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How To Clean An Oil Painting: Dos and Don’ts

a cover photo of how to clean an oil painting

Why do you think cleaning an oil painting is necessary? Well, to answer this, I will say that it simply brings back the lost vibrancy and charm of the painting. It even extends its shelf life, meaning you can stand in front of it and amusingly gaze at its details.  For an art lover, a […]

15+ Best Watercolor Tips For Beginners: 2024 Edition

Watercolor tips featured image

Aquarelle! That’s not a coffee order! Just kidding! This is what watercolors are called mostly in Europe. Watercolor is indeed an astonishing medium to work with, but it can get daunting at times (even for professionals). Now if you are wondering about how to do watercolor painting, then don’t worry because we will take it […]