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We all have, at least once in a lifetime, wanted to be a part of either a movie seen or look like an actress or an actor. Reality is far away from our wants but that is why imagination exists.
Add a little spice to your life by using PortraitFlip’s Replace The Face feature to paint your face on the body of your favorite hero, heroine, character or even cartoon.

Why Get Replace The Face Paintings?

  • Replace The Face Paintings can be an unconventional gift for a friend’s Birthday or Anniversary.
  • Add a Replace The Face Painting as a piece for your side table. I am not sure about the interior but it will always make you laugh while going off to bed.
  • Custom Replace The Face Paintings can also be a great conversation starter especially when you are running out of topics.
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What Else Do We Offer?

Customize your Replace The Face Paintings with these features for free:

  • Choose Your Body

Do you want to be Frodo from LOTR, Mr. Dumbledore from Harry Portrait, or maybe Batman from, of course, Batman. You can be anything with this feature. All you have to do is place your order with Replace The Face and tell us your desired body or attach a picture of the same. The rest shall be taken care of.
Your wish has always been our command!

  • Merge Characters From Another Photo

You thought you would be able to recreate the sensuous scene from 365 days but your photographer couldn’t really pull it off. Thank God for we exist. Just send it your photos and we will recreate the moment for you in form of a Hand-painted portrait!

Frequently Asked Questions:

I want to replace the face of superman with my husband.

Yes, we can definitely replace the face of superman with your husband. Please feel free to attach the photo of superman which you would like us to replace with your husband’s face.

What can you do if I am not satisfied with my painting?

We provide unlimited revisions to the artwork until you are 100% satisfied. In spite of the revisions, if you are not satisfied, we will give a 100% refund on your portrait.

How much does cost it cost to replace the face?

Our painting starts at $60 depending upon the medium and the number of characters. However, we do not charge anything extra for replacing the face or any other customization.

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