Occasions To Gift A Handmade Custom Portrait in 2022

A guy holding a handmade custom painting the text reads 25+ occasions to gift a handmade custom painting updated 2022.

Have you ever wondered what are the perfect occasions to gift someone a handmade custom painting?

Well, don’t worry I have shortlisted all of the occasions I could, making it easier for you. 

Just so you could gift these beautiful and thoughtful paintings to your loved ones.

What is a custom painting you ask? 

It’s a unique gifting idea that shows the love and appreciation you have for the person. 

Gifting can be hard and nerve-wracking I know.

I sometimes feel like backing out from the occasion just because I don’t find the perfect gift.

But you can never go wrong with a handmade custom painting. 

A gift portrait painting they will remember forever.

Let me take you through the journey of each and every one of these occasions to gift a handmade custom portrait that left an imprint on the person who received it.

Get ready to experience a thousand emotions at once.

1. Birth Of A Baby

A handmade custom painting given a s a gift for the birth of a baby on a beautiful desk with decorative pieces around the portrait.

Those initial stages of parenthood are hard on anyone, especially first-time parents.

Though everything is forgotten when the baby cracks that first smile or laugh. filling every heart with joy.

Capturing that precious smile could be a task. 

If you did manage to get that angelic face in a frame then it’s time to turn it into a custom baby painting

Transforming it into the best-personalized portrait. 

Something that the parents will cherish for the rest of their lives.

The birth of a child is an occasion where you can gift a painting and it will be remembered for the rest of their lives.

Give life to your photos by getting a custom painting commissioned by some of the best artists.

Eventually, once the baby grows up, he/she will also know who the painting was from.

2. First Birthday

A handmade custom painting of a mother and a daughter for a first birthday as a gift.

Who remembers their first birthday?

Obviously, when we’re toddlers all we see are pretty balloons, our fav Disney characters, our friends, and food.

But the first birthday is a big occasion for the parents, their baby is turning 1!

They want to capture every moment of this celebration, want to remember it forever. 

If you’re stuck on what to gift a toddler on their first birthday then let me give you the best solution ever.

Gift them a personalized oil painting!

A great gift portrait painting for the family as well as the kid.

They will have an amazing memory of the joyful time spent on that occasion.

3. 18th Birthday

A Handmade custom oil painting of a lady that is set on a wall with pretty decorative pieces around. There are plants around and this is a gift the occasion of her 18th birthday.

The 18th birthday is a big one as it’s the first step towards adulthood. 

Even people who don’t like celebrating their birthday are excited about the 18th one.

I certainly was.

Here is where gift-giving gets hard, you could always get them something mainstream but the best way to celebrate these occasions is to gift a handmade custom oil portrait

They can take it wherever they go, even if they move away for college or shift places. 

You will never be forgotten. The memory of you will last forever.

Give these young adults something so meaningful that lasts for a long long time.

You can go ahead and check our pricing plans to know more about these portraits.

4. 50th Birthday

A beautiful handmade custom painting of a lady on a marble slab surrounded by plants and pretty lights.

The phases of life are so weird,

One day you’re 20 living your life, striving hard, and then suddenly you’re celebrating someone’s 50th birthday.

You realize life goes on and all you can do is enjoy the little things.

Gifting someone something memorable, like a custom birthday painting from a photo you love. 

Boasting their morale by giving them the sexiest photo of them but in a better way by turning it into a portrait. 

Something they could look at and reminisce about the good old days when they were rocking it.

Personalized portrait gifts always bring out a certain emotion of joy and love that cannot be described.

So, next time someone you know turns 50 give them something they would love to display with pride.

5. Victory Celebration

A handmade custom painting as gift for a victory party. It is sitting on a wall, there is a grey couch, plants and some pretty lights as well.

Your friend has been busting his a** trying to get the promotion that will make his career fly high.

Finally after all the hard work and efforts,

The day arrives when he gets his promotion! This calls for a celebration!

You’re so happy for him but after the initial 5 minutes, you start freaking out.

What do I get him for this big day?

You could always get them something super expensive and basic or you could go all out and give them the best gift ever.

One of the perfect occasions to gift a handmade custom portrait that is acrylic. 

The best thing about PortraitFlip is that you can get your portrait for a gift made in any medium you want. (Acrylic is our best seller!)

We have oil custom portraits, watercolor portraits, acrylic portraits, charcoal portrait drawings, color pencil sketches, and pencil drawings. 

All you have to do is choose which medium you want and the portrait will be delivered to your doorstep safe and sound.

6. Graduation

A photo containing a compiled painting as well as three different photos. A handmade custom painting of a beautiful family.

Staying away from family and friends is really hard. 

It gets harder when your little sister or brother is graduating from high school. 

Graduation is an occasion where everyone gets together to celebrate the hard work and success of the person.

To shower love and blessings on them. 

We know sometimes due to unfortunate circumstances you can’t always be there,

That’s where we pitch in and help.

PortraitFlip masters in custom compilation portraits that can include any member of the family that wasn’t in the picture.

You can add as many people as you want to this custom portrait and gift it to the graduate.

They will be so glad that they’ll always have you with them even if you couldn’t physically be near them.

This compilation portrait gift can go wherever they go. 

Always near their heart.

7. Easter

A photo containing a compiled painting as well as four different photos. A handmade custom painting of a beautiful family.

Everyone around the world celebrates Easter. 

You also thought Easter is about cute Lil bunnies and egg-shaped chocolates right?

Well, it is about that but it also is about gift-giving and celebrating good over evil.

Spending time with your family and celebrating this occasion together is the main motive for Easter.

The Whole Family.

But how will the family members who are not here be included?

Don’t worry PortraitFlip will take care of it. 

All you have to do is send the photos of the people who aren’t present and we will compile them for you. 

We’ll make a beautiful custom painting for you with love and dedication.

Easter will be commemorated with everyone in this family portrait gift idea.

8. Hanukkah

A handmade custom painting of a family of three sitting on a wooden floorboard with some plants around them.

The festival of dedication symbolizes the victory of the Maccabees over the greek king. 

The occasion that is celebrated consists of eight days.

When they were stuck in the temple they only had oil enough for one night,

This oil sustained them for eight days. That’s why it’s called miracle oil.

This is one occasion where you can gift a portrait to someone something so special and close to their heart.

I mean you don’t need an occasion for that but if you do, this one’s for your love.

A photo to painting gift will be the one I suggest.

Something to cheer everyone up.

Making life just a tad bit easier while you look at the people you love. 

The best occasion to gift a handmade custom portrait.

9. Christmas

A beautiful photo turned to a handmade custom painting of a whole family all dressed up for Christmas. There is a wooden chair with a plant and there are more plants as well.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Everyone’s all festive and in the mood to have hot cocoa and just snuggle all day long.

Christmas is known for another thing, do you realize where I’m going with this?


It’s not only Santa’s job anymore, our loved ones deserve the pampering.

Who wouldn’t like something that reminds them of all the people who love them?

Are you meeting your family after a while due to the current circumstances?

I know the perfect gift you can get them without making it formal or too casual.

A portrait painting that will hang in the hall where you can always see it.

We here at PortraitFlip will do everything for you, all you have to do is relax.

10. Thanksgiving

A handmade custom portrait of a elegant family hanging on a wall in a room full of pretty interiors.

The one time in the whole year when the whole family gets together to remember everything they’re thankful for.

The vibe is immaculate.

Every member of the family just wants to chill and spend time talking. 

Gift-giving for this occasion has to be somber.

It’s warm, the whole house smells delicious and everything is just perfect.

If you want to give your family something unique and thoughtful then you’re reading the right blog.

We have the best custom photo to paintings that can be the ice breaker to any conversation.

“Hey! Where did you get that portrait from? It’s so beautiful”

“Oh, it was this reasonable website called PortraitFlip that commissions local and talented artists.”

“I love it!”

And that is how you will win anyone over.

11. New Years  

A very charming watercolor handmade custom painting in a pretty interior with  a black and white couch as a new years gift.

Did you just realize you don’t have something aesthetically pleasing in your home?

Do you miss your parents and have made a resolution to talk to them more often?

Do you just want a very nice watercolor painting of them in your new home?

I know the occasions to gift a handmade custom painting is calling you in.

Trust me you won’t regret getting it, and besides, it’s always nice to have family around.

Let’s not forget gift-giving is not only for others.

Make New Year’s by getting yourself an alluring watercolor custom painting!

We will get the best artists to make this a beautiful journey. 

You can get unlimited revisions done, we won’t be satisfied unless you are.

Pamper yourself this New Year.

12. Wedding

A beautiful handmade custom painting hanging on a wall behind the bed. It is a gift for the occasion of a wedding.

The happiest day of a person’s life when they know it’s right.

When nothing else matters but the person they’re going to be married to.

And you sit there thinking “How lucky am I to be a part of this!”

As the days go by you see the love and you want to get them something that resembles that feeling. 

So you decide to dig out the prettiest photo of their engagement, the one with the back story.

The one that they love the most.

And you turn it into a custom couple painting gift.

Something they can hang in their bedroom or living room. 

Something they can look up to when they’re in conflict, something that reminds them of the day they married the person they love.

13. Anniversary

A handmade custom painting of a bride and groom kissing, the painting is placed in a very pretty interior with plants.

Marriage is a contract they say.

I think some people beg to differ, they are so in love even after so many years that their faith in love becomes stronger.

They conquer through ups and downs, they make it through life holding each other tight.

Fighting against all their problems together and loving the s*** outta each other.

I so wish I was in this situation.

But, anyway, if this is you and your boo then I have the perfect anniversary gift for you.

A certain something that goes up on a wall.

Yes, you guessed it right! An occasion to gift a handmade custom portrait.

The easiest way to get one is through us, we will do everything for you. 

The best part is we ship worldwide.

Rush to get your hands on our custom portraits and surprise your boo!

14. 50th Wedding Anniversary

A handmade custom portrait of two people on their wedding day, the bride is kissing the grooms cheek. This portrait is on a table with decorative pieces around the painting.

It’s a little hard to imagine your life with someone. 

It’s a Lil bit harder to imagine a whole 50 years with someone who you love. 

Getting married and being in love for so long obviously has its perks.

Just imagine how well the person will know you by then.

This is an occasion no one would ever want to avoid. 

It is the celebration of love. Longlasting love.

(Did you get my pun??)

Bet you can’t even fight me on this, the best occasion to gift a handmade custom portrait.

Even if you can’t do it yourself you could commission someone or even better you could get the portrait made by us.

We give you a 100% money-back guarantee and very genuine and beautiful custom portraits. 

15. Farewell Party

A beautiful portrait of two people that are standing next to each other, It is placed on a table with plants surrounding it.

Bidding farewell is not easy, especially if you’ve known that person for years.

When you see them every day and you know it’s not going to be the same without them.

But all you can do is attend the party and try leaving them with something so memorable that they can never forget you.

You can always gift a portrait painting to them, something that they can take with them while they leave.

A personalized portrait of them that you love.

If y’all don’t have a photo together then you could compile one and gift it to them.

Emotions were openly expressed in such a beautiful way and the artist has done justice to the painting.

We can make you custom portraits just like this one that will stay in your heart.

16. Retirement Party

This image contains two photos that have been merged together in a handmade custom painting. They can be given as a gift for any occasion.

Friends you make at work are always special, there’s this instant connection between the employees.

You don’t realize how close-knit the group is, everyone knows everything about everyone.

Even if people say you should keep your work life separate and personal life separate, they merge somehow.

Into a beautiful little family.

And that is exactly what these employees did for their friends.

They compiled the photos and incorporated a lost loved one into the painting.

The other family members were also included in this photo.

Emotions were openly expressed in such a beautiful way and the artist has done justice to the emotion.

We can make you custom portraits just like this one that will stay in your heart and homes forever.

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17. National Children’s Day

A handmade custom painting of three children sitting on a wall with a beautiful interior.

The successors of nations.

The new and advanced generation.

Children are full of surprises, they know how to adapt to new situations so fast and are extremely street-smart.

I know most of them to get annoying when they pop the one question we dread,

“Do you have games on your phone?”

But apart from that, they are gems and miracles that could turn out to be the person who changes the world.

Make this a special occasion for them by gifting them a handmade photo to portrait. 

The photo where their smiles are just as bright as their future. 

Show these rockstars some love and encourage them to follow their dreams.

18. Valentine’s Day

A handmade custom royal painting of two people made from two different photos combined into one oil portrait.

The day of love, roses, cheesy phrases, and big gestures,

Also known as the singles awareness day for them baddies out there, just like me 😉

The emotions you feel on this day are so extreme, that you either are very happy or sulking the whole day.

If you have a better half to celebrate this beautiful day with, then I’m hoping you have a grand gesture planned.

If you wanna save some bucks and just get them something meaningful and maybe funny then keep reading.

A royal portrait of the two of you.

I mean goofy couples have my heart. This could be a perfect valentines day gift for a guy.

Imagine her or his reaction when they see this gorgeously painted custom portrait.

I would put it up on a wall right away!

19. Mother’s Day

A beautiful charcoal handmade custom painting which is sitting on a table surrounded by plants.

I don’t know how they do it, they have it all. 

Mothers can handle anything when it comes to their children. 

Turning into a chef, driver, best friend, guardian, father, sister, and everything else possible.

Their love can never die, even when we do the things that disappoint them.

Moms are right there, standing with their arms wide open.

I wish we could show them how much they mean to us.

The closest we could get to portraying our emotions in the best way possible is by giving them something personalized.

That’s why we recommend a personalized charcoal drawing.

All you have to do is send us the precious photo that will turn into a charcoal portrait for Mother’s Day.

20. Father’s Day

A handmade custom portrait of a baby and father that is sitting on a shelf.

The one person who has your back no matter what. 

The one who loves you unconditionally but can’t express it so well.

Getting you something to eat or cooking your fav dish is their love language.

The one who cried secretly when you were sick, but wouldn’t show you because he wanted to be strong for you.

That’s a father.

Let’s show them some love this Father’s Day. Appreciate them in the sweetest way possible.

If your dad is a person who doesn’t like showing emotions then you can do something low-key.

A lovely picture of you two, the one which makes everyone go awe.

A photo to painting that shows how proud and happy he is to have a “mini him”.

21. National Teacher Day

Two photos of two people merged together into one oil portrait that can be a gift for any occasion.

Teachers have such a huge influence on anyone they’re in contact with.

They basically shape you into the person you are, teach you so many things, and make you realize your strengths and weaknesses.

Do you know why your fav teacher’s approval matters so much?

Because they’ve taken over a little place in your heart.

That’s exactly why this National Teacher Day you’ll be sending them a charcoal portrait as a gift for the both of you.

A sentiment that will be treasured and talked about for the rest of their lives.

Even if you never got a chance to actually take a photo with them you could always send the photos to us.

We will compile them for you in the most delightful way possible. 

Don’t worry we ship worldwide!

(P.S Here are some more amazing gift suggestions for your teachers.)

22. Grandparents Day

Two handmade custom painting of two different families. One is just a grandfather and grandmother and the second is two grandchildren with their grandmother.

Grandparents spoil you the most, don’t they?

I mean how can you be the sweetest person on earth and also have the deathliest stare when someone says they can’t eat more?

But genuinely the purest souls on earth. 

Making life a tad bit brighter with their toothless smiles and warm hugs.

Loving you to death.

The thing that bothers me the most is that we don’t really do enough for them.

All they want is our time and affection.

Let’s make a vow to spend more time with them and appreciate them so much that they get tired of us.

You can get a personalized charcoal painting of y’all together or gift them the cutest picture of them as a couple.

A photo they cherish, an occasion to gift a handmade custom portrait.

23. Parents Day

A handmade custom painting of a family, a father a mother and a baby. This painting is sitting on a table and there are plants surrounding it.

We can all agree that no one’s perfect.

Our parents try so hard to get everything right, they sacrifice anything they have to for our happiness. 

They keep loving us for all our flaws and imperfections. 

Nagging is a natural instinct present in every parent out there.

Even the persistent annoyance and taunting happen due to the overflowing love for their babies.

Are you tired of looking for the perfect parent’s day gift for them?

Look no further. I’ve got a personalized portrait gift idea for you.

All you have to do is send us the photo and the rest will be taken care of.

The most gorgeous portrait will be hanging on your wall in no time!.

24. Halloween

A royal handmade custom painting of a person.

A perfect occasion to gift your loved ones or yourself a custom portrait.

Not just any portrait.

A Royal Portrait.

Let your imagination run wild! Do you wanna finally get a portrait of yourself imitating a Queen?

I mean I don’t think you need to imitate one, you already are a Queen gurllllll.

We’ve got one for the boys also, don’t worry.

Wouldn’t you like to see yourself as a king? 

When you know you have the looks, the attitude, and the cash.

Why not make your dreams come true?

All you have to do is put your game face on and pose for the camera. 

Then get ready to receive all those compliments 😉

Get your own personalized royal portrait at PortraitFlip!

25. Pet Memorial Day

A charcoal handmade custom painting of a person with her pet, surrounded by plants and a chair.

The saddest thing that can happen to someone is losing someone they love.

When your friend loses their fluffball, they’re devastated.

It’s hard to not remember every single moment they’ve spent with their pets.

The only thing we can do to support them and make them feel better is to remind them of the good times.

The way their pet cared for and loved them.

A personalized custom portrait of them and their fluffer on pet memorial day will bring tears to their eyes.

They’ll be sad for a while because they miss them, but soon they will smile every time they look at it. 

My condolences to anyone who is suffering the death of a loved one.

You can always reach out to us in the comments. We’re all ears for you.

26. Death Anniversary

A handmade custom portrait of a girl and her grandfather who has passed away and has wings drawn around him as a sign of an angel. It is on a wall ad there are chairs and a table surrounding it.

Do you remember how miserable someone in your life was when they lost someone close to them?

How they had to literally pick themselves up from the ground?

How hard it was to watch them struggle alone because they were shutting everyone out?

Watching them cry themselves to sleep and looking at the photo of the person they lost was hard, I know.

This memorial day you can help them grieve in a better way by getting them custom portraits from photos. 

Oil paintings are meant to last forever, they are timeless and they portray emotions really well.

A virtual hug to anyone hurting due to this, I hope you feel better soon.

(P.S We can paint wings or rainbows in a portrait to symbolize the peaceful transition for the people you love).

27. Housewarming Gifts

A custom handmade painting of a couple that is sitting on a wall over a couch with pretty light, a table with plants on them and some other plants as well.

All confused because you don’t know what to get your friends who are going to start a new life in a new place?

How about a vase? Too mainstream you say.

Uhm… A wine bottle? They won’t remember it.

You want something memorable and thoughtful. 

Something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

It looks like it was meant to be exactly where they plan on placing it.

Yes, I am talking about a personalized oil portrait gift.

One that screams chic and love oozes out of the portrait.

It depicts the personality of the people you are gifting it to.

Just think about the look on their faces when they’ll unwrap this present. 

Emotions will be all over the place!

To Conclude

These are all the occasions to gift a handmade custom portrait I could find.

I mean trust me the trouble I go through for you guys is indescribable.

A custom portrait is always a very personal and heartfelt gift to give anyone.

They are the perfect gift for any occasion, could be an occasion of happiness or one where everyone is reminiscing about someone they lost.

Heyyy loves!

This is all I could get for y’all today.

Let me know if these occasions to gift a handmade custom portrait have helped you make gift-giving easier.

You can check out the beautiful gallery at PortraitFlip and order your very own portrait as well!

Check out our Instagram and Youtube channels.

Until next time dearest.

Keep spreading love and please show some love if you liked it!


Frequently Asked Questions

A handmade custom painting is always a good idea as a gift. It is a heartfelt and personalized gift, you can never go wrong with a painting.

A custom painting is basically a mixture of colors, subject matter, and composition, all of these work together to create a painting that is pleasing to the customer. These handmade custom paintings are underrated gifts.

There are so many different occasions where custom paintings can be gifted like Christmas, Memorial Day, New Year, Parent’s Day. Grandparent’s Day, etc. To know about the occasions read this piece.

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