Turn Photo Into Painting (Updated Guide)

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If a photo is worth a 1000 words then imagine the resounding effect that a painting can have on a person. Now try picturing your favorite photo into a painting.

Isn’t it a stunning image! Art has been a form of expressing and communicating with each other since time immemorial.

A great artist not only appeals to the eyes but also touches the heart and one can witness a great collection of such artists here.


A true connoisseur of art may spend hours and hours staring at paintings without even realizing how time has passed by.

That is the power of a painting. It can make even the most stagnant theme seem so engaging and fascinating.

A painting is a method of relieving part of a memory which we so dearly cherish.

It is not just a collection of brushstrokes or an amalgamation of various watercolors. It depicts various emotions and is also a testimony of the artist’s sheer skill and brilliance.

A memory, when projected on a white piece of paper with the help of an artist, becomes more than just an image, it gets a totally new dimension.

“Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter’s soul”  – Vincent Van Gogh

Painting is a test of patience and takes a long time to master. Some painters are even known to take years or decades to master their art.

Since painting requires immense patience and a lot of time the thought of having to paint something immediately makes a person give up.

Try remembering the happiest moment of your life and imagine being able to frame and have a look at it according to your convenience.

Well, the thought is wonderful right and fear not for here at PortraitFlip we make it possible for you.

All it takes is a few simple steps and we will create a jaw-dropping painting from a photo that you wish to provide us.

  • The Photo:

The primary task is to select a photo which you desire or wish to be converted into a painting. There are no constraints as long as the photo is visible and clearly illuminated.

There are two primary aspects to be taken care of in a picture: the contrast and the details.

The contrast refers to the combination of colors and the manner in which the regions are illuminated.

The second aspect is the features in the painting. The more the number of features the more time has to be devoted towards it.

For eg:- A family portrait with four people and many features in the background will take less time than that of a couple.

mothers day oil painting

Painting styles are not fixed as various paintings have different styles and each of them has their own unique features.

The three most commonly popular styles are oil, watercolor and charcoal painting.

The simplest among all of them is watercolor painting as the requirements for making watercolor paintings are plain water colors mixing it with minimal amounts of paste.

Oil paintings are similar to watercolor painting with the addition of oil which is mixed with the colored paste.

It is slightly more difficult as it takes more time to dry as compared to the watercolors.

Charcoal artists, on the other hand, use a different set of skills and use charcoal sticks for their sketches which gives it a robust feeling.

Choosing an appropriate frame size is essential.

If the frame size is not proper then a lot of details will be overlooked.

Frame sizes are selected on the basis of the color contrast and the background.

The color of the frame borderline is also selected based on the resulting contrast it would put on the entire painting.

These days most frames are customized as they allow you added flexibility in the dimensions of your portrait.

Unlike in the earlier days one now also has the option to get a customized painting done.

Just the idea of getting a painting from a photo that too with all the details that you wish for isn’t it truly magical!

On being offered a certain level of flexibility, custom paintings appear to be interesting even to people who are not skilled in the art of selecting or making such paintings.

Paintings offer us a wide range of perks as they can be used on various occasions and like different things.

  • Gifts:

valentine oil painting

These paintings symbolize eternity as they do not wear off with time and can be preserved with convenience as compared to today’s expensive electronic gadgets.

A truly unique gift, unlike most others, present out there.

Paintings are the perfect gift for occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, wedding ceremonies or any other function where a special felicitation is going on.

A gift like a piece of art is usually given to someone special or a really close person for it shows the amount of time that has been spent in the thought process.

Showpieces in the home

Home is where the heart is so why not make your sanctuary even more illuminated by adding a custom-made portrait to it.

It could be a painting from a photo that you so dearly adore or may even be a simple family sketch portrait.

It can even be a photo of your favorite superhero or anime character (don’t worry we won’t tell your mom and wife).

A custom or large sized portrait is sure to attract a bigger audience and make your home stand out from the rest of the pack.

In recent times people have also started to welcome the idea of frescoes that is when a painting is done directly on the walls of a house.

It can be used as an innovative tool to add to the decor of your home.

Army Memorial portrait

Memories hold a very strong place in our hearts and what better way to relieve these paintings than to get them made into portraits for “A picture is a poem without words”  -Horace

Many people take videos or selfies as a sort of remembrance whenever they go on trips.

These pictures which may be such nostalgic memories automatically become more beautiful when they are custom painted and converted into a portrait.

A painting is often made in order to preserve the special moments as a token of all those happy times.


With the advent of online portals and doorstep delivery services available, procuring a painting from the photo has become relatively simple and economical.

Even a person with the minimal amount of knowledge in the art industry can now acquire a painting quite easily.

Every person should immerse himself at least once in the beauty of art for

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”   -Thomas Merton

Here at PortraitFlip, we have a team of enthusiastic and talented artists who can help convert your photo into a painting that will leave you asking for more.


You can spend some time looking in the gallery section and choose from a wide array of scintillatingly beautiful paintings and portraits.

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