61+ Unique Graduation Gift Ideas for Every Grad Out There (2023)

A photo of a few graduates throwing their mortarboard hats up in the air while smiling. The text reads 61+ graduation gift ideas (2022) for every grad out there

Have you been searching for the most unique graduation gift ideas out there?

If yes then you have landed on the right page.

Graduation is a moment of mixed emotions but also a call for celebration!

Imagine this. 

Your young graduate makes their way up the aisle to collect their certificate.

When they turn around — they have the biggest smile plastered on their face. 

All those years of hard work and late nights have finally paid off.

All that aside, this is the moment you show them how proud you are.

That smile — is what gets you thinking.

You want to get them a graduation gift just as beautiful as that feeling was. 

Graduation Portrait

Let me help you make this graduate gift-giving occasion a grand one.

Let’s celebrate the young graduate!

Since I am a grad myself, I know just what they’d love!

Let me introduce you to…

A. Graduation Gift Ideas For Her

A girl wearing a blue mortarboard hat and a graduation gown holding a blue gift in her hand with a red ribbon and smiling. The text reads graduation gift ideas for her.

Believe me, these are the only gift for graduation for her out there that will never be a miss. 

Making things easier for you by curating things that *She* obviously needs.

1. Handmade Portrait From Photo

A beautiful interior with a personalized custom painting from PortraitFlip of a girl leaning against a tree. A graduation gift idea for her.

I’m here to rescue you from the hassle of searching for a place that will get your portrait done with utmost care and love.

Art is the one thing you can’t go wrong with. Ever.

Entrer PortraitFlip. 

Turn her favorite photo into a portrait that she will adore forever.

If she ever decides to move, then she always has a piece of you with her.

Why not give her the best of the best?

Such beautiful and detailed portraits make her fall in love.

This will be a perfect graduation gift idea for girls or a going away gift.

Just click on the button below and let us take care of the rest.

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2. An Everything Tote-Bag

Two ladies holding beige tote bags and posing with the product, another graduation gift for her.

Have you ever seen a Gen-Z without a Tote-bag? 

We know that they have so much baggage to carry around.

Half of them won’t fit in their tote bag because the baggage is straight-up emotional damage. 

This is a sustainable yet chic tote bag that is one of the perfect graduation gifts for daughters that they can carry anywhere they go.

3. Polaroid Camera

A girl holding a red polaroid camera in her hand.

A very unique graduation gift idea for her is to get your precious lil shutterbug is a polaroid camera. 

Polaroid pictures give you a vintage vibe with a hint of classy. 

It is going to be a memorable graduation gift for college that she will cherish for life.

Who wouldn’t like getting filmy and dreamy photos for the Gram?

4. Fuzzy Fuzzy Slippers

A lady wearing a fuzzy slipper in her leg and holding one in her hand they are off-white in color. This is another graduation gift for her.

Waking up to slide your feet in soft-silky fur slippers is a feeling I can’t even fathom.

The warmth, that cozy feeling. Damn.

I can assure you this is one of the best gifts for graduation for her. 

A lil warmth is all you need to start your day.

Come on! Your young graduate deserves it.

5. Diamond Studs

A girl wearing diamond stud earrings and smiling, another graduation gift for her.

What is the one thing Kim K loves more than herself?

Diamond Studs.

All I can do is agree with her, because hell, I would cry too if I lost mine in the ocean. 

Provided someone gets me one 🙁

Anyway, Diamond studs are one of the greatest and best graduation gift ideas for her that would make your graduate cry tears of joy.

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B. Graduation Gift Ideas For Him

A guy wearing a black mortarboard hat with a certificate in one hand and he's making a thumbs up with the other one while smiling. The text on the image reads graduation gift ideas for him.

Not going to lie.

This one was kind of hard to find, but, here are the unique graduation gift ideas for him.

Hoping he likes it, let me know in the comments if he did 😉 

1. Beard Oil Kit

The picture shows a beard oil kit with all of the various items in it and is one of the graduation gift ideas for him.

As your young grad is growing and accomplishing the greater things in life, you can help him make grooming himself fun and easy.

This Beard Oil Kit will help him grow out that stubble and make him a lady’s man.

Trust me, he’ll love you for this. 

It could be one of the unique graduation gifts for him, could be your son, friend, boyfriend, or any bearded grad you know.

2. Headphones

A guy is holding black head phones in his hand as one of the graduation gift ideas for him.

There isn’t a single person out there who doesn’t like having a little *me time*.

Whether it’s jamming to your favorite songs,

Listening to spooky podcasts,

Or finding the perfect partner for a gamer boy.

Are you worried about the $$?

Don’t worry, there are so many options to choose from that I’m sure you’ll find the one for your young graduate without any hassle.

A graduation gift for a guy that he will be thankful for.

3. Personalized Book

A personalized notebook that has the illustration of the football player Messi as the cover page. This is also one of the graduation gift ideas for him.

So, the one thing I’ve noticed about guys is that they are super crazy about the things they are passionate about.

For example, Football.

I know cliché, but giving them something that represents something they love could be counted as a great way to congratulate them.

The best graduation gift for him would consist of their favorite football team or footballer and it would really light up their day.

4. Rechargeable Trimmer

A guy trimming his moustache with a wet/dry rechargeable trimmer which is also one of the graduation gift ideas for him.

A young graduate can be confused about most of his life decisions,


If he has a rechargeable wet/dry trimmer then he at least knows what to do with his appearance.

This option could be a little pricey, but there are so many choices that you will find the perfect gift for a graduate.

5. Cap

A guy wearing a black cap.

Caps can be described as the best graduation gift idea for guys, actually for anyone.

It’s a hot day? Wear a cap.

Your hair won’t co-operate? Wear a cap.

Want to elevate your outfit? Wear-a-flippin-cap.

Finding the perfect cap for your graduate could be a task, but It’ll help if you keep their personality in mind.

Pro tip: You can even get a customized one to suit him.

C. Graduation Gift Ideas For Girlfriends

An image of a girl and guy standing next to each other. The girl is leaning on the guy and has a certificate in her hand and they are both smiling. The text reads graduation gift ideas for girlfriends

Let’s talk about why you should give your girlfriends, something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Just because I’m asking you to. (yells softly)

These graduation gifts ideas for girlfriends will make her fall in love with you again.

1. Brooches

A girl wearing a brooche that is white and looks like flowers with pink beads, One of the graduation gift ideas for girlfriends.

Starting with a banger, brooches are cute and small. 

They will think about their boo every time they look at that token of love

Brooches can literally be worn with anything,

A dress, a T-Shirt, a shirt. The possibilities are endless.

A gift for a graduate that she can carry anywhere she goes.

2. Name A Star After Her

An image of the sky full of stars which depicts one of the other graduation gift ideas for girlfriends.

If you’re a hopeless romantic like me then this one is for you. 

You can officially name a star after a person.

A whole star, named after the person you love.

If she were me, I’d cry. 

Cry so hard I would start seeing stars in the day.

One of the best gifts for graduation for her, that she’ll remember forever.

3. Reasons Why You Love Her

A person holding a mason jar full of small chits which have reasons why you love them written in them.

This unique graduation gift idea will show her how much you love and support her.

I mean this is not something you should do just because they graduated, cherish her everyday man!

A box or mason jar full of little reasons why you love them, why they’re so important to you.

Can anyone take the hint and do any of this for me 🙁

4. Couple Portrait

A beautiful interior of a hall that has a portrait of a couple from PortraitFlip hanging on the wall.

Your love for her can maybe never be expressed in words but as it’s said “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

A photo that’s come to life by artists who pour all their love and hard work into it.

Paintings make you feel a thousand emotions at once. 

The rush of it all hits you. 

All at once.

Made to understand and portray the emotions shown, made to be held on to forever.

Don’t worry the artists do an excellent job and give you their best.

To get your paramour the best graduation gift, just head to PortraitFlip’s couple’s portrait page.

5. Spotify Plaque With Your Song

A plague from Spotify with the  photo of the couple and a song on the plague. The song is count of me by Bruno Mars.

Music is the one thing that connects so many people.

I’m sure you have that one song that is “Your Song”.

This customized graduation gift idea will blow their mind. 

Make them jump in your arms because they love it so much.

A photo that you both love, the song y’all know is your song, turned into a pretty plaque.

D. Graduation Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

A guy and girl kissing with an envelope in their hands with blue and red mortarboard hats. The text reads graduation gift ideas for boyfriends.

Isn’t it high time we normalize showing love and pampering our men?

These graduation gift ideas for your boyfriends will not only make them feel appreciated but also bring y’all closer.

1. Five Senses Gift

The image shows 5 gifts. Smell, sound, taste, touch, and sight. They are all black with pink ribbons. They are one of the graduation gifts for boyfriends.

Girl! Get creative.

The five senses gift is the best graduation gift for a graduate, especially if he is your boyfriend.

Smell, touch, taste, sound, and sight. You could spice things up and go full girlfriend mode on him.

Give him all the love and attention he deserves, after all, he’s been working his butt off to get this certificate 😉

2. Perfume

The image shows a guy spraying perfume on himself. Perfume is one of the other graduation gift ideas for boyfriends.

I know this is something that feels impersonal. 

A way you can make it mean something is by gifting him the perfume he used the first time he met you.

Bringing back the memories that led to this beautiful relationship. 

A nice signature scent always makes an impact on people. 

Another perfect graduation gift idea for a guy, that I present to you with all my love

3. Matching Sneakers

A photo showing two pairs of shoes, they are both matching and are Nike air force 1s. It is another graduation gift ideas for boyfriends.

I mean guys, do I even have to explain this one?

It’s cute, it’s a passionate gift because — of the efforts.

And efforts are sexy!

Imagine walking around in matching sneakers, making it as official as you can. 

Men love their sneakers, don’t they? Again the best graduation gift for your boyfriend.

4. Keychain With Personalized Map

This is a keychain personalized map resting on a map and is one of the other graduation gift ideas for boyfriends.

Personalized gifts have my heart. 

A personalized graduation gift just shows how much love and the time you’re willing to spend to make it special.

The map will lead to where y’all first met, or where y’all went for your first date.

A memory that will be adored forever.

5. A Wallet

An image of a guy holding a wallet in his hand and sliding it in his pockets. This is one of the other graduation gift ideas for boyfriends.

A wallet can make all the difference in the world when you want to elevate an outfit without the effort.

You could turn it into a personalized graduation gift, by printing out your photo and adding it to the wallet.

Wrap it up and record his reaction to this gift. 

E. Graduation Gift Ideas For Son

An image of a guy wearing a black  mortarboard hat and looking at another guy. The text reads graduation gift ideas for son.

Your little devil is not so little anymore if you’re reading my article.

Time to realize that your son is growing up.

These are a few graduation gift ideas for your son that I think he’ll want to get his hands on. 

1. Customized Dog Tag With A Hidden Message

There are dog tags that are sitting on a leather background and they are one of the graduation gift ideas for son.

A dog tag is the ultimate *cool* accessory that every guy needs.

I mean it looks good and would add a splash of swag to any outfit.

When you customize it, you could add their fav quote of a movie or just something that you always want them to have on them. 

A graduation gift idea for him that he will love, for sure.

2. Hatch Restore Alarm Clock

The image shows a person touching the hatch alarm clock, this is one of the other graduation gift ideas for son.

This one is one of the best gifts out there for a graduate. 

I absolutely love it!

Everyone has a messed-up sleep schedule. 

I for one haven’t seen the sunrise in decades. (It’s a joke, I saw the sunrise a few months back).

But the perfect solution for any graduate who hasn’t seen the sun in a while is this hatch restore alarm clock.

Your very own sunrise.

3. A Watch

A guy fixing his cufflinks and showing his watch. Another one of the graduation gift ideas for son.

Have you heard the quote “Time is money”?

Well, teaching your son that will be important and thus a watch is the first step towards that.

A good watch not only reflects well on the personality of a person but also helps the person realize the value of time.

What better way to congratulate him, than getting him this awesome graduation gift for your son.

4. A Family Portrait

Your little one is all grown up now, they might soon move away from you.

One way to ease the process of graduation gift-giving is to give them something memorable.

Like a Family Portrait!

The process is easy. 

PortraitFlip provides compilations that include the people you love the most, the ones who are far away, or the loved ones they’ve lost.

PortraitFlip helps us know more about it through this how to order your portrait video.

5. Men’s Grooming Collection

There are shelves with grooming items on them and there is a man with a hand on his face and is in a thinking position. This is one of the graduation gift ideas for boyfriends,

A graduation gift idea for him that not only helps the young graduate but also makes the gift enjoyable.

In my opinion, this can be called the perfect graduation gift there ever was.

This men’s grooming collection kit is the only thing he will need that will meet all his grooming needs.

This is one of the unique college graduation gift ideas for him.

F. Graduation Gift Ideas for Daughter

A girl hugging another person and smiling. She is wearing a black mortarboard hat the text reads graduation gift ideas for daughter.

When you watch your kid grow up you go through a rollercoaster of emotions. 

But, unfortunately, they do and in no time you’re watching them get graduated. 

These are the graduation gift ideas for your daughter that were highly requested.

1. Personalized Neon Name Sign

A neon name sign on a wall in a room. One of the graduation gift ideas for d`aughter.

A neon sign itself gets me excited.

A personalized neon sign that says my name will have me dancing over the moon.

It can be hung on the wall or kept on a table as a decorative piece. 

A much-needed and unique girl graduation gift idea.

2. A Facial Cleansing Brush

A girl using a face cleansing brush on her face. This is one of the graduation gift ideas for daughters.

Who isn’t obsessed with trying to keep their skin clear.

I proudly say I am — even though I fail at it miserably.

A facial cleansing brush would be the perfect graduation gift idea for her.

She would love it and make use of it to the fullest.

3. An Infinity Necklace

A girl wearing a silver infinity necklace with a white collar. This is one of the graduation gift ideas for daughters.

Let your daughter know that you love her and think of her by giving her the best graduation gift ever, an infinity necklace.

The meaning of infinity itself is timeless, endless, and limitless. 

Just like your love for your daughter.

4. Set of Luxury Candles

A set of luxury candles sitting on a table , this is another graduation gift ideas for daughter.

After a long day of studying, stressing, completing their assignments, stressing again, needless to say, a break is needed.

A set of aromatic luxury candles and a bubble bath is all that they need to rejuvenate themselves.

The real hustle starts after this unique graduation gift idea works its charm.

5. A Quilt Made From All Of Her Fav Shirts

A lady holding a quilt made of all of her fav clothes, this is one of the graduation gift ideas for daughters.

I once read a story that stuck with me, it was about a girl who left home to go live in another city.

Her mom decided to make her a quilt with all of her fav clothes from when she was a kid.

This is exactly why this item has been added to my list because this gift for a graduate has got sentimental value to it.

G. Graduation Gift Ideas for Brother

An image of a guy wearing a mortarboard hat and graduation gown and is joyful, the text reads graduation gift ideas for brother.

It almost feels like graduation gift ideas for your brother are the stupidest thing ever. 

But we all know you still wanna get that infuriating human something.

1. An Awesome Coffee Mug

An awesome batman coffee cup is shown and it is one of the graduation gift ideas for brother.

Well, I know mainstream.

But come on, it’s a cool coffee mug 

The possibilities on this one are endless, you could get him a matte black mug or one of his fav avenger superheroes. 

Let your imagination run wild. You can also customize this unique graduation gift for your brother.

2. Personalized Photo Shirt

A funny personalized shirt with hilarious faces printed on it, this is also a graduation gift ideas for brother.

Loves, since I’m such a good sister, 

I would like to tell you what I would print on a personalized photo shirt that is the most unique graduation gift I could think of.

It would for sure be a shirt that has my face all over it and not just any photo. 

One that will embarrass him so much but he will still have to wear it because he loves you so much.

3. Turn Your Favorite Photo To An Oil Painting

A casual yet pretty portrait of a brother and a sister sitting on a wall in a beautifully decorated room. It is also a graduation gift idea for brother.

Even though we all claim to hate our brothers, we know deep down we will miss them if they go away to college.

Giving them a graduation gift that reminds them of our presence will be like a token of our love for them.

PortraitFlip helps us make this wish come true. 

Compilation Graduation Painting

We have amazing oil paintings that look so realistic and they last forever with the right care.

They can be customized however you want and the best part is…

Wait for it.

Wait for itttt.

PortraitFlip ships worldwide!

4. What Do You Meme Game

What do you meme is a board game, you can see the cards and the game as well. This is a graduation gift ideas for brother.

Not all gifts for graduates need to be heartfelt, some can just be fun. 

Like this game right here. A fun game where he can pass time with his friends and miss his best friend a lil bit.

But obviously not show it because, well, he’s a guy.

5. Pantone Storage Stool

A pantone stool is a storage unit as well as a stool it is blue in color and has the words pantone curious green written on it.

A stool that does two things at once. 

An easy and smart gift for a graduate, anyone would want.

It has space to store stuff and it can also be used as a stool.

Perfect for dummies. 

Also great for stashing things — if you know what I mean *wink* *wink*.

H. Graduation Gift Ideas for Sister

This is a photo of three girls throwing their mortarboard hat up in the air ad they are wearing blue graduation gowns as well the text reads graduation gift ideas for sister.

The word sister itself has so many different meanings to it, they act like mothers, brothers, dads, best friends, and whatnot.

Graduation gift ideas for your sister might be something you will have to rack your brain over, but don’t fear when I’m near.

I’ve shortlisted the best ones for you!

1. A Personalized Phone Cover

The image shows a personalized phone cover with a cat on it. It is a graduation gift idea for a sister.

Women love personalized gifts, something that speaks to them.

Something that tells them how much you love them.

Reminding them some people love them even when you aren’t near.

A personalized cover could be a photo of y’all together or something that she adores a lot. 

The graduation gifts for her that is just not pretty but helpful as well.

And BTW a phone cover is essential if she is as clumsy as me.

2. Bedside Essential Pocket

A bedside essential pocket is kept beside the bed and it is a graduation gift ideas for sister.

Extra space is something that everyone needs.

I mean where else will we keep our clutter when we feel like cleaning up?

This Bedside Essential Pocket is the product you’re looking for.

Another perfect gift for graduates, help them sort through their stuff at least.

She’ll handle her life.

3. Personal Safety Device

Some items that are related to women safety devices, there is a necklace a keychain and a rubber band. It is one of the graduation gift ideas for sister.

Every superwoman I know is more than capable of taking care of herself. 

A little gift for graduation that assures to give her a better fighting chance if something happens, God forbid. 

It’s better to be conscious than sorry. 

I present to you the most thoughtful graduation gift idea for your sister. 

The Personal Safety Device.

4. Cast Iron Skillet

An iron skillet sitting on a kitchen counter with some coriander on the side and a knife. The iron skillet is one of the graduation gift ideas for sister.

Is your sister trying to get her cooking groove on?

Is she moving out for college and will be trying new recipes to keep her alive as you know it?

Hopefully without burning the house down.

Then this cast iron skillet will be the perfect graduation gift for your sister.

A gift idea that will help her and you (hopefully) in the long run.

5. Promise Ring

A women's hand holding three rings in them . These are some of the graduation gift ideas for sister.

The idea of a promise ring doesn’t always have to be romantic. 

You could get your sister a ring that promises your love for each other will never die.

The promise that you will always be here, no matter what. 

It turns into the “Best graduation gift idea for your sister”.

This is my third best idea. Actually, all my ideas are the bomb. 

Say you agree.

I. Graduation Gift Ideas For Grandson

A guy sitting on some stairs smiling at the camera wearing a graduation gown and mortarboard hat holding a certificate in his hand. The text reads graduation gift ideas for grandson.

Is it getting hard to find the best graduation gift ideas for your grandson? 

I know, all these cool teenagers are a bit too hard to handle. 

That’s exactly why I’m here though.

1. A Tumbler

A white tumbler is one of the graduation gift for grandson.

This is not just any tumbler. Tumblers these days have so much technology involved. 

The best one is the one I’ve listed here.

It will not only keep the liquid inside hot/cold but is also stainless steel and is leakproof.

What’s the best part you ask?

It has an inbuilt straw.  How cool is that?!

2. Cool Socks

Three pairs of cool socks with people wearing it. These are some of the graduation gift ideas for grandson.

Is it really that hard to please a guy?

I once saw a guy get happy because he saw a Beyblade. 

I mean I do get it.

But I would for sure be excited if I see cool socks like these as my graduation gift.

What? I have cold feet 24/7.

3. A Royal Oil Portrait From PortraitFlip

The image shows a photo and a royal portrait of the same photo. The guy is smiling and is dressed as a king in the portrait from PortraitFlip.

We were talking about guys being silly right?

I can bet you a thousand dollars that your grandson will love a portrait of himself as a king. 

Or even better as Zeus or Poseidon.

This sounds like a task right to get this unique graduation gift right? 

Don’t worry all you have to do is place an order with PortraitFlip and give them your specifications. 

They will get the work done with perfection and deliver it in time.

The only keepsake graduation gifts for him that he’ll love.

Also pro-tip, we have a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t like the portrait. 

4. Portable Charger

Two hands holding phones connected with portable chargers. This is one of the graduation gift ideas for grandson.

A portable charger is like a blessing at this point. The right kind of graduation gift your grandson needs.

Sometimes you don’t get a port to charge your phone.

Sometimes you forget your charger.


Sometimes you have both and you charge your phone in the port but forget to take it back and someone steals your phone. 

Yes, it happened to me, and yes I have learned my lesson.

5. Posters Of Something They Adore

Posters of the famous footballers are mounted up on a wall. This is one of the graduation gift ideas for grandson.

Pictures have so many emotions and feelings that are attached to them.

Like maybe a football player celebrating his first hat trick or a whole team beaming at the camera because they won the world cup.

It could also be a band or Taylor Swift, who am I to assume what your grandson likes.

But a poster so unique is the best graduation gift idea for your grandson.

Suggested: Gift them a portrait of their fav car or a portrait of the house he’s leaving behind.

J. Graduation Gift Ideas For Granddaughter 

Two women taking a photo with a phone. One lady is wearing a blue graduation gown and mortarboard hat the text reads graduation gift ideas for granddaughter.

The apple of your eye is finally graduating. 

Your cutie is going to love the attention for sure.

These are a few graduation gift ideas for your granddaughter that will help them grow in life while being cool.

1. Informational Books

Someone holding a book open with fairy lights in between, this is an informational book and is a graduation gift ideas for granddaughter.

It sounds lame, but some books really help. One of the smartest gifts for graduation for her.

I’m one to talk, I don’t really read but the ones I have read changed my life for the better.

So, being the wise one you could get them something beneficial and nice.

After all, Grandparents know the best.

2. Customized Necklace

A personalized gift made from two finger prints. Someone is holding it and it is silver in color. This is a graduation gift ideas for granddaughter.

Since I am really close to my grandparents, I would love it if they gift me something that will always stay with me.

That’s exactly what inspired this gift idea for a graduate. 

A little necklace with a pendant in the shape of a heart but with thumbprints.

I was so happy when I found this idea.

3. A Cute Cactus

A cute cactus planted in a white flowerpot. It has a pink flower on top this is another gradutaion gift ideas for granddaughter.

Doesn’t it feel like the perfect yet subtle graduation gift for your granddaughter?

Cactuses are so special all pricky on the outside but full of pure water inside. 

Could be a life lesson in a way.

Be tough but don’t forget to be humble.

You’re going to use this as a life lesson aren’t you?

4. 4-in-1 Wireless Charger

A 4-in-1 charging point for anyone. It is a graduation gift ideas for granddaughter.

This was the coolest thing I’ve seen so far. 

If you wanna charge anything all you have to do is plug the 4-in-1 wireless charger and you can literally relax.

Can’t find your electronics? Don’t worry just get this gift for a graduate and your electronics will be sorted.

5. Unusual Graduation Gifts: Gift Cards

A girl smiling and holding a gift card with a red ribbon on it. A graduation gift ideas for sister.

If your granddaughter is picky, then getting a gift card for your grad is the way to go.

You could get one from her fav clothing store.

Maybe a nice hefty gift card for a restaurant that she can avail of wherever she’s moving to.

Or you could also get her a gift card that she can redeem whenever she feels like it.

It’s a very innovative and smart graduation gift for your granddaughter.

K. Graduation Gift Ideas for Niece

A girl holding a certificate and smiling at her phone with wearing a black graduation gown and mortarboard hat the text reads graduation gift ideas for niece.

Who is going to teach you the new cool lingo?

If your mini best friend moves away for college then you are going to go back to being boring.

Show her you care about her by getting her one of these keepsake graduation gifts for her.

1. Personalized Bracelet

Three personalized bracelets one rose gold, silver and gold. these are graduation gift ideas for niece.

I’m sure you have a fun quote or dialogue that you both vibe over.

A personalized bracelet that makes her laugh every time she sees it. 

Something that immediately makes her call you because she misses you so much.

A perfect personalized graduation gift for her from her aunt.

2.Seekers Snitch 

A seekers snitch necklace. It also is a graduation gift ideas for niece.

If your niece is a Potterhead then I’ve got the perfect graduation gift Idea for her.

This Seekers Snitch Necklace.

I’m planning to send this article to my uncle so he gets the hint. 

If you’re reading this already, Hi uncle, you’re the best!

You can get this necklace online and in different sizes.

3. Scrunchies

5 Scrunchies sitting on a picnic table mat with decorative pieces near them they are pink, cream, black, purple, blue in color.

Your Powergirl needs a little help getting the hair off her face while she tries to make her way through college.

These Scrunchies work like magic while taking care of her perfect hair.

She is going to absolutely love this gift idea for a graduate. 

Even God knows we need them.

4. Oil Painting Portrait From Photo

A Beautiful interior of a house with wooden interiors and a pretty portrait of an aunt and niece from PortraitFlip.

This portrait has a story behind it, and this story belongs to Jason.

He wanted to be there for his nieces at their graduation but couldn’t due to the pandemic situation.

That’s when he came across our page and let us be a part of this beautiful journey.

All Jason had to do was send us the photos of him and his nieces.

And with the help of our talented designers and artists, we painted this compilation portrait. it seems like they were actually at their graduation, doesn’t it?

We heard Jason’s nieces loved the portrait and cried just a lil because they missed their uncle so much.

Watch our artists work their magic. Make the person you love the happiest with this portrait.

PortraitFlip has you covered, the number one online photo to painting service. 

After giving the specifications and uploading the picture all you have to do is wait for the amazing artists to finish the masterpiece.

5. Sunglasses

A girl is on the beach wearing sunglasses that is also a graduation gift ideas for niece.

A graduate’s perfect gift could be a pair of good sunglasses.

You know us girls, we love the sun.

Sunkissed photos are all we live for but the shades are way cooler and the sunburn is not worth it.

You know it’ll be worth every penny spent because she’s gonna rock it.

L. Graduation Gift Ideas for Nephew

A guy holding a certificate and celebrating he is wearing a black graduation gown and mortarboard hat the text reads graduation gift ideas for nephew.

A card congratulating your nephew feels so dumb and traditional.

I mean this little kid looks up to you.

Let’s make it a little special for him and make it personal by investing in these graduation gift Ideas for nephews.

1. A Good Jacket

A guy wearing a yellow black and blue jacket. A graduation gift ideas for nephew.

You could always get him a good bomber jacket, that doesn’t just help him but will also look so cool he can gloat over it.

Investing in this great graduation gift for your nephew will be a smart choice.

Guess who becomes the cool aunt/uncle after he receives this gift? 

2. A Duffle Bag

A man holding a duffle bag that is brown in color and it is one of the graduation gift ideas for nephews.

Your nephew could use this duffle bag for literally anything. 

The gym. 

A small road trip.

A weekend getaway.

A sleepover.

Maybe Office?

Anyway, this is a thoughtful, unique, and great gift for a graduate.

3. A Camera For The Shutterbug

A man holding a professional camera and clicking photos this is one of the graduation gift ideas for nephew.

If all he does is take photos of everything he sees, then what are you waiting for.

I mean obviously, I am handing it to you on a silver platter but it’s kinda obvious.

Get your not-so-little shutterbug a camera as one of the graduations presents for him.

Something he will cherish for life. And will thank you for sure.

4. Philips Electric Razor

A Philips electric razor.

I was astonished when I saw the number of settings and blades this thing has.

Who could have ever have guessed technology could advance so much.

A barber is not needed anymore. 

The Philips Electric Razor does it all.

This again is a great graduation gift for him.

5. Custom Socks With Face

Funny custom socks with faces on them. they are white in color and are one of the graduation gift ideas for nephew.

If you have a fun relationship with your nephew then I would say this one is for you.

Showcase your love for him with these custom socks with a funny face.

Get him like 3 or 10 pairs of these.

Ahahahhhha, I can already imagine his face when he receives this awesome graduation gift.

M. Graduation Gift Ideas For Best Friends

4 girls wearing blue graduation gowns and a mortarboard hat are smiling and the text reads graduation gift ideas for best friends.

The person you share every single minute detail of your life with has decided to move away from you.

It gets hard I know, but let your little bird fly away. 

Don’t let them forget the great times y’all had together.

For the same reasons I have curated a few graduation gifts for your best friend that they will be thrilled to have.

1. Portrait Of Their Pet

A very beautiful interior with leaves and books and there is a enticing portrait of a woman and her dog on the wall. The painting is from PortraitFlip and it is also one of the graduation gift ideas for best friends.

If my best friend is leaving home and everything behind for college then, I would want to do something grand for her. 

But a portrait of her furbaby will be the best gift for graduation I could think of.

I mean I will always be a phone call away but her floofball won’t.

The portraits made in PortraitFlip look so realistic that she will literally not feel like her pet isn’t with her.

You can choose to make this portrait in so many different mediums, like oil paintings, watercolors, charcoal drawings, or pencil sketches.

All delivered to your doorstep safe and sound.

Get a pet portrait for your best friend before they leave.

2. Friendship Lamps

Friendship lamps sitting on a table with a cactus. A graduation gift ideas for best friends.

When you miss them so much but you can’t do anything about it, all you have to do is tap on this lamp.

It lets them know that you’re thinking about them. 

If it were my best friend and me then the lamp would constantly keep blinking.

A heartfelt gift for a graduate, that will make their heart swell.

3. Connecting Bracelet

These are connecting bracelets on the hands of two people. They are silver. They are also one of the graduation gifts for best friends.

Why should couples have all the fun?

A best friend literally is not supposed to leave. 

That’s why I feel like this connecting bracelet would be the best graduation gift for two people who love each other. 



These are the best gift ideas for graduation that are available on the internet. 

Curated for anyone in need, from girlfriends to boyfriends, him to her, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and best friends.

The perfect gift loses its charm if it’s not thoughtful.

Gift a painting – you don’t have to be expensive but don’t go easy on spending that heartfelt love and appreciation.

I think you should go all-out. 

Spend all your love on these young graduates…

Bonjour mes amours!

The time and love I spent on these graduation gift ideas have been heartwarming. 

I have searched the ends of the earth to get these precious gifts for graduates.

If you’ve come this far, then, thank you.

You can check out the beautiful gallery at PortraitFlip and order your very own portrait as well!

Check out our Instagram and Youtube channels.

Please leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below, we’d love to hear what you have to say about these graduation gift ideas!

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