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Know the Maestros that have contributed to the heritage of art and have inspired millions of artists with their work. With PortraitFlip’s Artist category, there will not be a single hero who will go unsung.

Wassily Kandinsky: An Artist With A Musical Vision

Wassily Kandinsky featured Image

When the thoughts and visions in an artist’s mind unite, that is when magic happens!  And Wassily Kandinsky was no lesser than a magician, he used his paintbrush to create astonishing artworks that left his audience in awe. Kandinsky was a Russian painter and art theorist who was a master of abstract art and expressionism.  […]

Leonardo da Vinci’s Art: A Peep Into the Great Maestro’s Life

A statue of Leonardo da Vinci

How many times have you found  yourself gazing into the eyes of a particular lady, with faint to no eyebrows and an extremely intriguing smile?  Yes, I am talking about the infamous beauty on canvas, Mona Lisa. This beauty is a product of an extraordinary mind that graced this earth’s surface a long time ago. […]

Vincent Van Gogh: The Artist’s life Behind the Canvas

Vincent van Gogh cover

Art is a weapon! And the artist is nothing less than a soldier! Today we’re going to explore one such soldier of art who revolutionized the world with his paintbrush and canvas.  Vincent Willem Van Gogh was a Dutch post-impressionist painter who was known to portray his profound feelings on canvas. His life is an […]

9 Impressionist Artists Who Liberated the Art from Figurative Realities!

Impressionist artists cover.

Art is very inspiring! But, ever thought what is the driving force of that everlasting inspiration? It’s the art movements! They not only inspired but also elevated the standards of art for centuries. The world has been a witness to various art movements like Renaissance (In which The Mona Lisa painting was created), Baroque and […]

Famous Italian Artists Who Elevated The Art Movements of The Country

Famous Italian artists cover

With cities like Venice and Rome representing their legacy, Italy has some of the most scenic and mesmerizing views in the world.  This land of romance, desire and heritage has been the birthplace of classical European art. From medieval art periods like Renaissance art to modern day movements such as Futurism and Spatialism, Italy has […]

The Legacy Of Spanish Art: Famous Spanish Artists Who Inspired The World of Art

APhoto of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali and Joan Miro on a of-yellow cover.

With an illustrious legacy spanning more than 1000 years, Spanish art never fails to amaze us with its cognizance among the classical European period.  From Neoclassical artworks to Cubist masterpieces, Spanish artists have elevated artistic liberty for centuries. Most of them are known for their astounding passion for various Art movements. Spanish artists have incorporated […]

Famous Baroque Artists Who Gave Art a New Meaning!

Baroque artists cover image

The Baroque art style was a cultural movement that lasted between the 16th and 18th centuries.  It was a style of art that flourished in Europe, and the famous artist, Caravaggio was the father of the Baroque painting style. There were a lot of Baroque artists who joined the movement and later rose to fame. […]

15+ Famous French Artists Who Ruled the Art World

famous french artists featured image

Bonjour!  Welcome to France, the ‘land of art’ which has given the world some of the most famous artworks and artists as well. France is known for its rich culture, history of art, and artists! Also, it is France where the Impressionist movement originated! Whether it be primitive times or modern times, French art is […]

12 Renaissance Artists Who Transformed The World Of Art

the cover photo of 12 renaissance artists

You might be familiar with the names of the famous Renaissance painters Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio.  But there were many whose works altered viewers’ perceptions and led to socioeconomic changes at the time.  Not only that, but these Renaissance painters were also responsible for reviving ancient Greek and Roman ideas. Today, we’re going […]

15 Iconic Artists of Dadaism: Their Art, Contributions, & Achievements

Cut-out face of Marcel Duchamp with the text 15 Iconic Artists of Dadaism: Dada Art, Contributions, & Achievements

Who are Dadaists? Dadaists are those who belong to the Dada art movement and whose artwork reflects the principles of Dadaism.  “Dadaism” is a term for meaningless nonsense that derives from a French name for a hobby horse. Informally established in Zurich in 1916, the Dada movement was started by a group of artists who […]