Baby Portraits: Everlasting Source Of Joy

A photo of a baby that has been converted into a portrait with a reaction image. This is a baby portrait and the text on the image reads baby portraits: Everlasting source of joy.

What emotions do baby portraits evoke in you?

Joy, love, everything is perfect in the world when you hear a baby laugh?

I know what’s going on in your mind, why are paintings of babies so hyped up. 

Come on, I’ll show you why.

One: Why wouldn’t you want to get a painting portrait of that little angel.

Two: You will just have to read this article to find out the amazing reasons why.

No spoilers 🙂

Baby portraits are the need of the hour.

In this cruel world, they are the only things that will put a smile on your face.

One look at a painting of the honey drop will make all your worries go away.

Family painting from different photos

Babies bring light to this world with their mindless laughs, their no-shame attitude and so much more.

I have a whole list of photo to painting portraits for you, to cherish this beautiful memory forever.

Let’s hop on the bandwagon and enjoy the show!

Why Will You Actually Get One?

A portrait of a baby that looks like she is sitting on the grass while smiling and the text treads why?

I would like to present a scenario to you.

You know how parents or anyone who knows a baby keep saying they grow up too fast?

Like they wish they had a time machine?

Now the partial solution to this problem is getting something that always reminds them of the good times. 

Like a custom baby painting!

We can’t really stop them from growing, but we can make just one sweet memory last forever.

Even if you’re planning to gift this to someone, it would make a great gift that will be a keepsake for a joyous occasion.

So I acquaint you with the different occasions on which you can get someone (or yourself) a baby-painted portrait!

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1. Bringing A New Life On Earth

A portrait of a baby, mounted up on a wall. the baby has his eyes closed and is smiling.

Even when the mother is literally tearing up while giving birth, she cries tears of joy.

She cries with triumph, looking at the face of her newborn baby.

Thinking about the happiness the baby will bring into the lives of so many different people.

This obviously calls for something special, something that is everlasting.

You get where I’m going with this, right?

The greatest gift she could ever receive is that little souvenir of that happy day.

Writer’s Tip: Surprise her with a baby pastel portraits.

2. A Mother’s Arms Are More Comforting Than Anyone Else’s

A portrait of a mother holding her baby in her arms. This portrait is framed and up on a wall. This is a baby portrait.

Whether it’s your wife, your sister, or anyone who is close to you, they deserve a little appreciation.

Nothing will make them happier than something that reminds them of the best thing they’ve ever gotten; a children’s portrait painting!

What are you waiting for, get them a mother-children duo charcoal painting.

Making the process easier for you, all you have to do is click down below the rest will be taken care of 🙂

3. Dad: A Sons First Hero And A Daughters First Love

A baby portrait with her dad on a horse, they are smiling and the baby has a yellow flower on her head. This portrait is framed.

How can we forget fathers?

Even though they can’t express how they feel we know they crave a little attention themselves.

This one is for those people who can’t think of what to get someone when there’s a special occasion coming up.

You can’t go wrong with a grandparents and grandchildren charcoal portrait.

Make them feel emotions they’ve never felt with our mesmerizing color pencil drawing portraits. 

I’m sure this baby artwork will make him burst into happy tears.

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4. Getting All Your Babies In One Portrait

A portrait of a baby with a cat. The image has two separate photos that have been compiled into one portrait.

A handmade custom newborn baby pencil portrait is always a good idea.

When you are a pet parent and then actually have a baby, you would want to get them in a picture.

Even if you don’t have a picture of them together you don’t have to worry.

We are here for your aide, just send us separate photos of your pet and your baby.

PortraitFlips talented artists will compile them in the most beautiful way possible. We offer some of the best compilation colored pencil portraits in the market!

A cute baby painting that includes the apples of your eye will fill you with love every time you see it.

creation of adam reproduction

Piece of Advice: Get your baby mama a watercolor baby portrait

5. Grandparents Are The People Who Make Memories That The Heart Holds Forever:

A portrait of a baby with his grandparent and sibling. There are four photos that have been compiled into one.

Everyone knows who the best people on earth are.

I don’t even have to say it.

You can always give them another reason to smile by gifting them a baby portraits painting.

Even better if they are in it. A painting for grandparents will make them the happiest.

Don’t have a photo of the baby and grandparents together? 

We will handle it for you, just head to our page and follow the procedure. We can especially make beautiful GrandParents & GrandChildren Colored Pencil Portraits.

Your hand-painted portraits from photos will be there in no time.

From human watercolor portraits to every other possible medium, we hand-paint the portrait and get it delivered to you.

Hush… Did you know we ship worldwide?

6. “To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”

A portrait of a grandpa with his grandchild. The grandpa is holding the grandchild in this portrait that has been compiled together from photos.

This particular story that touched millions of hearts goes like this.

Kaitlyn just had a baby but her life-long dream was to watch her baby being held by her father.

Her dad was in the military and lost his life for the country.

Thus she found us and saw our prepossessing handmade custom portraits and asked us to do this task for her.

An oil mother-baby painting is the most realistic medium anyone can choose.

Our artists put their heart and soul to bring your newborn painting portrait to life, they adding deceased loved one to photo.

And that is just what they did for Katlyn.

All Katlyn had to do was send us a picture of her dad and her baby.

Here is what Katlyn had to say:

“I couldn’t believe that Í’m seeing my dad hold my baby. This is like dream come true. Thank you PortraitFlip for making this possible”

If you want something similar you can head to PortraitFlip where you will be assisted throughout the journey.

PortraitFlip always has your back with our 24/7 customer service. 

How Will You Get A Baby Portrait?

It is a baby portrait. The baby is smiling and the text reads How?

Well, what do you think I’m here for?

Making the process of getting a baby portrait easier is exactly what I live for.

Babys grow so fast, that it almost feels like a sweet dream.

Their precious childhood is something all parents wished lasted forever.

And what better way to do it than getting those sweet memories painted.

There are various options when you look for mediums in painting. The best could be a baby oil portrait that is chosen by many.

With PortraitFlip, the process of getting a portrait painting is not as hard or complicated as you think it is. 

The only Struggle you’re gonna have will be choosing the baby’s best photos to paint, and in my option that is a real sweet struggle to have. 

  1. After You are done choosing a beautiful photo, doesn’t matter old or new, clear or not.
    As long as the baby is visible enough, we will paint a beautiful baby portrait painting of it. 
  2. Select the medium and upload your photos.
  3. Now all you need to do is, wait for us to ring your doorbell.
    And worry not we give Free worldwide Shipping!

Your satisfaction is what we thrive for, if you don’t approve, the process will not be taken forward.

In the end, it’s your angel and we want the baby to look as perfect as they are in your eyes.

Enjoy the world of baby portraits!

Winding Up

Every time I have to end an article I am sad.

Especially when I’m not looking at custom baby portraits from photos anymore 🙁

This piece has been fun and a little enlightening as well.

Let us know in the comments if we missed out on something.

Thank you for bearing with me and going through this awesome journey.

Hello Sunshine!!

It has once again been a pleasure to write this ‘Baby Portraits: Everlasting Source Of Joy” for y’all.

I hope this article has helped you or your peers in some way.

Here’s a link to the beautiful gallery at PortraitFlip where you can order your very own portrait as well!

Check out our Instagram and Youtube channels as well.

Until next time loves.



1. How do you paint a baby portrait?

You can always try to paint a portrait of a baby. If you want realistic portraits that will take everyone’s breath away then PortraitFlip has immensely talented artists. Take a look at our gallery and enjoy the mesmerizing paintings.

2. How much does it cost to get a portrait painted?

Well, it all depends on who is commissioned to paint it if, an amateur artist could charge anything between $20 to $250. PortraitFlip has accomplished artists who charge between $130 to $915. The quality of the portrait is immaculate and PortraitFlip has a baby portrait gallery that you can check out!.

3. What is a baby portrait?

It usually means capturing the face of a baby in a painting or a photograph. Baby portrait paintings are a really cool way to capture a memorable moment that everyone wants to last forever.

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