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8 Best Places To Buy A Custom Painting Online

Best places to buy custom portraits online.

Is it worth spending a few hundred dollars to get a custom painting for your loved ones? Well, that cannot be answered with a simple yes and no. Paintings are a form of art that connects people across generations and beyond time. Unique to each beholder, a painting speaks volumes and conveys emotions better than […]

Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas That Aren’t Overrated

A couple is shown in an embrace and the image suggests cute ideas for Valentine's Day

We get it, most of you aren’t the biggest fan of this festival, as most valentine’s day ideas are just plain cringe and boring. So, what to do on valentine’s day? Well, worry not my lovies! We have a list of things to do on valentine’s day that will capture the essence of the festival […]

Incorporating A Lost Loved One In Family Pictures with Handmade Portrait

Incorporating A Lost Loved One In Family Pictures with Handmade Portrait

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” A treasure that we should cherish and celebrate with their stories or incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures. And no matter whom we lose, be it our parents, grandparents, best friend, or our beloved pet; grieving is important. But with the […]

Painting Mysteries: Scandalous, Bewildering, And Almost Unbelievable

Paintings mysteries that are Scandalous, Bewildering And Almost Unbelievable

Did van Gogh really kill himself? Was Caravaggio poisoned? Did DaVinci really paint Salvator Mundi? And who exactly is Banksy? These painting mysteries have echoed the art world for decades and some even for centuries. Art is interpreted in various ways, so solving art mysteries takes a long time, and some; forever. Painting mysteries have […]

Romance In Paintings: Art That Depicts Love

A painting of couple, hugging each other with love and sadness. The image is about the romance in paintings.

Experience romance in paintings through these beautiful and awe-worthy artworks. “Romance is dead,” they say, but I disagree. How could it be with the existence of these romantic artworks? Romantic paintings that will make you see with longing and leave you with butterflies in your stomach.  Love in art has been the subject of inspiration […]

25 Female Painters – The Anonymous Contributors To The Art World

the image has a photo of a women painter holding her palette. The image suggests the following content is about female painters and their Contributors to the Art world.

“Art has no gender” – and yet most of the art we know was created by men. Female painters are being overlooked and undervalued for generations by the art world. Art history has repeatedly forgotten about its women artists and has failed to give them recognition for their contribution to the art realm. Today, I […]

41 Ideas For Secret Santa Gifts You Can’t Go Wrong With!

A santa clause hold his sack of gifts and asking people to keep a secret with his index finger on his lips. The image also suggests the following content is about secret santa gifts.

Save yourself the hassle and get your inspiration from our Ideas for Secret Santa Gifts that will not fail to impress your giftee. The holidays are finally here, and we are looking forward to a little well-earned cheer. Preferably in form of a pile of gifts, but before we relish the joy of opening our […]

19 Most Expensive Paintings That Cost A Bank! (Updated 2022)

A image of salvator mundi,with the title of the blog - 19 most expensive paintings.

Salvator Mundi–the most expensive painting in the world, as absurd as its price, so is its story. But many came before it, breaking records, pushing limits, and surprising the world with their exorbitant amount. The disbelief isn’t always about the price, but also the story it brings with it. These valuable paintings have been through […]