Christmas Portraits From Photos: The Most Vibrant Christmas Gift Ever!

A women wearing a santa cap holding a Christmas portrait from photos present.

The holiday season fills us with excitement and joy! 

It testifies to the purest of feelings that we express for our loved ones. 

There are lights, scintillating decorative and ample gifts everywhere.

Apart from all the shebang, some quality time is all we need with our family and friends. 

These are the ones who make our holidays and festivals special!

Speaking of holidays, Christmas happens to be the jewel of the crown here.   

It brings along a lot of blessings and presents of course!

So, celebrating Christmas in style is a mandatory thing to do!

Here is a suggestion through which you can pull of an amazingly-spectacular christmas for your family:

Present them with Christmas portraits of different styles!

Family painting from different photos

That’s not only the best way to gift a photo but also a beautiful way to create a memoir!

Wondering about whom to give these handmade portraits and how to present them?

Let me throw in some ideas to tickle your creative side and put a smile on your loved one’s faces! 

1.For Someone Who Has Never Met Their Grandparents

a compilation portrait of three generation including a grandmother, a mother, and daughters shown merged together by PortraitFlip
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

Christmas is probably the most blissful time of the year. It showers blessings everywhere. 

From singing carols to relishing upon delicacies, everything is enjoyed together. 

Children tend to have a great time listening to their folktales and stories narrated by their grannys and grandpas. 

However, there are some children who grew up in the absence of their grandparents and never retrieved their love and affection. 

Surprise those little chaps with a truly mellow and harmonic compilation portrait where they can experience the bliss of their grandparents. 

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2.For a Close One!

a couple Christmas Portraits From Photos by PortraitFlip
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

Loving your partner is the most romantic yet platonic thing in the world. 

It includes all the emotions present in this world. From taking care of them to surprising them on occasions, everything is inclusive. 

Apart from all the romantic things, gifting is a significant one. It often helps in escalating hidden feelings. 

So, why not surprise your S.O by converting their old photos into handmade Christmas portraits?

That sounds absolutely fantabulious! 

It would turn out to be even more special when you’d choose an embarrassing photograph of your partner and transform it into an epic portrait for Christmas.  

3.For Someone Who’s close to their Children!

a mother and children Christmas Portraits From Photos by PortraitFlip
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

Portraits have the capability to freeze time. They capture and store the best moments of our lives. 

Some people cherish the memories they created with their friends and family, some adore the moments they shared with their children!

They love to witness those little mischiefs of their younger ones. 

I have a perfect gift portrait idea for people like these. 

Surprise them with a handmade portrait of their children performing any activity. 

It can be anything from their children in a Santa Claus outfit to their first ever Christmas tree decoration!

Writers Tip: You can surprise them with a parents and children acrylic portrait.

4.For Someone Who Misses Their Parents & Grandparents

a compilation portrait of ten members of a family shown merged together as Christmas Portraits From Photos by PortraitFlip
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

From the tenderness of mother’s love to the sensuality of our partner’s love, we drift through a lot of feelings in our life.

However, sometimes cherishing our elders is the only thing that comforts us!

We keep on remembering the time we spent together. We cherish them on festivals and occasions. 

So, in order to elevate these feelings, you should frame a really prominent old memory into a handmade portrait. 

How about getting your best Christmas portraits from photos!

Because there is nothing better than celebrating a gorgeous Christmas with your family. You can also order a family colored pencil portrait today and decorate your home with it!

At the same time, your parents might also be missing their grandchildren!

You can now create a special gift just for them.

PortraitFlip can now create a customized grandparent-grandchildren watercolor painting just for you!

5.For Someone Who Cherishes Their Family

a family Christmas Portraits From Photos by PortraitFlip
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

We all love spending time with our families. We laugh, dance, eat, drink and adore each other in the most precious ways possible. 

However, there are times when most of us are apart from our families and have to spend the holiday without them.

Christmas without family sounds like a dead plan anyways. 

We’ll have to celebrate it. So, let’s spice it up a bit and present an ultimately satisfying gift to our beloved one. 

A complete family portrait! Woah, the whole family in a single frame?

Yes, it’s possible with PortraitFlip’s surreal and detail oriented compilation portraits. 

Now create Christmas pictures for the family into Christmas portraits. 

6.For a Pet Lover!

a people and pet Christmas Portraits From Photos by PortraitFlip
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

Christmas becomes more special when your fur-baby gets into action and starts running around with the toy you gifted him. 

Isn’t it fun to share an amazing holiday experience with the one who loves you unconditionally! 

To capture and freeze moments like these, gift mesmerizing pet portraits for Christmas to your pet lover friend. 

compilation portrait for Christmas

Leave them in awe forever with this Christmas gift photo!

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7.For Someone who’s Self Obsessed!

a solo Christmas Portraits From Photos by PortraitFlip
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

Caring for your loved one’s is your duty. It’s a very noble effort as well. 

But, sometimes all you need is an essence of self-love! 

There are people who have mastered the art of loving themselves pretty nicely. 

They love to gaze at their photos often and the mirror is like their secondary pair of eyes!

I have one of the best Christmas picture ideas for those self obsessed friends of yours.

Reward them with their Christmas present pictures transformed into a handmade portrait!

Trust me, this Christmas portrait from photos will sky rocket the standards of self obsession!

8.For Someone Who Loves their Vehicle

a human and vehicle Christmas Portraits From Photos by PortraitFlip
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

They say love is blind. I didn’t even believe in it until I came to know about people who are in love with their vehicles.

Although it’s very rare to find people who are obsessed with their vehicles, they’re really passionate about their love for automobiles. 

Bike lovers constitute a major chunk of this population and they love to pose while cruising on their motorcycles!

So, what’s better than a bike portrait for a person like that! Isn’t that one of the best Christmas portrait ideas? 

Gift a dashing handmade portrait to your biker friends and make their Christmas more special. 

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9.For Someone Who Deserves a lot of Love

a compilation portrait of a grandfather and grandchild shown merged together by PortraitFlip
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

We live in a world where unconditional love and service is hard to find. 

Wherever we go and whatever we do, we always expect something in return. 

But, there are people who serve us and never expect anything from us. 

Yes, I am talking about the soldiers, military personnel and the police personnel who serve our country.

Especially the veterans who served us and made sure that we live in peace deserve at least a token of respect on holidays like Christmas.  

Give them a heroic portrait and give a tribute to their sacrifices! 

Let’s embrace their valor and celebrate their life as a heroic tale.

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10.For Someone Whose, Special Day Was Always Incomplete

a compilation Christmas Portraits From Photos of a family shown merged together by PortraitFlip
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

There are days which act as milestones in our lives. 

These days include events like graduation, first baby, marriage anniversaries and many more. 

If you know someone who has recently gave birth or are new-parents then you can also give them a watercolor portrait of their baby, and that too, handmade!

The adrenaline is already high and the presence of our close one’s make it even more special for us. 

But, some people really miss their lost one’s on their special day. 

We cannot compensate for their loss but we can surely make it up for them on their special day.

Now they’ll be able to feel their loved one’s presence on their special day by hanging these pictures for the Christmas tree.

Incorporating a lost loved one in paintings is something PortraitFlip excels at.

Get your painting today for it to arrive in time for Christmas.

11.For the Kings and Queens of your Life!

a royal Christmas Portraits From Photos by PortraitFlip
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

We all know someone who happens to be the most significant part of our life. 

They groom us through all the turbulent situations of life. 

Holiday family portrait

From handling our emotional setbacks to sharing our happiness in the most ecstatic manner, they teach us to live life king size. 

These larger than life characters deserve a token of appreciation on occasions like Christmas. 

They are no less than Kings and Queens for us. 

Let’s embrace their royal presence in our lives with these Christmas portraits from photos.

To Conclude

Portraits are undeniably the most subtle form of conveying love, respect and gratitude towards your affectionate one. 

They speak a thousand words without uttering a word!

Occasions like Christmas define the stature of these portraits as evocative gifts. 

We at PortraitFlip, always try to hit the bullseye of emotions with our portraits!

Our realistic portraits have the capability to evoke real emotions!

Author’s Note

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How many characters is allowed while converting Christmas portraits from photos?

There is no such limit when it comes to characters but for a beautiful and clear painting you must give maximum 8 characters of pictures.

Which is the best place to convert photo to painting in market?

There are various places that can convert your pictures into painting but the best in all could be PortraitFlip that not only make 100% handmade painting but also gives you a portrait that is flawless.

How much a handmade painting could cost?

The worth of handmade painting depends on size, medium, and turnaround times. The starting price could be $150.

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