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Overview of 21 Paintings of Romanticism (Not A Love Theme)

Overview of 21 Paintings of Romanticism (Not A Love Theme)

Emotions, Nature, Individualism, and Beauty. Can you tell me which period describes these characteristics? It’s Romanticism that has given us some wonderful romantic artworks since the 1800s. When you hear paintings of romanticism, what thoughts cross your mind? An art that depicts love, relationships, deep affection, and intimacy? We are used to platitudes. But that’s […]

40 Famous Abstract Paintings: Interpreting The Artist’s Reality

Cover of famous abstract paintings

The word “abstract” means something that is theoretical in nature.  It’s not meant to look stunning but to deliver a message to the viewer. To an ordinary eye, it might seem vague and incomplete. That is because of the absence of a subject, which makes it unapologetically hypothetical. One of the main philosophies of abstract […]

13+ Paintings on Love: Here are Some Paintings that Provoke Love and Affection

Paintings of love featured image

Those who never loved or lost love can’t understand the emotions of an artist! But, what if I tell you that there are some mesmerizing paintings on love that will provoke the feelings of love and affection in your heart? You’d be surprised, right? Many artists chose the romantic route, greatly influenced by the exquisite […]

11+ Most Expensive Paintings Around the World (2024)

Most Expensive Paintings - World's 25 Costliest Paintings!

If you are an art enthusiast or someone who gets mesmerized by the greatest creations of art, then let me tell you you’re in the right place. Everyone has their own favorite painting, art gallery, or even art period that they read about more often.  In short, people who are obsessed with art. A question […]

Famous Paintings – 47 Most Famous Artworks in History [Ranked]

Mona Lisa, Girl with pearl earring and other famous paintings

How many famous paintings in the world are you aware of? Well, art has always sculpted history in many ways than we know.  So, knowing about famous paintings in the world is also tapping into our roots of history and art culture.  Behind every famous painting you see, there is an artist and there is […]