Getting A Painting Portrait In 2022 Is Not Hard As It May Seem

a photo showing how easy it is to get a painting portrait in the year 2022

Painting portrait – the famous painting style has been here since the early dawn. You know artists mastered portrait painting to capture people on canvas.

But how long can it take to get a portrait for yourself?

The answer may surprise you!

You don’t have to sit for hours in front of an artist, nor do you have to leave your house.

A few clicks and you’ve ordered yourself a handmade portrait within 5 minutes.

Sounds Untrue? But It Is The Truth!

Daniel Bell said it right,

“Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.”

The technology coupled with the skills of our artists will let you turn your photo to portrait painting.

No, we don’t deliver digital print or technology-driven painting. This is a 100% handmade painting with a little help from technology.

How exactly do we turn a photo into painting?

I’ll explain it to you 🙂

What’s Hard In 2022?

The mandatory act of wearing masks day in and day out is a struggle. Staying at home with WFH benefits has become tedious.

Less socializing  (No for many)  is frustrating.

The way that the Covid pandemic has hit us —is hard. Many of us faced a financial crisis; many are still recovering.

If you’ve observed, the things that were difficult before now have become easier than ever.

Shopping, paying bills, ordering food, renting a service are clicks away. So is getting custom portrait paintings delivered to your doorstep.

Getting A Portrait Painting In The 15th Century vs 2022

Earlier in days, to get a painting portrait, you’d have to go through a huge deal of work.

The First would be locating an artist and then closing the deal.  (Don’t forget those painting portraits were a lot costly then.)

Second, and the most painful of all: coming to the studio every day and posing for hours till the artist paints your portrait.

And it’s worth remembering that the only way to travel was on foot or by horses and carts.

So how does the process look in 2022?

Today you don’t have to stress about looking for an artist.

You don’t even have to ache your back posing for hours.

Yes, you can take the old-school road: Go to the artist studio and get a painting portrait done by posing in front of them.

Or else, you can get a handmade painting by clicking on your browser. How easy is that?

As Easy As ABC… But Not D

Easy process of getting a painting portrait in 2021

Ordering a custom handmade portrait is easier than anything.

In the comfort of your couch, you can get a painting portrait delivered to your doorstep.

Here’s what the whole process looks like.

A- Visit Our Website

No need to go home page, just click here for placing an order now

B-  Customize The Order

Choose painting medium, size, frame, characters, and upload photo or photos. You can even merge different photos into one painting portrait.

C-  Checkout And Wait Till The Painting Arrives

Pay the reasonable amount or pay just 30% advance.

Viola! you’re done.

Now go back to your everyday schedule as our artist handpaint your portrait.

D- Don’t forget to check your emails!

At every step, we send a preview of your artwork. Unless you approve, our artists don’t proceed with painting the portrait.

Why do we do that? It’s simply because we love to see a smile on your face.

When you order your painting, we make sure that we take your approval at every step- especially if it is a Royal painting portrait, Pet painting portrait, or Compilation portrait.

Why Are Painting Portraits Important?

We’ve got cameras and phones to capture any moment.

But back in the day, Painting a portrait was the only way to keep a record of a person.

Only royals could afford it. Keeping a portrait was a sign of wealth and nobility.

Still today, it is.

The only thing that changed is that it has become easier to get a handmade portrait painting.

And getting one won’t rob you of your wealth. You can get a pencil portrait for only $60!

Here are 5 reasons why you must get a custom handmade portrait for yourself!

  • Hanging a  custom portrait oil painting will add artistic value to your home decor.
  • Custom family portrait painting portraying your loved ones lets you strengthen your relationship with them.
  • Studies have found that looking at the texture of portraits lowers stress —a much-needed thing in today’s faced-paced world.
  • Hanging a portrait will brighten the aura of a dull room and make it attractive instantly.
  • Having a portrait at home will make you feel novel, notably in the eyes of guests. 

But that’s not all.

A painting portrait is the best personalized gift out there. Don’t agree?  Say it in the comments.

What Painting Medium Is Best For Your Portrait?

When you’ve decided to get a custom portrait painting from photo, it’s time to choose the perfect medium.

When I say perfect, I don’t mean to say that one medium is better than the other.

I mean to find the medium that suits your style – the medium that you’ll be proud of for choosing painting portraits.

Here are 6 mediums to choose from for Portraits

Oil Portraits

a family photo is converted into handmade oil painting by portraitflip

Artists prefer painting portraits with oil for one big reason: The painting looks vivid.

If you want a portrait that is realistic and energizing, an oil painting portrait is what you need.

Portraits made in oil tend to last longer without degrading. No wonder why most of the historic paintings are still of good quality today.

Acrylic Portraits

Dad kissing his baby photo is converted into beautiful acrylic painting by portraitflip

Painting portraits in acrylic is a way to go if your style speaks of elegance.

Acrylic portraits are like oil painting portraits but have painting advantages to artists.

But for you, the medium is great if you want a classy portrait.

Watercolor Portraits

a photo of kid on a swing is turned into watercolor painting

For those who love to be creative, watercolor painting portraits is the best medium.

The transparency and flowing effect of watercolors will give the portrait a feel of being “alive.”

Pencil Sketch Portraits

a photo of grandma is turned into a pencil sketch by artist at portaitflip

For someone who likes to keep things simple, a pencil portrait is the way to go.

The black and white portrait is a unique way to turn a photo to painting.

Colored Pencil Portraits

a photo of girl with her dog is turned into a colored pencil sketch by artist at portraitflip

Splash some colors to your style by choosing color pencil portraits.

It’s just like a pencil sketch, but with added benefits of colors.

Charcoal Portraits

A photo of mom and her baby is turned into a charcoal drawing by portraitflip

Same as a pencil sketch, but with deep shades – a charcoal portrait will let you turn your photo into a memorable painting.

Types Of Handmade Painting Portrait You Should Try

multiple photos are merged together to make a handmade painting by portraitflip

Now that you’re sure of what medium to choose, let’s explore some portrait painting types.

Compilation Portraits: See up! This category is great for merging different photos into one beautiful painting. If you want to add or delete characters or elements from the painting, compilation portraits are the way to go.

Christmas Portraits: Dashing through the snow, In a one-horse open sleigh; O’er the fields we go, laughing all the way!

For celebrating the Christmas spirit with zest, a Christmas portrait is the best gift that you can get or give someone.

Pet Portrait: Painting dog portraits are a thing of the present. If you have a dog, cat, or any other pet, Painting Pet Portrait is a way to memorializing your pet forever.

Family Portrait: Nobody will ever support you like your family. So why not get a family portrait to shower back the love?

(Ps. Vin Diesel will be proud of you)

Couple Portrait: How will you honor your significant half? Will you climb mountains for them? Well, no need to! One of the best ways to appreciate them is by giving them a couple portrait.

Baby Portrait: For preserving their childhood so that they will have something to look back when they grow old. A baby portrait is a nice way to cherish their childhood.

For more, visit our gallery

If you have old photos that are fading, you can click a pic of them and send it to us. Our artists can restore old faded paintings by turning them into handmade portraits.

Now It’s Time To Decide

A custom handmade portrait is a great addition to your life and a great gift for someone you love.

You now know how easy is it to get custom painting portraits and you’ve learned about the medium and types of painting portraits.

To turn a photo to portrait painting in 2022 is no big deal.

You know that you just have to make a few clicks on the website to get a custom painting portrait delivered to your doorsteps.

Now,  make a decision.

“There’s no wrong time to make the right decision.”

-Dalton McGuinty

Got questions related to ordering? Check out our FAQs page!

Hey Pal!

Thank you for sticking till the end.

I hope you learned how easy it is to get painting portraits in 2022.

You dont have to leave your house, neither you have to call an artist to your home.

You just have to send us photos and our artists will flip them into a beautiful handmade painting portrait.

So are you ready to get your portrait? Because I already got mine!

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