The Art Of Romanticizing Intimacy: 11 Renoir Paintings That Portray Love And Affection!

French painter Pierre Auguste Renoir with his painting The Luncheon of The Boating Party.

Born in the Limoges city of France, Pierre Auguste Renoir was a French painter who significantly contributed to the Impressionist art movement. 

Coming from a family of artisans, Renoir developed an interest in craftsmanship at a very tender age. He also discovered his singing talent when he was just 13. He was great at it. 

However, due to uneven financial situations, Renoir had to make a choice between singing and painting. Who could’ve imagined his decision of choosing painting over singing would be historic. 

Renoir underwent an apprenticeship in a porcelain factory. It gave him a push to learn the art of painting professionally. He started painting the clothes and ceiling fans of churches and chapels. 

Renoir seemed to be a great admirer of feminine beauty. Paintings of Renoir portray female sensuality in a very evocative manner. He romanticized the intimacy shared between a couple with many of his paintings.

Renoir paintings depicting different affectionate moments between the couple fetched him fame as a connoisseur of the Impressionist style of art.  

Impressionist Art Movement: 

An art movement that promoted a liberated style of painting. With free and unconventional brush strokes to a highly contrasted swirl of colors, Impressionism encouraged an ample of fresh artistic ideas.

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This movement gave birth to legendary artists like Claude Monet, who carved a new legacy in the world of art. Impressionism surfaced as a depiction of a materialistic world on the canvas. 

Impressionists produced paintings incorporating subjects from nature as well as human backgrounds. One of Claude Monet’s paintings, Haystacks portrays liberated depiction of natural sceneries. 

Artists felt a sense of free thinking while producing their artworks. Even Renoir paintings include the essence of impressionism in a very expressive manner. 

Renoir focused on presenting the intimacy of a couple in various different themes. The composition of these paintings suggest a lot about Renoir’s inspiration with the movement. 

Now, we are well-acquainted with the artist and his inspirations, let’s get familiar with some of the Renoir paintings that display his excellence expressively. 

1. The Luncheon of The Boating Party

Famous Renoir painting The Luncheon of The Boating Party.
Image Source: Wikipedia

Probably one of the most popular Renoir paintings, The Luncheon of The Boating Party is a   still captured from a real life scenario. This famous painting by Renoir is a beautiful amalgamation of still life and landscape. 

There are 14 subjects in this painting; 13 humans and a dog. All of them seem to be relaxing and enjoying themselves at a restaurant on the shore of the Seine River in France. 

The majority of the subjects in this painting by Renoir were recognized later. A few of them happened to be close acquaintances of the artist. The rest of them belong to the influential chunk of the crowd.

Renoir the painter has layered intimacy and admiration in this painting so smoothly, that only a few experts were able to deduce it. The woman sitting while holding a dog is none other than Renoir’s wife, Aline Charigot.

Renoir has painted Aline’s character in a very romanticized manner. She looks absolutely stunning in this hat. However, she seems lost in an adorable moment with her terrier. 

Pierre Auguste Renoir’s subtle depiction of his love and admiration is visible in this painting. But it can only be witnessed after knowing the facts about their marriage. 

2. Dance At Bougival 

Famous Renoir painting Dance at Bougival.
Image Source: Wikipedia

Priorly known as “La danse a la campagne”, Dance At Bougival is another one of the most popular Renoir paintings. It was painted to perfection in 1883.

It portrays a scene from a local French village, depicting how French people used to celebrate good times. A village that stays placid and quiet during the day turns lively and buoyant as soon as the sun sets. 

The central subject of this artwork is a couple dancing amidst the partying crowd. A man wearing a black suit with a hat can be seen holding a woman. She’s wearing a light colored gown with a contrasting red scarf on her head.

Instead of being an Impressionist, Pierre Auguste Renoir was highly skilled in displaying human emotions on the canvas. As Renoir’s paintings suggest, love is the most human emotion in the world. 

Renoir has painted the couple with certain nuances. They seem absorbed in each other. The man’s face is dripping with compassion for the woman. The woman looks innocently hesitant to engage but her facial expressions say a lot about her liking for the man.

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3. Bal Du Moulin De La Galette 

Famous Renoir painting Bal Du Moulin De La Galette.
Image Source: Wikipedia

One of the exemplary paintings of Pierre Auguste Renoir, Bal Du Moulin De La Galette (Dance at La Galette – English) is a perfect representation of “intimacy amongst chaos”. 

This famous impressionist painting was produced in 1876 making it one of the earliest and famous paintings by Renoir. The theme is similar to Dance at Bougival. Picturisation includes a crowd probably enjoying their weekend with their friends and family. 

The stand out feature of this Renoir painting is the number of couples dancing together. The artist made an attempt to present a prom style theme from the couples perspective.

However, a couple painted with maximum visibility for the viewer looks like the primary subject of this famous Renoir painting.

The woman is holding the man by his waist, and the man is clutching the woman with his hand on her waist. This scene sprinkles an essence of compassion in this painting. 

The free and unhampered style of painting signifies the limitless compassion between the couple. 

4. La Promenade 

Famous Renoir painting La Promenade.
Image Source: Wikipedia

A painting depicting a young couple creating soft memories with each other, La Promenade was painted by Renoir in 1870. It’s one of the most famous Renoir paintings to this day.

The theme of this painting revolves around an adorable moment shared between a couple. They can be seen exploring the outskirts of the city together. Looking for an escape from the societal barriers, they retreat into the woods to share a moment of compassion. 

The artist has blended still life painting with Landscape like other Renoir paintings. The composition of this painting is a fine example of impressionist paintings by Renoir. 

Swirls and smudges of different shades of green make the landscape appear like an illusion. Renoir’s expertise with unhampered brush strokes has blended the couple smoothly with the landscape. 

Renoir’s inspiration in creating cosmos of colors looks driven from a few famous Spanish artists and their artworks. 

5. Picking Flowers 

Famous Renoir painting Picking Flowers.
Image Source: Wikipedia

A man and a woman are picking flowers amongst a mesmerizing valley. This painting dates back to 1875 and is considered one of the most beautiful Renoir paintings. 

The central subject in this painting focuses on the couple who’s engaged in the activity of picking alluring flowers from the flower bed. They seem to be enjoying this moment together. 

The color scheme of this painting is delusional and captivating. Use of tints with different colors is clearly evident. White and yellow are the primary colors used for the purpose of shading and tinting. 

The emotion depicted in this painting would be compassion and intimacy. Flowers represent beauty and elegance. The artist chose this as an element to portray the beauty of the relationship between the couple.

Just like other famous Renoir paintings, here the couple seems lost in the melancholy of nature and their love as well. 

6. The Swing 

Famous Renoir painting The Swing.
Image Source: Wikipedia

One of the best Renoir paintings, The Swing, portrays a scene where a girl in a white dress is enjoying the swing. There’s a man standing in front of her wearing a black coat with a hat on his head. 

This famous Renoir painting bestows some peculiar nuances that are not evident in his other paintings. Like the shadow of the tree leaves above her is cast on her dress while she swings. 

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There are two more focused elements in this painting. A man can be seen peeking behind the branch of the tree. A little girl is standing beside the man with the hat and is looking upwards. 

These secondary elements add contrast to the painting and create a vivid composition. Being an expert in the impressionist style, Renoir always sought to include expressive contrast elements in his artworks. 

The girl in this painting looks younger than Renoir’s other models. She looks full of joy and happiness while taking a swing, and the man adores her in compassion. 

7. Dance In The City 

Famous Renoir painting Dance In The City.
Image Source: Wikipedia

Featuring two of Renoir’s close associates Suzanne Valadon and Paul Lhote, two famous French artists from the same generation. Dance in The City is surely an emblem of elegance to talk about. 

This Renoir painting showcases a posture of intimacy between the couple. Although, the modeled people never really came together like this even for a jiffy. That’s the magic of art. 

Renoir paintings inculcated a special kind of intimacy shared by a couple. He always seemed a very passionate man to admire the stances of love. Most of his paintings tell about his love for love.

Similarly, the famous Renoir painting Dance In The City displays Renoir’s expertise in depicting natural intimacy. This painting is special because it has an elegant perspective of the couple. The woman is dressed marvelously and the gentleman looks pitch perfect in that black blazer. 

The wrinkled brush strokes to detail her dress give entitlement to Renoir’s success. He has edged this impression art to perfection. 

8. La Loge 

Famous Renoir painting La Loge.
Image Source: Wikipedia

Dating back to 1874, La Loge shows a young couple sitting in a theater box in Paris. The man seems to be overlooking the audience using his opera glasses, and the woman is painted facing the audience. 

The woman who modeled for this painting was identified as Nini Lopez. She appeared in many Renoir paintings later. The gentleman seen here is Edmon Renoir, Pierre Auguste Reniors’s elder brother. 

The face of the woman is painted with utter perfection and precision. Her clothes depict an essence of impressionism in the painting. The man is painted with scattered brush strokes and color schemes. 

Renoir has painted this artwork in such a way that the central figures appear to be fading in the background. That’s an excellent representation of impressionist art. 

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9. A Couple 

Famous Renoir painting A Couple.
Image Source: Wikipedia

Probably one of the most complicated and layered Renoir paintings of all time, A Couple (French: Las Fiances) unfolds a few controversies within. 

The man in the painting is none other than one of the famous French artists, Alfred Sisley. His female counterpart happens to be the popular French art model Lise Trehot.

The couple’s portrayal seems a bit over-romanticized!

Renoir paintings are known for their peculiar finishing techniques. But this goes down as a perfectly finished painting from every angle. Every element sits perfectly in this composition. 

However, some of the  controversial aspects of this painting include Lise’s love for Renoir. Instead, Renoir made her pose with Sisely, who was in a relationship with another woman at that time. 

This 1868 masterpiece elevated the standards of detailed impressionist artworks of that era. 

10. Dance In The Country 

Famous Renoir painting Dance In The Country.
Image Source: Wikipedia

A pioneer of Renoir paintings from 1883, Dance in the Country is yet another expressive artwork. It was a commissioned painting for Paul Durand Ruel. 

Traditional portrayal of a French couple dance can be witnessed in this artwork. Appearance of the subjects looks very classy and elegant as the woman in the painting is none other than Renoir’s wife, Aline Charigot.

The male subject is Paul Lhote, a close friend of Renoir. His characterization is nothing less than perfect in this painting. His facial expressions depict a fondness for the woman dancing with him. 

Aline’s portrayal is done from the perspective of a viewer. She is painted facing the canvas.

Her smile appears to be very cheerful and joyous. With a tint of cherry red on his cheeks, Renoir has amalgamated the element of innocence within the subject. 

This famous Renoir painting is a symbol of intimacy amongst the couples. It will keep on astounding young and endearing couples. 

Renoir captured these memories in the form of mesmerizing portraits. You could also do that!

11. The Lovers 

Famous Renoir painting The Lovers.
Image Source: Wikipedia

Produced in 1875, The Lovers is one of the Pierre Auguste Renoir artworks that embodies significant elements of Impressionism along with the quintessence of intimacy. 

A couple rests amidst the serene woodland, absorbed in each other’s souls and lost in their infinite love. This artwork by Renoir is nothing less than a romantic poem. 

The style and technique inculcated in this artwork suggest terrific brushwork while painting the forest. At a glance, it appears to be a cosmos of different spots brushed with different colors. 

The man can be seen adoring the woman. He is amazingly breath taken by her beauty. The woman is addressing his charm in a very subtle and polished manner. 

It’s one of the few Renoir paintings that showcases ideal couple moments in a quiet and mellow place. 

Note Finale: 

Pierre Auguste Renoir produced some marvelous artworks from the Impressionist era. 

He kept on enhancing the viewer’s perspective with each painting. From selecting subjects to opting for the perfect color scheme, Renoir was an expert man. 

Renoir’s style of painting resonated with the emotional perspectives of many young French couples. 

His paintings will keep on raising standards of intimate and couple paintings for ages. 

Note De l’Auteur

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1. Which is the most popular Renoir painting of all time?

The Luncheon of the boating party is Pierre Auguste Renoir’s most famous painting of all time.

2. Pierre Auguste Renoir was associated with which art movement?

Renoir was an artist of the Impressionist movement. However, some of his painting had elements of realism in their preliminary stages.

3. Which is the most common subject in Renoir paintings?

Intimacy between a couple happens to be the most common subject in Renoir paintings.

4. What are some distinctive characteristics of Renoir’s paintings?

Color smudges, figurative imprints, subject volume are some of the unique characteristics in Renoir paintings.

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