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PortraitFlip’s artwork category covers every single piece of information about paintings produced in different art periods. This category will take you back to those times, from the Renaissance to Modern Art, to help you learn about its finest creations.

10 Famous Angel Paintings: Glorifying Biblical Scenes!

Over hundreds of artworks were made depicting angels. Most of them belonged to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, as angels play a key role in conveying God’s message to their respective prophets. But the ones that’ve conquered the hearts of millions and are predominantly spoken about on the internet belonged to art patrons who practice Christianity. […]

Deconstructing Dutch Artworks: 11 Famous Dutch Paintings You Should know!

Dutch Art cover

Our art world would be incomplete without Dutch paintings!  Over the years, Dutch artists created a plethora of paintings depicting wide range of scenes, events, and human figures.  These artists ended up creating some of the most influential artwork to ever exist! Why else would we art admirers discuss it even after centuries of its […]

7 Famous Gothic Paintings: Artworks That Sparks Mystery

Famous Gothic paintings featured image

Gothic paintings sound familiar? Or, let me break it down for you! Mediaeval art? Does that strike a hint? Well, Gothic art is a style that falls under the Medieval art movement. Some of the paintings you look at have a completely different aura! The same goes with the concept of gothic painting and artwork. […]

12 Most Famous Sad Paintings: Sad Drawings That Will Pierce Your Heart! 

Famous sad paintings featured image

My art is grounded in reflections on being different from others. My sufferings are part of myself and my art. They are indistinguishable from me, and their destruction would destroy my art. I want to keep those sufferings.” Edvard Munch This poignant quote by the famous expressionist artist explains exactly why many artists create paintings of sadness.  […]

Famous Religious Paintings: The Enthralling Biblical Artworks

You may ask, what is the hype related to famous religious paintings about?  Religion and art have gone hand-in-hand since human existence and throughout history. The inclusion of religious themes in some of the famous paintings of history acted as a portfolio for the famous painters and everyone who identified as Christian or Catholic. This […]

12 Famous Medieval Artworks: Religious Middle Ages Art That Narrates History!

cover image for famous medieval artworks

What and how much do you know about medieval artwork? What did they stand for, and why were they made? And what made medieval paintings so special? It is, of course, the story behind them!  Medieval artwork definitely had a religious touch to it. Yes, the medieval period gave us art that revolved around the […]

12 Famous Scary Paintings – Explore Darkness Of Creepy Arts

12 Famous Scary Paintings - Explore Darkness Of Creepy Arts

There are always two sides to a human. One that is bright and another that is dark. Whenever you witness a creepy view, it leaves you spine-chilling. Do you know why? It’s because it stimulates the dark side of your mind, which is eager to learn about the subject. Creepy, melancholic, and dreadful arts are […]

19 Famous Impressionist Paintings (Impressionists’ Most Recognized Works)

Do you like to hear stories that begin with struggle and end on a happy note? If yes, you’ll love to know about these impressionist paintings. But before we begin with famous impressionist paintings, let’s take a brief look at impressionism. Impressionism was a famous art movement of the 19th century, born in France. The […]

Paintings By Gustav Klimt: Vivid Depiction Of Fantasy & Pleasure Through Art

Paintings By Gustav Klimt Vivid Depiction Of Fantasy & Pleasure Through Art

Prior to famous artists like Dali, a painter in Austria known as Gustav Klimt founded a movement called “Vienna Secession.” In 1897, Klimt became the former president of the Vienna movement to bring different forms into art culture.   Being a master of symbolism in art, his paintings depict sexuality and lavishly decorated figures with a […]