Turn Photographs Into Paintings (Step by Step Guide)

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To turn photographs into paintings is no child’s play.

It is much more than keeping the picture in front of an artist and painting it with the specific demands of the customer. Any mistake or overlooked feature is easily visible, and this may lead to dissatisfaction among people who want these paintings picture perfect.

Carelessness and failure to acknowledge customer demands lead to imperfections in art. Such faults are as common to a new painter as they are to people who are quite experienced.

Before entering the market, either as a customer or as a painter interested in the job, a technical know-how is important.

Keeping an idea of the proper manner of converting pictures to paintings is a must for everybody and this is article is aimed at providing the same.

Let’s see what we should and what we should not know about the custom painting services out there: –

 Fully Online:How to order

With the advancement of technology, art has also improved. One can perform the entire process of procuring a painting of a photo without walking a single step.

The primary sequence of events to turn photographs into paintings includes:

  • sending the photo by mail or other interactive media (like uploading it on their website),
  • interacting with the artist for the demands,
  • asking for charges,
  • paying the due charges, and
  • having the painting delivered to your doorstep.

All of these steps can be performed online. The process is quick and it does not have any physical strain.

Earlier, paintings had to be visually seen in an art exhibition in order to be validated. But here, as soon as the photo is painted, the artist can take a photo and send it to the person for credibility.

With advanced photo editing tools, the picture sent online can be digitally edited to make it better for painting purposes. Based on customer requests, frame dimensions and painting style can be decided.

Adding custom painting to the fully online system, one can simply get a painting by sending the relevant photo online. It is one of the most convenient services.

oil painting from photo


Contrary to what it might seem sometimes, the process of turning your photographs into paintings is quite economical and is comparable to any commercial online e-commerce websites.

Compared to the charges involves, the quality of the paintings are commendable.

With respect to the artwork available at art exhibitions, custom paintings are cheaper and affordable for the middle-class people.

The most convenient part is not that it is cheap; it can be decided as you want.

Custom painting services offer the menu of the charges involved in each individual feature and a person can choose to have certain features while neglecting the others. This flexibility makes it more convenient.

If the charges incurred are flawed, the customer can have it reviewed anytime.

 Handled by professionals:

The painting process is handled by people who have an experience of varied styles of paintings.

With lots of painters affiliated with a single custom painting service, a customer has the choice to choose any painter he/she likes.

Painters also have their own gallery of works, and you can go through them to make a final judgment on who is the most suitable for carrying out the job. Besides, they can be interacted with freely.

Having a person who knows about you and can translate your feelings into paintings makes the service one of the most desirable ones.

Every professional artist has a signature style of painting, a certain speed with which they tend to finish their paintings and a skill that gets perfected with time and practice. These are the main factors which differentiate painters and selecting an ideal one for painting your photo.

Painters have their own charges as well, and one must be well acquainted with the same before proceeding forward with the formalities.

Convenient procedure:How to order

As mentioned earlier, the entire procedure, right from taking a photo to having its painting delivered at the doorstep, is really simple and quite intuitive.

While you are freely reclined on your sofa, all it takes is a minute to capture and/or select a photo from your mobile, mail it to the custom painting portal, specify the requirements and have the painting for yourself in exchange for a nominal fee.

Even if a person is not well versed with the procedure, the artists take great care in explaining everything and making their customers comfortable.

Communication flexibility, economic flexibility and a choice from wide varieties of painting styles, custom painting services are among the most suitable and emerging trend in the modern world.

The process not only saves a lot of money, but it also saves a lot of time.

Remember: Communication is the key to satisfaction.

 Satisfaction:Why our clients love us

Painting is not judged by its subject; it is judged by the effort put into making it. 

As such, an ordinary object may be painted into a stunning painting. Again, a scenic beauty may look ordinary if the painting does not reflect its raw beauty in the purest form.

To ensure that this does not happen, paintings must always be done on the basis of how much they satisfy their onlookers. A painter has to have the eye for a perfect image just as a photographer has of lighting, angles, etc.

On this note, there are plenty of such services out there, each having their own measure of customer satisfaction.

One such custom painting service is PortraitFlip.

They have a mastery over custom paintings and are dedicated to providing them to customers who would love to have their photos turned into paintings.

Flexibility in terms of painting styles is offered here:

mothers day oil painting

Customization is also provided for the frame dimensions.

One can have big sized, medium sized, small sized or custom sized paintings as per his/her choice.

 Easy to order:

The standard procedure for turning pictures into paintings is similar to any other services and is quite straightforward and easy.

It involves:

  • sending the photo online,
  • deciding the frame dimensions,
  • the relevant painting style, and
  • any extra features to be added or neglected while painting them.

The painting, on being completed is sent to the customer. The end result always puts a smile on the customer’s face.

Portrait Flip has a splendid collection of photos which are always open to onlookers and art enthusiasts for positive and constructive criticism.


Feel free to log in to the site and browse through an exquisite collection of custom made paintings.

For any problems or queries of any sort, email us at portraitflip@gmail.com.



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