Art From Your Heart: Unique Ways To Gift A Custom Handmade Painting

A beautiful painting of a couple being hung on a wall. The image suggests the following content is about different ways to give a handmade painting.

A handmade painting is a perfect and unexpected gift that one can hardly go wrong with.

There are times when we want to give one of a kind gift to a special someone but lack inspiration.

When we are choosing a gift, we always think about the receivers’ reactions, something that lets us choose the right gift for them.

And a Custom Handmade Painting you can’t possibly go wrong. with this perfect and unforgettable gift, all you need is a good photo.

A portrait painting solely created of them isn’t just a mere gift; it’s a gift of love with legacy.

A present so extraordinary for someone special shouldn’t just be handed over. 

You have spent time choosing, planning, and getting it made to perfection; now you don’t want to simply just hand it over,

I mean that’s no justice to such a beautiful and personal gift.’

Gift-giving is more than just the act of physically giving the gift. It is how we give, the mood, the anticipation, and the emotion you are conveying.

The way we give our gifts is as important as the gift itself, and sometimes even more.

When we give a gift and it’s the reaction of the recipient that makes it all worth it.

So, why not make the whole act of receiving a gift an experience to Cheriseand relive.

Here are a few ways you can make your

Planning a reveal doesn’t only add to the experience of receiving the gift but also helps make the giftee feel extra special and loved.

Here are the things you can do to make gifting a custom portrait a happening experience.

Ways to gift a custom handmade painting

A Complication painting by PortraitFlip.

The process of gifting is more than just the gift, the person may or may not remember the gift that you gave, but they remember how receiving that gift made them feel.

It’s the emotion attached to it that makes the gift memorable.

Celebrate your loved one’s special day with not just a gift for also by creating a memory.

Here are a few unique ways to give a gift, not just any gift but custom handmade painting.

1. Make a video

A custom wedding portrait by PortraitFlip

This is a tried and tested way of gifting art.

And perhaps the ones that create a memory closest to my heart.

I remember the details of the night quite vividly with emotions running high and lots of tears.

I got my husband a handmade panting made from his favorite photo from our wedding and a photo of his parents compiled to it.

He lost his parents young, and he desperately wished for them to be there with us at our wedding.

Before I gave him the painting, I played a few videos from our wedding, we reminisced about that beautiful day.

And with longing in his eyes, he said that his parents would have loved to be there.

And that is when I showed him the painting, all of us standing together at our wedding.

The painting was everything and more we imagined.  

So, what I’m trying to say here is that setting the mood for the gift is important.

It can be a simple video of the giftee’s friends and family wishing him or it could be something related to the painting.

This easy and heart-warming way to give a handmade painting as a gift.

2. Let the hunt begin

This is a great option if you have kids, but honestly, I think even adults will be easily amused with this fun way of giving a gift.

All you need is to hide your portrait painting in a secret location, leave clues leading to it and sit back and enjoy the show.

You can even make it more fun by adding riddles and tasks for the family members to do
(highly recommend this!! After all, when can get everyone to perform for you on your favorite song *wink* *wink*)

3. Trick them

This simple yet creative way to give a gift is perfect if you don’t want to do too much.

All you need is to get lots (no I mean lotsss) of boxes that will go into one another and you can also include something small in each box too.

Keep tricking them a few times till they reach the actual gift.

You will also need some colorful tissues, confetti, and ribbons to make each box look legit.          

The whole idea is to fool them into thinking that either the gift is really big or small.

This fun and unique way to gift a painting will get a priceless reaction from the giftee so be ready with your cameras to capture their reactions.

This is a great way to gift a handmade painting to your loved ones.

4. The fake-out

Probably one of the most fun and creative ways to give a gift.

It is another one of those ways to gift a painting that will not require much work.

All you need to do is put your painting in a different box, possibly in a box that seems completely unrelated and not relevant to the giftee. 

It could be a box of waffle makers or anything random that fits in the box painting.

This simple but unique way of gifting painting will definitely win over anyone and make it a memory to remember.

5. The discovery

This way of gifting a painting will require some research and organization, you will need to find a place that they go for sure but not often, it could be the walls of a certain hallway or their bookshelf.

Someplace that can conceal the painting in plain sight and can only be noticed when looked at with care.

This way the gift will truly surprise them as they will be discovering it in the least expected manner and place.

It should be a place they go to every day to perform their mundane activity.

It could be hidden in their dressing table drawer or their closet. It will completely catch them off guard and evoke intense emotions of gratitude and love.

And here are couple more tips to make sure you really gift them an experience along with the gifts.

Things To Consider While Planning The Gift Giving

1. Timing

Something that you cannot possibly not consider!

Let them get their gift first thing morning, start their day right by making them feel special and loved.

The emotion they feel in the morning will carry on with them throughout the day.

So, it’s a good idea to gift them in the morning.

2. Place

The gift-giving can happen in the comfort of their house or at any place that could be special to them.

Or simply a beautiful place.

Ambiance plays a big role in setting the mood, so be conscious of setting a good setting for gifting your portrait painting.

So, even if it’s at their house, make sure to decorate the place to feel warm and festive.


If you are still pondering on Giving a portrait as a gift, remember this one-of-a-kind gift will always be with them, reminding them of you and the memory of receiving this gift!

A Portrait painting from photos will allow you to bring your lost and forgotten memories to life.

A custom-painted portrait lasts for a long time and can even outlive generations.

When you get a portrait painted from photos it adds a richness to it that cannot be rivaled with any other medium, be it a photo or a print.

All fade away with time, but a painting – never.

So, what are you waiting for? Go find a photo that you want to create into a masterpiece.

And look forward to creating more memories that are worth creating a masterpiece.

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