 

6. Custom Map Coasters 

Customized map coasters
Image Source: Etsy

Wouldn’t this be an excellent addition to his work table? 

Remind him of the town where you grew up to the spot where you both first met with these custom map coasters. 

D. Keepsake Anniversary Gifts For Him 

A girl gifting her boyfriend a keepsake anniversary gift

Something to remember for someone you love! 

These keepsake anniversary gifts for him will be souvenirs etched with your love for him.  

1. A Family Portrait For Him 

A Family Portrait by PortraitFlip

This could be a marvelous anniversary gift for him. 

“Family where life begins and love never ends” – Amy Rees Anderson 

This one would be the sweetest anniversary gift for him, a frame he would hold close to his heart. 

PortraitFlip will paint you the family portrait of your dreams.  

If you are still in the dating phase and don’t have combined family pictures together, we got you covered!  

2. Personalized Engraved Name Plate 

Engraved name plate for anniversary
Image Source:

A wooden nameplate will elevate the overall look of the entrance of your home in the most exquisite manner.  

Planning to move in with him?  

As a 2-year dating anniversary gift for him, this would be the best way to ask him out. 

3. Watch With A Custom Message 

Watch with engraved message for anniversary
Image Source: Etsy

A personalized watch could make for a great dating anniversary gifts for him. 

The perfect accessory to complete his look, but with a special message would make it timeless for him. 

4. Personalized Leather Diary 

Leather diary for anniversary
Image Source:

If your guy has the memory of Vladimir (Didi) and Estragon (Gogo) then this gift would prove to be most useful. 

He could use this to pen down all things important. 

5. Customized Couple Mugs 

Customized mug for anniversary
Image Source: flipkart

Choose any sitcom couple you both love and make customized couple mugs based on them. 

I would write, 

“You are the chandler to my Monica” 

6. Bar Name Pendants 

Personalized bar name pendant for anniversary
Image Source: Etsy

This unique jewelry piece will be the perfect token of love for him. 

Customized bar name pendants with names and special dates will be the ideal addition to his adornment. 

E. Custom Anniversary Gifts For Him  

Custom anniversary gifts for him

Custom anniversary gifts for him could be a complete game changer. 

When you fall short of words, these gifts will pull the strings for you. 

1. The Love Blanket! 

Love blanket for anniversary
Image Source: Etsy

You don’t need winters to get cozy! 

This love blanket would be the cherry on the cake in your cozy hour.  

“A long night of Netflix and Chill awaits you girl” 

2. A Custom Colored Pencil Portrait 

Custom colored pencil portrait by PortraitFlip

A unique thought of a color pencil portrait will just leave him jaw-dropped. 

Looking for the perfect anniversary gift for him? 

This is it! 

PortraitFlip will do it for you. 

An intricately crafted color pencil portrait will showcase any of your pictures with perfection. 

3. Diamond Decanter 

Diamond decanter for anniversary
Image Source: pinterest

If he likes social drinking and once in a while shows of his glass collection, this one’s just the one. 

4. Date Night Jar 

Date night idea jar for anniversary
Image Source: Etsy

Wanna spice up your date routine? This jar is full of pre-planned date ideas. 

Couple painting ad
Couple and pet portrait Ad

This cute anniversary date night jar will be the perfect planner for both of you. 

5. Poetic Love Art 

Poem art for anniversary
Image Source: Etsy

Looking for anniversary gifts for boyfriend? 

Choose a love poem, and frame it for him on his bedside table, or the bedroom wall to embrace your eternal relationship. 

6. Promise Keychain 

Promise keychain
Image Source:

Personalize this charming promise keychain with promises you want to keep together for this lifetime. 

“I would surely hold on to my keys for infinity and beyond now” 

F. Cute Anniversary Gifts For Him 

A couple sharing a cute eye to eye moment

Yes, you read it right! 

Men don’t mind a dash of cuteness; don’t they admire your cute antics? 

These cute anniversary gifts for him will simply make him happy. 

1. A Customized Wedding Portrait 

Customized wedding portrait by PortraitFlip

Most of you are in the dilemma to choose the perfect wedding anniversary gifts for him. 

This one would be ideal for all the married couples out there! 

Send your wedding pictures to PortraitFlip for customized painting gift for husband. 

Wedding Portrait is the perfect anniversary gift idea for husband. 

Remind him of that special moment where you were no longer two but one! 

And if you are looking for wedding gifts ideas, you can found out in the blog post here!

2. Light Of Love 

Candles for anniversary
Image Source: freepik

Customized fragrance candles will not just light up your home but their fragrance will spread so much positivity and calmness. 

An ideal gift for boyfriend on first anniversary. 

3. Food Hamper 

Food hamper for anniversary
Image Source: Amazon

This hamper would be every foodie guy’s dream, fill it with all the edible goodies he likes. 

Sweet to savory this hamper could have it all! 

4. Customized Socks 

Customized socks or anniversary
Image Source: freepik

From Hollywood edition to comic edition your customized socks could be all of it. 

Wouldn’t that be a cute and quirky addition to his wardrobe? 

5. Customized Bottle Opener 

Personalized bottle opener for anniversary
Image Source:

This could be the perfect addition to your open bar.  

If he is a beer lover he will dote over this bottle opener, just like he dotes over you! 

6. Handmade Chocolate Box 

Handmade chocolate box for anniversary
Image Source:

Awake his happy hormones with these delicious handmade chocolate box.  

Come on, your anniversary does call for something sweet right? 

G. Cheap Anniversary Gift For Him 

A couple run on a beach with a balloon

Celebrations can often exhaust your pocket.  

But you don’t have to worry. 

These cheap anniversary gifts for him bellow will be really handy. 

1. Jersey 

Jersey for anniversary
Image Source: flipkart

A gift that could never go wrong when it comes to guys. 

A pocket-friendly jersey will be a great new addition to their wardrobe. 

2. A Custom Drawing From Photo 

Charcoal portrait by PortraitFlip

Moments are made special with small gestures. 

You don’t have to always be grandeur in expressing love! 

You could even make anniversaries most memorable by affordable gifting options. 

What better than a custom-made charcoal portrait for your man. 

Yes, you heard that right! 

PortraitFlip offers you the best and most affordable charcoal portraits of all time. 

So now you can choose the ideal customized anniversary gifts for him, which is pocket friendly at the same time. 

These handmade couple charcoal drawings will surely be something he’ll hold close to his heart for life. 

When talking about simple anniversary gifts for him, nothing could be more suitable. 

3. Customized Light Jar 

Light jar for anniversary
Image Source: Etsy

This customized light jar with a personalized touch will surely brighten up your beloved’s day. 

4. Handmade Letter 

Handmade letter for anniversary
Image Source: freepik

From Virginia Woolf’s secret longing to James Joyce’s sheer filth love letters have been the way lovers always said the unsaid. 

This personalized anniversary gift for him can never go wrong! 

5. Cake O Licious 

Cake for anniversary
Image Source: cityspidey

Celebrations and cake always go hand in hand. 

A cake can always be your perfect rescue on unplanned anniversaries. 

6. Roses To The Rescue 

Roses for anniversary
Image Source: freepik

“For my dreams of your image that blossoms a rose in the deeps of my heart.” – W.B. Yeats 

Yet another symbolic representation of love in poetry, literature, and even daily life. 

Roses will always count among the most romantic anniversary gifts for him. 

H. Expensive Anniversary Gifts For Him 

A couple in love during sunset

Who wouldn’t like to go on the extravaganza road? 

Nothing like a perfect treat with these expensive anniversary gifts for him. 

1. Mini Vacation 

A couple on a mini vacation
Image Source: discovercilento

Spend some quality with him on this anniversary by gifting him the perfect getaway. 

A mini-vacation to any of his favorite destinations will surely turn out to be one hell of a memorable anniversary gift for him.

Missed your anniversary due to a busy schedule?

Book your mini vacation near a special event such as 14th Feb and celebrate your anniversary with the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day as well.

2. Luxury Watch 

Luxury watch for anniversary
Image Source: freepik

This timeless accessory will be an out-of-the-ordinary addition to his wardrobe. 

Every time he loses the track of time the watch will remind him of you! 

3. Branded Shoes 

Luxury shoes for anniversary
Image Source: italianfootwearsolution

No accessory to better complete his formal or casual looks. 

A new pair of shoes won’t hurt after all. 

4 .Vintage Home Décor 

Vintage home decor
Image Source: Etsy

A vintage heirloom as an anniversary gift for him will remain perpetual. 

What better addition to your home décor? 

5. PS 5 

PS 5
Image Source:

Oh, woman, your man will definitely smother you with kisses on this one. 

They can never get tired of lounging on that sofa with their games! 

6. Vintage Whiskey 

Vintage whiskey for anniversary
Image Source: gqindia

A classic luxury piece. If your guy is a fan of premium alcohol, then you ought to get this one! 

I. Last-minute Anniversary Gifts For Him 

A couple holding two hearts

Missed out on buying an early gift for him? 

These last-minute anniversary gifts for him will be your absolute savior. 

1. Cologne 

Cologne for anniversary
Image Source: freepik

This one’s a pure cheat treat for you rather than him of course. 

A cologne making your man smell nothing but edible will be the perfect anniversary gift for both of you! 

2. Gift Card 

a PortraitFlip gift card

Confused on what to get a boyfriend for anniversary? 

A gift card will be your one-stop solution if you are looking for last minute anniversary gifts for him. 

They are easily accessible and one does not have to brain storm on finalizing one particular gift. 

PortraitFlip offers customized Gift Cards for all those who want to gift paintings. 

Now they can choose to buy a customized painting of their choice from PortraitFlip. 

3. Training Pants 

Training pants for anniversary
Image Source: Amazon

A fitness freak or not this one could be a good choice to get them running out off that bed! 

4. Noise-canceling Headphones 

A man with a noise cancelling headphones
Image Source: freepik

With this mind-blowing device, you can listen to each other’s favorite songs and grove on that playlist together.  

All of this without any external noise disturbing your special moment! 

5. Kindle Paperwhite 

Kindle paperwhite for anniversary
Image Source:

If he loves a good read, this one should any day be the best anniversary gift for him. 

6. Sunglasses 

Sunglasses for anniversary
Image Source:

To look all the hotter on those burning summer days! 

A pair of sunglasses is a must in his wardrobe. 

J. Long Distance Anniversary Gifts For Him 

A girl texting her long distance love

Staying away from the love of your life on your special day could be really tough. 

But you could spice it up and send him all your love with these long distance anniversary gifts for him. 

1. Oil Painting Portraits 

Oil painting portrait by PortraitFlip

Your love translates in the moments that get captured. The laughter you share, that mere eye contact, or even their slight touch. 

Don’t you think these moments are nothing but priceless! 

Aren’t portraits the best way to do this? 

PortraitFlip offers you the most exquisite oil painting portraits to treasure these valuable memories. 

If you are thinking of what to get your fiancé for anniversary? 

This one would be the ultimate choice. 

So, a priceless token of love for your beloved will indeed be a special gift for anniversary for him. 

2. Smart Speaker 

Smart speaker
Image Source:

The smart speaker is perfect for all long-distance couples. 

Reminisce on the tracks you enjoyed together on those rainy days to the song you both first danced on. 

3. Beard Care Essential 

Beard care kit for anniversary
Image Source:

The perfect reminder to groom his beard! 

4. Fluffy House Slippers 

Fluffy slippers
Image Source:

He would never buy one for himself, so why not you do the honors? 

These comfy, fluffy house slippers will be as close to your feather touch on their feet making it a unique anniversary present for him. 

5.Hidden Message Bracelet 

Hidden message bracelet for him
Image Source: Etsy

Add a personal touch to his daily accessorizing with this personalized bracelet. 

6. Special Dinner At Home 

A couple having a romantic anniversary dinner
Image Source: pexels

A special dinner at home would be the most optimal last minute anniversary gift for him. 

What better way to toast to your togetherness at the comfort of your home? 

With some yummy food to top it up! 

Long distance relationships are difficult but these gifts make it a little easier. 

Holaaa lovelies! Thank you for staying with me throughout the blog. I hope you got a fair idea of the presents that can fascinate guys.

If your guy is family oriented, or if looking at him reminds you how responsible and lovable a person is, then you must give some thought to this meaningful present—a family watercolor portrait.

Or you can simply buy those gifts mentioned above!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A good 1 year anniversary gift for a boyfriend will be something unique as a romantic couple portrait. But gifting options again differs based on personal preferences.

Guys love gifts with some personal touch in it. So, asking them their preferences and then purchasing wedding anniversary gifts for him would be the best way to go about it.

There are different types of anniversary gifts from customized, hand-made, romantic, keepsake, unique, etc.

Last minute anniversary gifts for him need to be personal and unique so that he will have no idea that you waited until the last minute to get one! If you scroll above, we have curated our list of last-minute anniversary gifts for him.

Yes, handmade anniversary gifts for him work best, as they always have your personal touch in it.

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