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24 Heartwarming Thanksgiving Gifts For Teachers

Thanksgiving gift for teachers cover image

Do you find it hard to choose a Thanksgiving gift for teachers? Be it school, university and even work spaces, we always have that mentor figure guiding us.  Thanksgiving is the day to reflect on our blessings, including the person who taught us to read, write and much more: teachers. Unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving is not […]

The Philosophy of Traditional Art vs. Digital Art (2024 Updated)

A portrait of a black woman half made using digital art and the other made using traditional art.

The digital world has changed a lot for us humans, right?  What do you think of its effects on art then?  Yes, my fellow artists, what do you really think of the tremendous progress of digital art?  Well, I am here to put forward and remind you about a debate that has been going on […]

Famous Paintings – 47 Most Famous Artworks in History [Ranked]

Mona Lisa, Girl with pearl earring and other famous paintings

How many famous paintings in the world are you aware of? Well, art has always sculpted history in many ways than we know.  So, knowing about famous paintings in the world is also tapping into our roots of history and art culture.  Behind every famous painting you see, there is an artist and there is […]

The Complete Guide to Canvas Sizes (2024 Updated)

canvas size chart

Getting a handmade portrait for yourself or as a gift for someone special is always exciting!  But knowing the right canvas size is essential as it supports you to produce best results. It enhances the appearance of the art. That’s why we at PortraitFlip are here to help you provide the canvas size chart!  Before […]