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Deconstructing Dutch Artworks: 11 Famous Dutch Paintings You Should know!

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Our art world would be incomplete without Dutch paintings!  Over the years, Dutch artists created a plethora of paintings depicting wide range of scenes, events, and human figures.  These artists ended up creating some of the most influential artwork to ever exist! Why else would we art admirers discuss it even after centuries of its […]

11 Famous Dutch Artists: A Look At The Lives of Dutch Painters!

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“Art is to console those who are broken by life.”  This quote is by none other than the famous Dutch artist, Vincent van Gogh!  When you look at the list of famous artists of all times, you will come across a lot of Netherland painters.  Dutch artists have contributed so much to the art community, […]

10 Mesmerizing Ancient Greek Paintings- The History Behind Greek Paintings!

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When you think of ancient Greek paintings, what comes to your mind? I personally would think of grandeur, Greek gods and magnificence!  And that is exactly what I got during my research on ancient Greece art!  From architecture, to wall paintings, vase paintings, sculpture making and other paintings, Greek paintings have a special place in […]

13 Famous German Artists- Exemplary Contributions by German Painters! 

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The art world would be incomplete without the contributions of some incredibly skilled German artists!  “We have art so that we shall not die of reality.”  This quote by German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, perfectly describes German art’s contribution to the art community.  With so many eminent artists across art movements and different periods, we have […]

Pattern in Art- Deciphering The Essence of Art Patterns

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What do you see when a flock of birds is flying in the sky? Or when the rain  drips from the window sills? Or when you closely watch a honeycomb?  Isn’t there some kind of arrangement? Maybe, repetition? Is “pattern” the word you’re looking for? Then yes, you’re on the right page! Patterns are a […]

Art in Japan: Unfolding the History of Japanese Art and Artists

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Japan is known for its wondrous and brimming culture and art! Be it technology or art we know that no one else does it like the Japanese!  Enormously rich in art and culture, there is a lot to know about the roots of Japanese art and its evolution to this day. The brilliance of art […]

12 Most Famous Sad Paintings: Sad Drawings That Will Pierce Your Heart! 

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My art is grounded in reflections on being different from others. My sufferings are part of myself and my art. They are indistinguishable from me, and their destruction would destroy my art. I want to keep those sufferings.” Edvard Munch This poignant quote by the famous expressionist artist explains exactly why many artists create paintings of sadness.  […]

Unity in Art: Understanding the Variety in Art!

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We are all well aware of the phrase— Unity in Diversity!  But how many of you know what Unity in Art means?  If this is something new for you, that’s alright! Because with Unity in Art we are getting into the technique and principles of art. Understanding how exactly art is put together! In simple […]

12 Famous Medieval Artworks: Religious Middle Ages Art That Narrates History!

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What and how much do you know about medieval artwork? What did they stand for, and why were they made? And what made medieval paintings so special? It is, of course, the story behind them!  Medieval artwork definitely had a religious touch to it. Yes, the medieval period gave us art that revolved around the […]

17 Famous Portrait Painters- Incredible Portraitists Who Reign The Art World! 

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What is so significant about portrait paintings or the art made by famous portrait painters? Portraiture is such an artwork that requires immense talent to reflect not just the face of the subject, but also the spirit of the painter.  And we have some famous portrait painters who have indeed done an awe-inspiring job at […]