Christmas Portraits From Photos – A Meaningful Present To Your Loved Ones!

A secret to christmas as the cover for christmas portraits from photos

Ever heard of Christmas portraits from photos? It is the secret weapon to becoming the best gift-giver this Christmas.

Here’s how!

When Christmas is around the corner, it is a frenzy in every household.

Selecting a photo for the holiday card, decorating your home, planning your dinner menu, and most importantly finding the perfect gift for the special people in your life.

I have the perfect something that makes Christmas special!

Besides the decorating and dinner planning part, Christmas is about showing your loved ones how much they mean to you.

And how do you do that? Christmas gifts<3

When you look for gifts for some special people in your life, you aren’t just looking for a good enough gift.

You are looking for ‘The Gift’—the one that makes them gasp in awe, the one that makes them shed tears, and give you that thankful hug.

A gift that will stay with them forever and may even turn into an heirloom.

Nothing ticks all these boxes like a stunning custom Christmas oil painting

Everyone celebrates a different Christmas with different people.

I have a Christmas painting for everyone:

1. For Someone Who Has Never Met Their Grandparents

a compilation portrait of three generation including a grandmother, a mother, and daughters shown merged together by PortraitFlip

Christmas is a time when you want to be close to your family and friends and everyone in between.

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. Many of us saw our loved ones in 2019 for the last time unknowingly.

The covid babies never got to meet most of their relatives and probably never will. 

“Luna and Jill have grown up with their grandmother, who they adored”, “but not Sierra”.

Jacklynn Seigfried a dear customer wanted to get a beautiful Christmas portrait for her youngest daughter.

“She always hears stories about gammy through her elder sisters and wishes she has met her once,” Jacklynn said.

“She misses someone she hasn’t even met; I had to do something about that.”

An oil painting of the three generations as a thoughtful Christmas gift.

Sierra was really excited about the beautiful Christmas portraits from the photos.

I must say, the story was really touching.

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2. For Someone Who Loves You Dearly

a couple portrait from photo by PortraitFlip

Love during Christmas is like a gym freak on steroids. It is nothing like Valentine’s day.

Showing someone that you love them doesn’t need a particular occasion.

But that does not mean you don’t do it.

Christmas is one of those occasions where wearing your emotions on the sleeves is okay.

Showing how you truly feel comes from within your heart.

Whether it is a gift for your husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, or anyone you love, something meaningful always counts.

“Jessica and I have always been mesmerized by paintings”, Rashaun said.

He sent us a regal photo of them both and said, “I need to give my wife a Christmas oil painting”.

This beautiful Christmas portrait really did take our breath away.

Rashaun and Jessica were expecting their first baby together and that made this Christmas gift even more special.

The regality of the Christmas painting from the photo was spot on for the occasion.

I was absolutely smitten by this cute gesture.

3. For Someone Who Loves Their Children Dearly

a mother and children portrait from photo by PortraitFlip

A Christmas gift comes in waves and the receiver of this beautiful gift was really taken aback.

Portraits as Christmas gifts are the way to go!

Allison is a single mother of two who loves her kids more than anything.

Her parents wanted to show their love and support to her for stepping up and being the best mother she could possibly be.

They tricked her into getting a photoshoot done just to get one of the photos painted.

I must say—the photos were beautiful.

They were very specific about getting a Christmas oil painting from the photo for her.

“She has been through so much and we felt like her role as a mother is not appreciated enough”.

This Christmas we wanted to show her how grateful we are.

This was one of those Christmas portraits from photos that stood as a testament to motherhood.

It was an absolute honor for our artists to paint Allison in her true form—with her children. As a mother!

How beautiful was this gesture?

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4. For Someone Who Misses Their Parents & Grandparents

a compilation portrait of ten members of a family shown merged together by PortraitFlip

When you are used to celebrating special occasions with your loved ones, and one day you can’t—that just s**ks!

There can be so many ways to go about this one.

Your mother/father would have lost their mother/father.

You would have lost a grandparent.

There is a way to include them on this auspicious day.

Our first maximum character Christmas portrait from photos was made for Kylie.

A daughter, a mother, and a wife, who lost both parents on an unfateful day.

Her kids reached out to us to get a beautiful Christmas oil painting made for her.

It was the first Christmas they were celebrating without their grandparents, so we gave them an idea to get an entire family portrait painted.

The portrait contained a total of ten characters, three generations, and a lot of love!

I know celebrations are the best when you get to experience them with your family.

But they are even more meaningful when you have your lost loved ones celebrating it with you.

In true spirit!

There is nothing better than celebrating a gorgeous Christmas with your family.

5. For Someone Who Cherishes Their Family

a family portrait from photo by PortraitFlip

Waking up to the snow, being dragged by your children to open the gifts, sipping on eggnog and hot chocolate. There is just something about Christmas.

You see when I spoke about giving a unique and meaningful gift in one form—

it was for you to witness that extreme happiness from your loved one when they open your gift.

A Christmas painting from a photo is the gift you want to give your loved ones this holiday season, believe me!

Adam and Clara reached out to us with a very special request.

“We would like to get a painting of our family, taken on our first vacation with our baby girl”, “tell us your largest size”.

As happy as we were, we could only think about—this is madness.

They wanted to gift themselves a massive Christmas gift to celebrate their family.

Could this be more adorable?

I hear the painting is now hanging in their living room as proof of a beautiful Christmas gift and also a conversation starter.

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6. For Someone Whose, Pets Are Their Life

a people and pet portrait from photo by PortraitFlip

Some months ago I lost my beloved cat Zoey—for who I could give anything to celebrate one last special occasion.

To include your pets in any occasion is mandatory in my eyes because with them the family seems incomplete.

A gift to someone who is obsessed with their pets seems useless unless their pets are included in the gift too.

Beautiful Christmas portraits from photos are the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you adore them.

You can either get a photo to painting of them and their pet or you can compile their photos into a merged painting.

The painting crafted from the merged portraits looks natural and real.

Carla’s boyfriend got her a painting on Christmas as an appreciation cum unique gift.

I don’t know how anybody can top that. But maybe you can!

All you have to do is just place an order! Today!

7. For Someone Obsessed With Themselves

a solo portrait from photo by PortraitFlip

I have witnessed people keep their photos on their phone’s lock screen AND home screen.

You have got to imagine how obsessed they are with themselves.

I am sure you too have someone special in your life who is equally but not precisely in love with themselves.

Not—photo on home screen—exactly at least!

But even if you do a Christmas gift in the form of their solo portrait is the way to go.

Whether it is the photo of their favorite selfie or yours—a painting can be created from any photo.

Louisa’s boyfriend is completely mesmerized by her.

He wanted to gift a special Christmas gift to her to show her how much he appreciates her.

He sent us a photo of Louisa to be converted into Christmas portraits from photos.

“This is my favorite photo of her from our previous Christmas that we spent apart. I took this screenshot when we were Facetiming one another”

We understand the obsession DeAnton. I hope you never get to spend another Christmas without her.

8. For Someone Who Is In Love With Their Vehicle

a human and vehicle portrait from photo by PortraitFlip

This kind of love is very rare to find but is the strongest of them all. 

For someone to be so in love with their vehicle is a rare sight to see.

We have had so many portraits to date for vehicles that we have given up the reason why.

Until we got Lela’s order.

A Christmas painting from photos of her brother Cameron and his beautiful bike.

My oh my! What a sight for sore eyes it was.

“Cameron would always tell me how that bike made him feel alive. When he got into an accident and lost feeling in his legs, that bike kept his hope alive.”

Lela also added that he has recovered and has already started to ride again.

She told us that this photo to a painting will always be a part of Cameron’s past which he adores. 

That is how we came to know how meaningful vehicles can be to someone.

And them receiving a vehicle portrait as a Christmas gift so personal is even more heartwarming.

9. For Someone Who Lost Too Much

a compilation portrait of a grandfather and grandchild shown merged together by PortraitFlip

Casey lost her grandfather Albert and her newborn baby in the same year.

That is way too much loss for a single year if you ask me.

Her husband wanted to gift her a Christmas painting from photos that had two of her heart pieces merged together.

“She lost a lot this year. I was searching for a good Christmas gift for her, I did not realize I would stumble on this exquisite one.”

It is not about making someone feel better but making someone feel okay for what they are feeling.

Photos sitting side by side with one another are not going to help her remember them.

But this composition of her grandfather sitting with Jace in his arms will.

Scott was so glad he blessed Casey with this Christmas gift.

I swear I don’t just praise handmade paintings for nothing. They really do have an effect on people.

Especially on someone who has lost their beloved loved ones.

Try it.

10. For Someone Whose, Special Day Was Always Incomplete

a compilation portrait of a family shown merged together by PortraitFlip

If you know someone who graduated or won an achievement in life but could not share the moment with their special someone, Welcome!

The only reason why Christmas comes at the end of the year is to let you reflect on your year’s achievements and failures.

Not being able to share and celebrate your achievements with your special people is sometimes disappointing.

Marcus’s mother Melissa came to us with a picture of the two celebrating his graduation.

Something that his father couldn’t be a part of.

While he missed that opportunity, his mother wanted to make him feel otherwise.

Like any mother, she stepped up and order a Christmas painting from photos for her son.

But what was so special about this painting?

It had his father, who was present on his graduation day. 


We merge photos to create a single painting. So we can bless your happiest day with the special people you want to celebrate with.

Incorporating a lost loved one in paintings is something PortraitFlip excels at.

Get your painting today for it to arrive in time for Christmas.

11. For Someone Who Deserves The Royal Treatment

a royal portrait by PortraitFlip

The days of royal paintings are long gone but not forgotten. 

Even today people treat their loved ones as if they are royalty.

You know like—my queen or my king.

It is not just said. You even have to mean it.

If you go to think about it, spending all the time and money to dress up like royalty can be considered too much effort.

Instead, you can just opt for a royal portrait as a Christmas gift.

All you have to do is send in a photo of someone you want to get a royal portrait of and tell us what kind.

For Tennesse, her grandmother really was like Queen Elizabeth III.

She got her Gam-Gam’s face painted on the queen’s body. What a smart idea!

Royal portraits as Christmas paintings from photos will never get old. 

To conclude—

These were all my ideas for Christmas paintings from photos but wait a min. I got more. 

If this doesn’t feed your soul. You can try our other budget-friendly Christmas gifts for everyone.

As I first told you Christmas is all about showing love and care. And after all these examples you would hardly think otherwise.

The best way to show love and appreciation is through paintings.

Christmas paintings from photos.

The secret to Christmas is, that your memories are wrapped and delivered to you. 

A gift so wonderful that will make your loved ones feel loved and fill them up with emotions all at once.

That’s all she said…

Hello lovely reader,

The main goal of this beautiful article on Christmas painting from photos was to remind you that sometimes a gift should mean more.

Let me know in the comments section if, I did or did not convince you that this is the best Christmas gift ever.

Also, do follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our youtube channel to stay updated.

Lots of love and a Merry Christmas.

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