Size Chart: How To Choose Right Size For Your Portrait

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Ever wondered which portrait size would go perfectly for your beloved photo, well look no further as you can choose from a wide array of options present in our size chart.

A portrait is a perfect way to capture that perfect person or moment which is so very dear to your heart.

Every portrait needs its own space and each project is different hence different portrait sizes and specifications are required for them.

A minuscule picture that can fit in your wallet to an enormous one that can be hanged on the wall.

The possibilities are endless.

Choosing which size is suitable for a portrait is one of the most commonly asked questions.

So what size should you get?

Choosing the appropriate size will take some assessment on your part and a number of factors come into play such as the number of people, the type of background, etc.

This article shall serve as the perfect guide to help you select the best size for your portrait (probably the most precious memory that you have) from amongst our size chart.

Most of the times the dimensions vary based on the agency that is supplying the portrait but the broad distinguishing factors, in general, are small, medium, large and custom sized portraits.  

A piece of concise yet detailed information about them can be found below:

1. Small Sized Portraits:

Small sized onshelf 01


It is the smallest of all the available standard sizes from the standard size chart.

They closely resemble the standard size of printing papers.

The size of the picture including the frame border is 11 inches by 14 inches (width by height).

The picture must be specifically fit into dimensions 8 inches by 10 inches.

The faces in the pictures should be at least 2.5 inches so as to maintain a minimum threshold of visibility.

Generally, this size is done for a single person only as there is no way of adding more people or objects in the background.


A showpiece for a bookshelf, an attraction piece for a study table, coffee table, etc.

It can be kept anywhere without occupying much space on the dining or bedside table.

A perfect souvenir for your loved one.


  • It can easily fit into cases and travel bags and thus can be carried around anywhere without much hassle.
  • They do not need to be laminated.
  • They can be kept anywhere like on a bed table with relative ease as they do not occupy a large amount of space.

2. Medium Sized Portraits:

Medium home 01


The frame dimensions of the medium category are 16 inches by 20 inches (height by width).

The picture excluding the borderline is 11 inches by 14 inches.

The recommended number of people to fit in such a frame is three.

On making it two people there is more space to add the background as well.

But the final choice is up to the customers.


Hanging in the hallway gallery.

The small stand-alone piece on the wall.

It is also perfect for small galleries and tables where it can be laminated and kept.


  • It offers the most convenience. Due to its optimal size, it can be transported and also fixed on a wall for viewing.
  • There are more options for adding the background by properly adjusting the focus of the photo.
  • Cropping options are also more flexible in case of medium-sized portraits.
  • It helps you get clear images which are free from various kinds of distortions.
  • Tables filled up with books can be decorated by placing portrait photos and medium-sized portraits are a perfect choice.

3. Large Sized Portraits:

Large home 01


Its dimensions are 18 inches by 24 inches (height by width).

Excluding the borderline, its dimensions become 12inches by 18inches.

The minimum number of people that can be accommodated in a large-sized portrait is four and can go well beyond.

As the scope of people and the background that can be added is huge it is recommended for family portraits as they usually have many members.


Hanging above the couch.

The main feature piece of the living room, dining room or the drawing-room.


  • The most convenient part of a large portrait is the space for the addition in the background.
  • It allows the intricacies of the elements to be highlighted in a more detailed manner.
  • A lot of which may have to be compromised in case of the small or medium-sized photos.
  • Other than family portraits, such sizes can also be used in walls of corporate offices.
  • Large-sized portraits draw a lot of attention since they are visible to a larger audience.

4. Custom-Made Portraits:

Sizechart 1resolution200 cropped 01


This is the only category that offers flexibility with respect to dimensions and is not bound by the restrictions of the size chart.

In the case of special demand, the dimensions can be changed and made as per the demand of the customer.

The shape can be adjusted so as to make the frame long or wide as per the customer’s specifications.

Generally, custom paintings are larger than large-sized portraits but there can be exceptions as well.

The range of sizes is hugely based on customer preferences.

It is the best way to cover up for the inadequacies of small, medium and large-sized portraits.

Most number of people can be accommodated in this type as it comes with a lot of flexibility.


A big family portrait as a center of attraction on any wall in your home.


  • As discussed in the details above one has a wide array of options right from dimensions to the number of people to choose from.
  • They can be tailor-made to fit any surrounding or experience as the dimensions can be tweaked beyond that of the size chart.
  • Not only the overall frame but the borderline and the regions specific to the painting can be made as per the customer’s requirements.
  • Flexibility is the biggest advantage of these kinds of portraits.
  • Custom sized portraits are ideal when more people or the background has to be accommodated.
  • An exquisite bargain to steal the limelight.


We help you choose the perfect portrait size from among many options from the size chart.

The world has become a social machine.

There is, however, a more intimate relationship and it is the one that you have with your memories.

Every portrait holds a special place in the hearts of the customers as well as the artist who made it possible.

It becomes something which can be identified with that respective person as more often than not it is a memory or a piece of which he is reluctant to let go.

“A memory is a way of holding on to things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.” -Kevin Arnold  

PortraitFlip is a site which offers custom paintings and is dedicated to providing paintings and sketches to art enthusiasts all around the world.

One can choose from different painting styles such as oil painting, charcoal drawing, and watercolor painting.

All of this at a cheap and economical rate as compared to its fellow competitors.

The image created by the mixture of the person’s likeness with the artist’s God-given talent creates a product that is uniquely different from a photograph.

These paintings can be gifted to people as a novelty item, hung on walls, carried as a memoir, kept beside your bedside and dining tables as an attractive showpiece.

Go ahead and check out our gallery for you never know what piece of art may touch your heart.


If you have any additional information or something interesting that you would like to share with us feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art” -Ralph Waldo Emerson      

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