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PortraitFlip’s Art Principles & Element presents valuable information and meaningful insights on subjects that let you understand different art compositions, elements, principles, and technicalities. Also, you’ll learn why some artwork are made with unfamiliar techniques and styles.

Harmony in Art: Understanding the Principle Of Art

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When you come across the word harmony, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Well, if you are a melophile like me, then you can probably think of the arrangement of musical notes and rhythm that provides a pleasing effect to the ears. And if we talk about harmony in general, then it […]

Representational Art: Representing Real Objects in Art!

Representational Art: Representing Real Objects in Art!

Tell me the first thing you notice in art . I am sure your eyes fall for the subject that it consists of. A subject is the most significant part of art. It is the primary reason to produce a painting that brings the artist’s perspective in front of his/her viewers. Its colors, shapes, and […]

Function of Art: Exploring Purpose of Art in Life

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Art isn’t only about creativity; it is about everything! What we’ve seen, what we’ve heard, and what we’ve sensed—art has literally covered every aspect of our lives. Art came to the rescue when humans didn’t even know how to speak. It served as a tool to communicate, to learn, and to leave evidence for future […]

Contrast In Art: Your Guidebook to the Theory of Contrast

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Vibrant shades of the color palette may leave you awestruck! But when the colors and the underlying elements are arranged with each other with perfection, it comes out as a contrast in art. One of the art principles and the most intriguing part of an artwork! Contrast just adds a pop of color and effect […]

Repetition in Art: Understand the Science Behind Art Repetition!

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The commonality between the world’s famous artworks—The House of Parliament (Sunset), The Milkmaid, and Starry Night over the Rhone—is that they show the characteristics of repetition. What does that mean? In Claude Monet’s painting, you’ll see the same color used for the sky and the river. That means there’s color harmony, something that  is common […]

Shape in Art: Understanding The Importance and Concept of Shapes

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Circles, squares, rectangles—these are all the shapes, right? But, do you know that these aren’t the only shapes in the art niche! Yes! I know that it is a fact that you will be surprised to know, so let us learn about this concept together! Shape in Art! If we go by the definition of […]

What is Rendering in Art? (Techniques Involved in Rendering)

What is Rendering in Art? (Techniques Involved in Rendering)

Art always fascinates me.  I always wonder if paintings and 3D images are magical. How can someone draw something that is so realistic from scratch? Look at the art communities for once; they produce insanely detailed images that appear real and live. How? Don’t you want to know? Well, their little secret is not a […]

Emphasis in Art: Understanding Emphasis from Artist’s Lens

A well-qualified and experienced artist knows the importance of emphasis in art.  Without emphasis, your art will never leave an indelible mark on viewers’ minds. Viewers seeing your composition and not paying enough attention to subjects, points, or specific areas where you expect them to is disappointing! It feels like something has gone wrong. It […]

Pattern in Art- Deciphering The Essence of Art Patterns

Pattern in Art cover image.

What do you see when a flock of birds is flying in the sky? Or when the rain  drips from the window sills? Or when you closely watch a honeycomb?  Isn’t there some kind of arrangement? Maybe, repetition? Is “pattern” the word you’re looking for? Then yes, you’re on the right page! Patterns are a […]

Value in Art: Understanding the Role of Value as an Art Element

Whether you’re planning to compose art or curious to know why some artworks are made with different color combinations, let me tell you you’re on the right page, as we’re here to discuss the role and importance of value in art. As we all know, there are seven art elements of art—value having the most […]