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Know the Maestros that have contributed to the heritage of art and have inspired millions of artists with their work. With PortraitFlip’s Artist category, there will not be a single hero who will go unsung.

17 Female Painters: The Anonymous Contributors To The Art World

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We think that it was only men who created the world’s most famous artworks. Look at The Starry Night, Salvator Mundi, or the Mona Lisa painting, for that matter!  One thing that is common between them is that their creators were men. Does that mean women from traditional times were incapable of accomplishing great heights? […]

29 Most Famous Painters Who Created History (From Renaissance To Modern Art)

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As a human race our lives are greatly influenced by art and everything artsy!  So, don’t you think we owe it to all the famous painters in the world for creating masterpieces that moved our whole civilization? For starters, how many famous artists do you know? Struggling there? Worry not, because you have landed on […]