Famous Paintings from Mexico That Highlight The Legacy Of The Country!

Famous Paintings from Mexico That Highlight The Legacy Of The Country!

Have you ever come across some famous paintings from Mexico?

Art that is a reflection of one’s country’s culture could be counted among the most brilliant works. Don’t you agree?

Of course you do!

Since its precolonial era, Mexican art has produced the most vibrant, incredible, and amazing pieces, including those from Mesoamerica.

Indigenous themes were the main inspiration for some renowned Mexican artists.

The Mexico arts and styles are considered the most unique in the Western Hemisphere.

But why are Mexican arts eccentric?

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To understand the Mexican paintings, we have to first know the roots attached to them that led to the creation of art in the manner it is shown.

The Saga of Mexican Art 

The conquest of Spain over Mexico was a point at which art culture depicted Christianity as its primary subject.

Soon after Mexico’s independence from Spain in 1821, Mexican art culture took a new form.

Traditional Mexican folk art got introduce, eventually becoming famous among the Mexican art styles.

The Mexican Revolution transformed art entirely, which gave it a deep meaning and existence.

The themes of being indigenous and featuring independence could be witness in the paintings from Mexico.

The Mexican muralist movement dominated the art, which started to convey messages with social and political agendas on public buildings.

With rapid speed, Mexican artists carved their art not only in paintings but also in statues, murals, and sculptures.

The birth of some of the finest paintings and sculptures highlighted Mexico’s art in the world.

Some Mexico paintings gained a lot of attention due to their vivid depictions of the era and Mexican culture.

Now that we know what created Mexican art in such a way, let’s get enlightened with some famous paintings from Mexico, which will drive you through the heritage of the country.

1. History of Mexico

History of Mexico is one of the famous paintings from Mexico
Image: mercatornet.com
ArtistDiego Rivera
MediumMural Artwork

One of the most renowned paintings of Mexico was created not on canvas but on the side walls of the staircase in the National Palace of Mexico City.

The artist of this masterpiece, Diego Rivera was well known for his historical paintings.

This mural required seven years of hard work (1929-1935), depicting the struggles of Mexico, Spain, and France.

Government had specifically sponsored this art from Mexico to signify both, the Mexican Revolution and the current situation of the country.

The art reflects the dramatic and tangled view of the struggle and long awaited victory of Mexico.

The thought behind this mural was to narrate the story of the Mexican Revolution and give a message that the past has gone, leaving a bright future in front.

2. Prometheus

Prometheus is one of the famous paintings from Mexico
Image: pomona.edu
ArtistJosé Clemente Orozco

Being one of the three greatest Mexican mural artists, José Clemente became the most famous with the painting Prometheus.

It was the largest painting by José and the first mural in the United States.

It is said that the Mexican mural artwork began at Pomona College.

The painting features Prometheus, a Greek mythological character who is reaching up the fire from Mount Olympus.

The people around him seem to be pale, sad, and horrific from the fire that is spreading all over the place.

It didn’t receive any praise at the beginning of its existence but later came to be known as the greatest painting in the country.

This painting was personal for José, as the fire signifies the loss of his left hand when he was 21.

The famous paintings from Mexico are on exhibit in the Frary Dining Hall, California, United States.

3. La Calavera Catrina

La Calavera Catrina is one of the famous paintings from Mexico
Image: lh3.googleusercontent.com
ArtistJose Guadalupe Posada
MediumZinc Etching

A question for you: Who is the father of Mexican art?

Jose Guadalupe Posada is known as the “father of Mexican art,” but do you know why?

It’s because of his amazing artworks, that mesmerize people and make them question what exactly this art means.

What thoughts crossed your mind when you first glanced at this painting?

Scary, horrific, or fearful?

What if I told you that this is a funny portrait by Jose?

It’s true! This zinc etching is a portrait of a female skeleton who is wearing a finely designed hat with some makeup on it.

It’s a sarcastic representation of the Mexican people, who were uncomfortable with their indigenous origins.

The painting is also known by its English title, “The Dapper Female Skull.”

It was one of the masterpieces by Jose, who was known as a cartoon illustrator and lithographer.

Jose symbolizes this artwork as the cycle of life.

It has become the honor of the famous Mexican festival called “The Day of the Dead.”

Eventually, Diego Rivera incorporated this art into murals with the addition of decoration.

The mural is now situated in the Museo Mural Diego Rivera in Mexico City.

4. Virgin of Guadalupe

Virgin of Guadalupe is one of the famous paintings from Mexico
Image: upload.wikimedia.org
ArtistNicolás Enriquez
MediumOil on Copper

Nicolas Enriquez was the most notable Spanish artist of his time.

He worshiped the Virgin Mary, which inspired him to paint this artwork on copper.

But what is the connection between the Virgin Mary and this painting?

There was a Catholic named Juan Diego who had a vision of the Virgin Mary as a dark-skinned person.

When the local Spanish asked for proof, an imprint of the Virgin Mary miraculously appeared on Juan’s cloak.

This legend paints a clear picture of what the Virgin Mary looks like.

If you observe the painting, Nicolas has narrated this tale in his artwork, which gives the viewer a perspective.

The famous paintings from Mexico are on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

5. Caballista del Circo

Caballista del Circo is one of the famous paintings from Mexico
Image: sothebys-md.brightspotcdn.com
ArtistMaria Izquierdo
Mediumwatercolor and gouache on paper

Maria Izquierdo was one of the first female Mexican artists to exhibit art in the United States.

This famous Mexican paintings is also familiar as Amazon Blanca, which in English means “White Horsewoman.”

The painting depicts a circus scene, which Maria was fond of during her childhood.

The art shows a celebration of a female circus performer, who is considered the alter ego of the artist.

It became the dare for the other paintings as it did not depict a man as its star figure.

Maria, who makes the female figure the main character, breaks the ritual of Mexican artwork and becomes one of the most famous paintings from Mexico.

Maria wanted to inspire women through her work by giving the main character the face of a female.

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6. Man at the Crossroads

Man at the Crossroads is one of the famous paintings from Mexico
Image: upload.wikimedia.org
ArtistDiego Rivera

Man at the Crossroads is considered one of Diego’s most famous and complex paintings. 

It’s a rebuilt version of Diego, as the first one was judged politically by the critics and eventually got destroyed. 

He named this Mexican art “Man, Controller of the Universe.”

This famous Mexican art piece embellishes aspects that are related to the scientific and social culture of art in Mexico.

Diego was careful with the second version, in which he gave the depiction of the man who is controlling each part accordingly.

Currently housed in 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York, this fresco has been featured in the films Cradle Will Rock and Frida.

Remarkable, isn’t it?

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7. Echo of a Scream

Echo of a Scream is one of the famous paintings from Mexico
Image: moma.org
ArtistDavid Alfaro Siqueiros
Mediumenamel on wood

The first thought that this painting reveals is a dreadful horror view of an event, but it also leaves us with the question, “What exactly took place?”

Echo of a Scream—a horrific yet beautiful work of art from Mexico!

David, as a Mexican painter, always depicted human suffering as the main subject in his art.

The painting speaks about the tragedy followed by the Spanish Civil War, representing the after effects of the battle and human loss.

What captivates the viewers more is the scream of the two babies.

The scream is painful, hurtful, and full of agony.

The visual leaves the audience with a feeling of sorrow and expels the scream, creating a disturbing environment.

With its rough and dark texture,  this artwork from Mexico signifies the harsh reality of the war.

David’s paintings give a perspective on his strong belief in Marxist ideology.

8. Self-Portrait (Inn of the Dawn Horse)

Self-Portrait (Inn of the Dawn Horse) is one of the famous paintings from Mexico
Image: arthistoryproject
ArtistLeonora Carrington
Mediumoil on canvas

As soon as you hear Surrealism, Salvador Dali, René Magritte, Max Ernt, and many more names pop up in your mind.

But what about the artists who belong to the movement but are not recognized?

Leonardo Carrington, one of the Surrealist artists, has produced pieces of art that are remarkable and well known among the famous paintings from Mexico.

The Inn of the Dawn Horse falls under that renowned category of Leonardo.

The title gives an idea about the painting being a self-portrait of the artist’s subconsciousness.

The painting shows the artist in a sitting position on the chair and gesturing towards the hyena.

We could observe two white horses, of which one runs freely around and the other is a rocking horse.

The wild horse running free depicts freedom, which portrays the desire of Carrington, whereas the hyena highlights the feeling of being caged.

As a woman, the artist dreamed of freedom, which was a mutual thought among women during that period of time.

9. Dualidad

Dualidad is one of the famous paintings from Mexico
Image: upload.wikimedia.org
ArtistRufino Tamayo

Cubism and surrealism were the styles that represented Rufino Tamayo as an artist.

Dualidad is one of those works of art that gives a view of cubism.

This Mexican famous art is considered a pictorial piece that is reproduced as a mural by Tamayo.

The main theme of this famous painting from Mexico is the pre hispanic period.

The two creatures, a serpent and a jaguar, are said to be the sons of Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl.

The fierce fight shown is believed to be due to contrasting features such as life and death, creation and destruction, and more.

The opposite nature depicts the story of the great Mexican mythology.

The serpent symbolizes the rays of new hope and good deeds, whereas the jaguar represents the dark and evil view.

Dualism is the primary iconographic term that refers to this art in Mexican culture.

Tamayo’s work always represents an aesthetic nature instead of focusing on a political message, which makes him unique among other artists.

You can get a view of this painting in the entrance hall of the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico.

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10. The Broken Column

The Broken Column is one of the famous paintings from Mexico
Image: upload.wikimedia.org
ArtistFrida Kahlo

If you are into Mexican arts, then you must have heard the name Frida Kahlo.

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She is counted among the most popular Mexico painters .

Frida Kahlo’s paintings mainly depict suffering and pain.

Frida chose to express her agony in the most dreadful way, which makes the art more captivating.

But from what was Frida suffering?

Frida had undergone three massive spinal surgeries in 1944, 1945, and 1946.

The nails and the broken column, which appears to be in the spine, symbolize the life left in her body, which is empty.

Even after the pain that life has given her, she stands still, making eye contact with herself and the audience.

We have observed many famous nude paintings, but a self-portrait of a woman who has the ability to paint herself in the most vulnerable situation is witnessed by few.

Among the Mexican famous paintings , this art exhibits in the Museo Dolores Olmedo in Mexico City.

While Mexican art is unique, distinctive, and vibrant, it mainly represents the rich culture that the city has.

The arts mentioned above share a story about the traditions and values that belong to Mexican culture.

Now that you have examined the top ten famous paintings from Mexico, which one has your attention the most?

You can get one of those artworks to make it through your walls. Curious to know how?

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Who is Mexico’s most famous painter?

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are the two most famous painters of Mexico.

Which art is the most famous in Mexico?

Ceramics are the most common type of Mexican folk art that are mostly found in Mexico.

Who is the father of Mexican art?

José Guadalupe Posada is the father of Mexican art.

What style is Mexican art?

Traditional Mexican folk art is the art style that depicts the colorful and creative culture of Mexico.

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