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Shape in Art: Understanding The Importance and Concept of Shapes

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Circles, squares, rectangles—these are all the shapes, right? But, do you know that these aren’t the only shapes in the art niche! Yes! I know that it is a fact that you will be surprised to know, so let us learn about this concept together! Shape in Art! If we go by the definition of […]

Skeleton Skull With A Cigarette: Van Gogh’s Tale of Memento Mori

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“I am seeking, I am striving, and I am in it with all my heart.” –  Van Gogh A life filled with sorrows and grief is often mixed in rolling sheets with tobacco and smoked till you get numb. Van Gogh’s Skeleton Smoking is the exact representation of the feeling of being so lost in […]

Famous Religious Paintings: The Enthralling Biblical Artworks

You may ask, what is the hype related to famous religious paintings about?  Religion and art have gone hand-in-hand since human existence and throughout history. The inclusion of religious themes in some of the famous paintings of history acted as a portfolio for the famous painters and everyone who identified as Christian or Catholic. This […]

Texture in Art: Exploring the Vivid Depths of Textures

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Have you ever wondered where the effects in the paintings come from? Well, the answer is pretty clear that it is all because of the texture in art! With that being said, I’d love to share with you some intriguing details about the meaning and importance of texture in art. The depth of the texture […]

Medieval Art: The Dramatic Art of The Middle Ages

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Do you remember how, in the history lectures, we were all taught about the medieval period at some point in time? Well, the period was not just prior to civilization; it was also the establishment of art and literature. The medieval art period covers an immense range of history, drama, and a variety of places […]

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Artist Who Strived For Art

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An artist always seeks inspiration in some of the most basic things and yet makes it effortlessly presentable so that they turn out to be one of the most famous paintings. And Pierre-Auguste Renoir was no lesser; he used his paintbrush to create astonishing artworks that left his audience in awe. He was not just […]

PortraitFlip vs. Paintru: Who’s Best in the Game?

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PortraitFlip vs. Paintru! Yes, I am talking about two of the industry leaders in the handmade artwork niche. Given the fact that both brands work in a similar way and deliver handmade paintings to their customers, what exactly sets them apart? Well, PortraitFlip moves a step ahead and caters to the needs of their customers, […]

About Johannes Vermeer: Life, Death and Other Facts

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Johannes Vermeer! A man who is renowned in the whole world for his famous paintings and creations, yet, his life remains a mystery! Known for his selection of themes and subjects in his paintings, Johannes Vermeer was mostly a self-taught artist. It is indeed surprising that, out of his creations, only 36 paintings have survived […]