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Famous Pop Art Paintings That Shaped The Modern Art

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Have you ever seen the advertisements, comics, books, or newspapers from the 1950s? Back when the USA and the UK were adapting the concept of pop art, the paintings and imagery started getting mass attention from the audience. Do you know why? Because of their uncanny and vibrant depictions. Pop art paintings were often compared […]

11 Famous Black Artists Who Are Epitome of Success

famous female and male Black painters

If you ever get a chance, read the history of Blacks. Why? Because it’ll show you how strongly and bravely black artists thrived every time somebody tried to silence their voices.  Just like female painters, black painters have gone through several injustices. But they fought like warriors, especially against those who had put barriers in […]

Why Gift a Painting and When: The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion!

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Aren’t you bored of gifting the same bouquet of roses, candles, and sparkles to your loved ones? I’m sure you are!  Why not consider paintings as gifts, which can be an-all-occasion present for you? People mostly wonder that gifting a portrait may cost them a fortune.  My friend, its not the same case anymore. Now […]

Overview of 21 Paintings of Romanticism (Not A Love Theme)

Overview of 21 Paintings of Romanticism (Not A Love Theme)

Emotions, Nature, Individualism, and Beauty. Can you tell me which period describes these characteristics? It’s Romanticism that has given us some wonderful romantic artworks since the 1800s. When you hear paintings of romanticism, what thoughts cross your mind? An art that depicts love, relationships, deep affection, and intimacy? We are used to platitudes. But that’s […]

23 Famous Cat Paintings That Have Made History Hiss-terical!

23 Famous Cat Paintings That Have Made History Hiss-terical!

Cats are worthy of being muses and the famous cat paintings are a witness to it. Leonardo Da Vinci wasn’t kidding when he said “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” For centuries cats have been the subject of art and admiration. And let’s accept it, even today the internet is going bonkers about these crazy […]

PortraitFlip vs. PaintYourLife™: Quest for the Best

PaintYourLife™ is an intellectual property of PaintYourLife™ and its authorized third parties and they hold the rights to its usage. A comparison between the two best handmade portrait companies sounds like the perfect way to know who is the suitable man for your work. Handmade portraits are definitely one of the best gifts to receive […]

What to Do With Old Photos: 6 Creative Ways To Preserve Old Photos

What to Do With Old Photos: 6 Creative Ways To Preserve Old Photos

Recently, my mother was rearranging things when she found some old pictures of our childhood, her wedding day, and us celebrating little moments. We had a good laugh remembering those memories until we were stuck with a question, “What to do with old photos now?” A thought that rushed through my mind was that there […]

49+ Types Of Paintings Styles And Techniques [Mediums Included]

Black background with different painting styles and techniques

What are the types of paintings? How are painting styles different from painting techniques? These are questions that haunt every art student. I personally request you throw everything that you know about all these types of painting, styles, and techniques because I am going to school you in a better way! For starters, let’s just […]