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12 Famous Paintings of Picasso That Remind The World Of His Legacy.

Paintings of Pablo Picasso

Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios, Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz, y  Picasso, Oof, that was some name, wasn’t it? Besides the name, the famous painter left behind a huge legacy as well. Preceding the legacy, however, Pablo had to overcome a lot of hardships, economic struggles, and […]

15 Paintings Of Still Life That Tell Us The Truth About Art

Paintings of still life

For an artist, its biggest achievement would be capturing the essence of stillness in the frame.  Keeping its simplicity aside, the experience of painting a still life is sacred. It’s mainly because of its endless depths and ability to draw viewers’ attention.  Each and every detail, whether it’s a drop of water or a ray […]

18 Famous Abstract Painters Who Liberated the Art world.

Famous Abstract Artists

Human nature prohibits humanity from being bound by particular standards. It always reaches out to break the shackles it puts on itself. In every field, including the arts, there are people who embody this feeling. And the ones who rejected the social norms for painting are regarded as abstract artists, who let art strive.  They […]

The Beauty Of Choosing The Best Medium For Your Portraits

A portrait of a girl that displays different mediums of painting styles shown in the image. The image also includes texts to show the different painting mediums for portraits

It’s inherently difficult to choose the best medium for your portraits. It’s challenging, time-consuming, and tedious since you’ve to consider a few factors to get the best ones for your walls. When you choose a medium for your painting, you must know that every medium has a meaning, and just so that you know all […]

History of Painting: Evolution Of The Greatest Form Of Art

History Of Painting

Paintings have always been the way for us to display our thoughts, imagination, and even beautiful scenes that have been burned into our memory. But have you ever wondered, what kind of path this ancient way of art had to take to get to where it is today? It had to endure various movements, revolutions, […]

15 Pop Art Paintings That Ignited A Spark To Modern Art.

Pop art paintings

Emerging in the United States and the United Kingdom in the late 1950s, the pop art movement was the epitome of fine art, as it included imagery of popular and mass cultures like advertising, comic books, and newspapers. It was considered an amalgamation of both radical and shocking artwork—a stark contrast to the abstract movement. […]

35 Gift Ideas For A New Mom Which Are Bound To Satisfy Her Needs.

The cover photo of gifts for new mom

Taking the first step into motherhood can be both intimidating and challenging. There would be dirty diapers everywhere, toys all over the house, and late-night crying sagas to handle. With all these tantrums in the background, a new mom might find it difficult to manage her personal life while giving full attention to the baby. […]

Gift A Painting & Reserve A Place In Your Special One’s Heart! [15 Reasons]

Reasons to gift a a painting

What do they like? What do they really want? Am I going overboard? These are just a few of the countless inquiries that will cross your mind as you consider giving gifts. But how are you supposed to tackle gifting someone when you have to mend loose ends or make them feel special? It usually […]

38 Famous Abstract Paintings: Interpreting The Artist’s Reality.

Famous Abstract Paintings

The word “abstract” means something that is theoretical in nature.  It’s not meant to look stunning but to deliver a message to the viewer. To an ordinary eye, it might seem vague and incomplete. Childlike or misdrawn by the painter. That is because of the absence of a subject, which makes it unapologetically hypothetical. One […]