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PortraitFlip’s Art Principles & Element presents valuable information and meaningful insights on subjects that let you understand different art compositions, elements, principles, and technicalities. Also, you’ll learn why some artwork are made with unfamiliar techniques and styles.

What is Mural Painting? Types of Mural Art and Its Importance

what is mural painting

The art that you see on the subway, on the street walls, or in parks is nothing but a kind of mural. Mural art has existed since prehistoric times, and every renowned painter has at least created one or two murals in their lifetime. As time moved on, murals lost their significance. But due to […]

What is Proportion in Art ? (Definition, Types, & Examples)

Look at the image on your left. What did you observe? Picture of a basketball that is relatively bigger than a baseball, right? Can you tell me what’s common in both pictures? Their proportion! The proportion used to create basketball is the same proportion used to create baseball. Confused? Think in this way. Whenever we […]

Texture in Art: Exploring the Vivid Depths of Textures

Texture in art featured image

Have you ever wondered where the effects in the paintings come from? Well, the answer is pretty clear that it is all because of the texture in art! With that being said, I’d love to share with you some intriguing details about the meaning and importance of texture in art. The depth of the texture […]

Rhythm in Art: Explore the Principles of Art Rhythm!

Rhythm in Art: Explore the Principles of Art Rhythm!

While playing chess, do you notice the checkerboard? Or, while walking down the street, do your eyes fall over the concrete patterns? That’s the rhythm that makes you stare at the repetitive shape. Repeating designs could be tedious and need rhythm in order to create a flow in the viewer’s eyes. But when you hear […]

Movement In Art: What Does Movement Mean In Art?

Movement In Art: What Does Movement Mean In Art?

Before starting this blog, let me take you on a ride with feelings. Have you ever come across a painting that adds energy and vibrancy to your life? An art whose colors and shapes make you wonder a thousand questions. A texture that creates sensations in your body. All these feelings are nothing but what […]

49+ Types Of Paintings Styles And Techniques [Mediums Included]

Black background with different painting styles and techniques

What are the types of paintings? How are painting styles different from painting techniques? These are questions that haunt every art student. I personally request you throw everything that you know about all these types of painting, styles, and techniques because I am going to school you in a better way! For starters, let’s just […]