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Know the Maestros that have contributed to the heritage of art and have inspired millions of artists with their work. With PortraitFlip’s Artist category, there will not be a single hero who will go unsung.

16 Famous American Artists: The Most Talented American Painters

Before we start reading about famous American artists, we must know how American art flourished and what made it popular in the 20th century. When we say “American Painters”, only a few names appear in front of us, i.e., Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Jackson Pollock.  But there are other American painters as well who […]

17 Famous Portrait Painters- Incredible Portraitists Who Reign The Art World! 

a group of famous portrait painters.

What is so significant about portrait paintings or the art made by famous portrait painters? Portraiture is such an artwork that requires immense talent to reflect not just the face of the subject, but also the spirit of the painter.  And we have some famous portrait painters who have indeed done an awe-inspiring job at […]

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Artist Who Strived For Art

Pierre Auguste Renoir featured image

An artist always seeks inspiration in some of the most basic things and yet makes it effortlessly presentable so that they turn out to be one of the most famous paintings. And Pierre-Auguste Renoir was no lesser; he used his paintbrush to create astonishing artworks that left his audience in awe. He was not just […]

Who was Mark Rothko: A Life History of an Abstract Artist

Who Was Mark Rothko A Life History of an Abstract Artist

In 1903, a major event took place in America. Do you know what it is? An artist was born with the capability to define new meaning in the art world. Who else, if not Rothko? Mark Rothko was an American abstract artist who was a scholar with the talent of speaking four different languages. Wow! […]

20 Most Famous Expressionist Artists and their Amazing Contributions!

cover for famous expressionist artists.

When we think of the term “Expressionism” and “Expressionist artists” there is so much that can flood our minds.  Expressionism has had several definitions across time, geography and people.  But do you know what kind of Expressionism am I talking about here? I am talking about the cultural movement that happened in the 20th century […]

About Johannes Vermeer: Life, Death and Other Facts

Johannes Vermeer featured image

Johannes Vermeer! A man who is renowned in the whole world for his famous paintings and creations, yet, his life remains a mystery! Known for his selection of themes and subjects in his paintings, Johannes Vermeer was mostly a self-taught artist. It is indeed surprising that, out of his creations, only 36 paintings have survived […]

Claude Monet’s Biography – Life, Death and Other Facts

Cover image of Claude Monet's life

Claude Monet! An artist who provoked the world to see art through a different perspective, or, I must say, an impression of the world through Monet’s lens! He was an example and inspiration for many artists, and his artwork gained popularity over the years. Amid the chaos, his art gave him peace and stress at […]

Pablo Picasso: Story of the 20th Century Art Genius

Am abstract art of Pablo Picasso's face.

“ Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.” If anyone could have made this statement with utmost confidence, it is, of course, the great maestro Pablo Picasso himself.  Can there be anyone who does not know about this twentieth century phenomenal artist? I don’t […]

The Dutch Painter Rembrandt: The Baroque Genius Who Lived Through Dark Phases

Rembrandt’s life is a mystery! Decoding it is difficult and perhaps next to impossible. But thanks to those who owned and preserved the painter Rembrandt’s paintings, which helped us learn more about him as a painter, husband, and nonchalant by the time he left the world.   Rembrandt belonged to a well-to-do family, and unlike other […]

Everything you Need to Know about Gustav Klimt (Life and Art)

An image of Gustav Klimt with his art in the background

We have all heard about the series of shimmering paintings by Gustav Klimt. From the “Woman in Gold” to the “Golden Tears”, everything is just too shiny. But who exactly is Gustav Klimt? Why does he use so much gold and glitter to represent sadness? Well, that is the case with all of artist Gustav […]