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47 Best Places To Buy Home Decor – For Finer Things In Life

Best Places To Buy Home Decor

Find the affordable and best places to buy home decor in the roundup list below! We all love to explore decor items that we can add to our home for freshness—whether it’s adding an art piece to the living room or refurbishing the whole interior. With the option to visit a local store or hunt […]

42 Generous Thank You Gifts For Women That Are Better Than Just Saying ‘Thank You’

a woman holding a heart balloon and a gift in hand

Saying thank you can be enough, but giving appreciation gifts to the women in your life will be cheery on the top! We often thank loved ones for their kind gestures, whether they help us rearrange the room or if it’s a small act such as getting you a cup of coffee. But when saying […]

70 Gifts For Coworkers That Will Make Your C. W. Swoon

A co-worker receiving a gift from another co-worker

You’ll earn an “I’m awesome” badge once you give these coworker gifts to the people you work with. Getting an office gift for the person whom you see every day can be a tad difficult—what do you get for someone whom you work with but don’t know personally? But the bigger question remains: what will […]

37 Minimalist Home Decor Ideas Of 2022: Elegance Is Refusal

A photo of home decor representing minimal decor

Minimalist Home Decor Ideas and tips for those who want a chic decor with bare-minimum efforts. If I could define minimalism in regards to home decor, I would say it in just three words, ‘Sophisticated yet simple Those of you who love to live a minimalistic lifestyle, do know the importance of how much “little […]

6 Best And Affordable Alternatives To Paintyourlife For Custom Handmade Paintings In 2022

a image depicting the best alternate websites like paintyourlife

Find out similar websites like PaintYourLife for getting custom handmade paintings. PaintYourLife— one of the popular websites to get custom handmade paintings— is neither economical nor the best one out there. It may sound rude, but nothing can be farther from the truth. The price that a customer pays to get a custom handmade painting […]

TBH, These 16 Funny Portraits Will Def Make Your Day!

Funny portrait paintings by portraitflip

Funny portraits are here to save you from Monday blues! I know Monday can hit hard, especially if you had a fun-filled wacky-tacky weekend. Getting back to the office doesn’t feel good. You look at the clock and count the remaining hours before you punch out. But you’ve got that 2 minutes to spend, and […]

40+ Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas: Bring In The Perfect Romantic Date

The text reads - valentines day decor trends to bring in the perfect romantic date

You’ll get struck by cupid’s arrow with these Valentine’s day decor ideas for home. Valentine’s day is almost around the corner and it’s time to level up the home decor by a notch! It’s one of the first major events of 2022 and so shall you decorate your home with a valentine’s theme. When it […]

Top 11 Portrait Painting Trends To Look Out For In 2022

top 11 portrait painting trends in 2022 by portraitflip

If you’re a trendy-chic-modern fam, you shouldn’t miss checking these portrait painting trends in 2022. With a buzz of fireworks and cheers, the new year brought new opportunities that would push the world toward a better tomorrow. As for the art and gifting industry, 2022 holds a promising future. Gifting is evolving and so people […]

Oil Painting Vs Acrylic: Why And Which Medium Is Best For You

Oil-Painting-Vs-Acrylic-Painting: a guy thinking which medium he should choose.

From pros to cons and from similarities to differences, here’s everything on oil painting vs acrylic. To a normal eye, any painting can look similar, but it’s up to you —the artist— who should be able to tell the difference between mediums and different styles of paintings. Although these mediums look the same to some […]

Gift A Painting And Win Their Heart! 12 Reasons To Gift A Portrait

A cover design ex[plaining 12 Reasons To Gift A Painting

12 reasons that’ll motivate you to gift a painting to the special someone in your life (or anyone) Winning someone over may be the hardest task there ever is, especially if you’re trying to impress the sweet lady in your life. Maybe you want to mend the loose ties and hug them once again or […]