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PortraitFlip’s artwork category covers every single piece of information about paintings produced in different art periods. This category will take you back to those times, from the Renaissance to Modern Art, to help you learn about its finest creations.

11+ Realism Paintings That Recite The Era’s Untold Stories

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The portrayal of the world from an artist’s perspective—hmm, that sounds amazing! Also, when it comes to depicting exactly the subject matter for the painting, realists were the real OGs. They created some of the most famous realism paintings. The ongoing French and industrial revolutions in the 18th century led to realism, which led to […]

The Art Of Romanticizing Intimacy: 11 Renoir Paintings That Portray Love And Affection!

French painter Pierre Auguste Renoir with his painting The Luncheon of The Boating Party.

Born in the Limoges city of France, Pierre Auguste Renoir was a French painter who significantly contributed to the Impressionist art movement.  Coming from a family of artisans, Renoir developed an interest in craftsmanship at a very tender age. He also discovered his singing talent when he was just 13. He was great at it.  […]

Paintings by Jackson Pollock: A Collection Of Abstract Expressionism

Paintings by Jackson Pollock: A Collection Of Abstract Expressionism

As soon as you hear “Abstract Expressionist,” Jackson Pollock’s name pops up as the major figure of the art movement. He was among the leading artists of the 20th century, with a notoriety tag added to his name. Pollock developed many styles in the history of abstract and modern art. Finding a new means to […]

12 René Magritte Paintings (Full Of Mysteries and Shocks)

12 Rene Magritte Paintings (Full Of Mysteries and Shocks)

An artist who is known for creating humorous images in his paintings is what René Magritte could be described as. He was a Belgian painter and famous Surrealist artist of his time. His work would always give a new meaning to ordinary things such as hats, green apples, the clouds, and more. Magritte used to […]

Famous Baroque Paintings That Walk You Through The Era Of Emotions!

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You may wonder “what is Baroque art?” So, lights, shadows, and subject! This is how I would describe Baroque paintings and their era, because it revolved around intense drama with light subjects and dramatic dark backgrounds. Even though every painting tells a story, but, Oh, my my, Baroque paintings recited a whole scene from a […]

12 Rembrandt Paintings That Exhibit the Baroque Period

12 Rembrandt Paintings That Exhibit the Baroque Period

An artist creates many renowned works, but who studies their art first? Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, commonly known as Rembrandt, was a Dutch painter, draftsman, and printmaker who studied his work intensely before splashing it on canvas. His hands were considered a god’s gift due to his incredible artwork. He conducted a deep psychological study […]

The Sound Of Abstract Art: 15 Paintings By Kandinsky That Voiced Hidden Emotions!

A real photo of Wassily Kandinsky in a black background with the title paintings by Kandinsky written on it.

A pioneer of abstract art and expressionism, Wassily Kandinsky was born in 1866 in Moscow, Russia. Unlike other artists, Kandinsky started his career as a scholar of Law and Economics at University of Moscow.  After which, he was offered a professorship at University of Dorpat (University of Tartu,Estonia; currently).  An art lover by heart, Kandinsky […]

8+ Paintings By Rothko That Sparked Emotional Conflict

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Marcus Rothkowitz, famously known as Mark Rothko (1903-1970), was a well-known American abstract artist.  Born in Russia (now known as Daugavpils, Latvia), on September 25, 1903, in a Jewish household, and emigrated to America in 1913, settling in Portland, Oregon. His impact on the American Abstract Expressionist movement is mighty and so was his genre […]

Decoding the Myths of Mythology With Paintings by Botticelli

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Aren’t the paintings that revolve around the Renaissance period with mythological figures, cupids, angels, etc. as their subjects just fascinating? One of the most prominent paintings of Jesus which also featured Madonna made sure to grab almost every art enthusiast’s attention. Want to know who was the man behind the  most extravagant creations of the […]