35+ Proposal Ideas That Will Get Your Partner Head Over Heels For You

A man proposing a woman and the woman is in awe and on the cover the title has been mentioned Proposal ideas that will get your partner head over heels for you.

Many partners wonder what the best idea is for making their better half swoon! Well, if you are one of them, then relax! 

Proposing to someone is a big decision in your life because you have to choose who will hold a special place in your heart. 

It may look like an easy task of pulling out a ring from your pocket, sitting on your knees, and saying the magical words, “Will you marry me?” But, this is not how it looks.

Proposing to someone brings a sense of responsibility and sincerity to a relationship. 

It takes two to keep moving forward and supporting each other through all the ups and downs. 

Thinking of how to propose your bae? we’ve got some of the best-picked proposal ideas that will definitely make your better half go AWW!

Best time to propose

A girl holding a bouquet behind her back and waiting to surprise, and a boy in a blue t-shirt walking towards her.
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When it comes to expressing your feelings, everyone has their own unique style.

Proposing to someone is a personal act, but it is advised to do it when you both are ready to bear the responsibility for each other and the relationship as well.

Here are some of the key pointers you should probably keep in mind before getting your ring and roses ready for your best wedding proposal.

  • You and your partner should be clear and straightforward about life, goals, and aspirations.
  • You’ve either hit a milestone or have been in a relationship for some time now. 
  • You both are open about finances and the struggles related to them.
  • You both see your future together.
  • And, most importantly you are sure that when you pop the “will you marry me” question, the answer is going to be a YES.  

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A. Private Proposal Ideas

A boy sitting on his knees, opening a ring box, is proposing to his girlfriend who is sitting on a couch.
Credit- Envato Elements

Is your partner someone who loves to have a private life away from controversies and the stress of what people will say? Then, here is a list of some private ways to propose to your introverted partner: 

1. Netflix & Ring

Its a couple relaxing on their bed and they are smiling while looking at their laptop.
Credit- Envato Elements

Plan a Netflix and Chill night in your room, where you and your partner usually hang out. 

Remember the scene from Bride Wars? In which Fletcher orders Emma’s favorite food alongside a fortune cookie? 

Just like that, stream your partner’s favorite movie or series, and amid the stream or whenever their favorite scene starts, pull out the ring and PROPOSE! 

2. Pop the Proposal in PJs 

A couple sitting on a bed and snuggling onto each other, the girl has fairy lights over her face.
Credit- Freepik

Who thinks that they are going to be proposed to in the comfort of their home, and that too in their cute and crusty pajamas or loungewear?

It can be a romantic way to surprise your partner with one of these best proposal ideas at home, and that, too, by simply proposing to them when they are truly themselves. 

3. Decorate your room

A couple sitting on floor surrounded with candles and flowers and next to that is the image of a room decorated for a proposal setup. A lot of balloons, candles and rose petals. Special decoration features a will you marry me question over the head rest.
Credit- Wedbook

Everyone loves their room when it is well-arranged and properly organized. But just imagine, won’t it be like a scene out of a romantic movie like when your partner gets back from work? 

And all they can see is that their room is decorated with rose petals and candles, with light jazz playing in the background. 

Dreamy proposal decoration with candles, roses, and wine! Ahem! Sounds like a perfect way to propose, doesn’t it?

4. Ballroom dance vibe

A couple dancing in a living room under the concept of an indoor proposal idea.
Credit- Freepik

Keep your music player ready and well-connected to the speakers, and turn your room into a ballroom. 

After dinner, invite your partner to dance with you while your favorite romantic playlist, Tito’s music or some selected proposal songs are playing in a loop. 

Both of you will be lost in each other’s arms. 

To your partner’s surprise, get on your knees when the music stops and ask them in the softest possible way, “Will you be mine, forever?”  

5. While doing your favorite activity together

A couple standing in the kitchen, the girl is cutting tomatoes and the boy is kissing the girl on the cheek. There are a lot of veggies scattered on the platform alongside a glass of wine.
Credit- Envato Elements.

On a Sunday morning, you and your partner are standing in the kitchen, casually cooking, attending a pottery class, or doing anything else that you both love to do. 

The moment you find an opportunity, get closer to her and propose to your partner while she’s busy with other activities. 

Remember, a simple yet sweet surprise can make the moment special. Plan this perfect marriage proposal idea because it definitely has to be memorable. 

6. Surprise visit and proposal

A girl carrying luggage on a railway station looking at someone and smiling.
Credit- Envato Elements

Visiting your partner after a long time? Pro tip: don’t go empty-handed; here are some long distance relationship gifts that you can carry along with the obvious ‘proposal ring’.”

Doesn’t it sound like a perfect Instagrammable memory? 

7. Casual dinner at home

A couple sitting next to a couch with glass of wine in their hand and on the table is two plates of pasta, roses, mini candles and a bottle of wine.
Credit- Envato Elements 

Take time out of your busy schedule in a perfect proposal planning in which you plan a dinner or lunch together at home, get dressed as if it is a Michelin star.

Old-school methods work like magic, so don’t think much, drop the blingy ring in wine, either in a glass of champagne or safely place it in the lasagna you made! 

8. Customized cupcakes or doughnuts 

A box full of donuts with a box of ring in between and few cupcake customized with a special frosting of a proposal. Written over the cupcake is will you marry me? Yes or No
Credit- restaurantguru.com

If your partner has a sweet tooth, in that case, get her some delicious cupcakes and doughnuts. 

Well, you can hide a ring in them and make her choose it. This way, you can let your deepest feelings out of your chest and make the day memorable. 

And with the customized cupcakes, you can also customize a ring for your man or get some jewelry for her alongside.

B. Outdoor Proposal Ideas-

A man on his knees while a woman is hugging him amid a backyard or a park which is covered with spring leaves.
Credit- Envato Elements

If you and your partner are someone who loves to go out in nature and outside of their houses to spend quality time together, here are some proposal ideas that can be made successful in an outdoor setup. 

Thinking of the best places to propose to your better half? Well, then here you go: 

1. Proposal In the Air 

A couple hugging each in an airplane and looking in each others eyes.
Credit- Twitter

When on vacation, try to book an air ticket if possible, and then inform the cabin crew in advance so that they can help you at their best. 

Then wait for the right time after the plane takes off, and when the cabin crew gives a green signal, get your ring out and propose to your partner in the air.

2. Ferris Wheel Proposal

A dressed up couple on the top of a Ferris wheel and the man has a proposal ring in his hand and the woman is surprised and is smiling.
Credit- howtheyasked.com

Take your better half on a Ferris wheel and wait till the Ferris wheel spins and you guys get to the top spot. 

Propose to your partner, and that romantic Ferris wheel ride will become an unforgettable memory for you and your partner.

3. Romantic Proposal on a Yacht 

A couple snuggling on a yacht. They are amid ocean and are drinking in a corner of yacht.
Credit- Envato Elements

Take your partner on a special yacht ride and pour them a glass of champagne and pop the proposal amid the ocean. 

You can also select a destination where you might see dolphins as well. These arrangements will make the moment desirable and memorable. 

4. Build a Snowman

A couple building a snowman and both, the man and the woman are smiling.
Credit- Envato Elements

At the time of winter, you and your partner can wear matching and warm clothes and step out in the snow to make a snowman together.

When your partner is busy making the snowman, you can get on your knees, and pull the ring out the moment they turn back. 

This’ll be the moment when they are going to be shedding tears of joy while saying YES!

5. Floral Proposal

A couple amid a lavender field. Both are wearing white clothes and are holding hands and walking past the field.
Credit – Envato Elements

If your partner is fond of tulips, sunflowers, or even dandelions then what else can be the best than taking them to a field filled with their favorite flowers? 

You can also hand-pick flowers and craft a little bouquet for them to give to them with the ring.

This moment will definitely be a romantic gesture from you to your loved one, so do this only if you want to hear a YES in return!!

6. Proposal on a Hike- 

A man has picked a woman in his arms and they are looking at each other. They are standing at a hilltop and a clear view of sea can be seen.
Credit- Envato Elements

Popping the ‘’will you marry me’’ question on a hike can be one of the most romantic proposal ideas if you and your partner are both adventure freaks. 

7. Camping Under the Stars

A man and a woman are sitting at a lakeside. A campfire is lit with snacks kept aside and also the man is holding a ukulele. They both are smiling.
Credit- Envato Elements

Take your partner out on a romantic camping trip, just try to stay away from shady places like in the middle of nowhere. 

Jokes aside, plan a safe night camping and stargazing.

Under the night sky, full of stars, bend on your knee and propose to your partner in a way she’ll never forget. 

8. Under the Fireworks

A shadow of a man proposing to a woman when the fireworks are lighting up the sky.
Credit- creativedestinationevents.com

A perfect proposal idea is to amaze your partner on a special occasion or when the ball drops at NYE, the fireworks light up the whole sky…

Plan a proposal at that time to light up your partner’s eyes! Pull your partner in your arms and lean in for a kiss and don’t forget to click photos because you can turn that memory into a portrait, with PortraitFlip for sure!

Don’t try this if your partner is scared of fireworks, or else your proposal might… iykyk!

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9. Paper Lanterns

A man and a woman lifting a lantern up in the sky.
Credit- Envato Elements

Light up some lanterns and go to a bridge or your rooftop as well, and while lighting and sending the lanterns off in the sky, get on your knees and propose!!  

Your partner is going to be in love with you and definitely the scenic view.

10. Make your holidays memorable

A couple snuggling in front of the Eiffel Tower and the woman is hugging the man from the back while the man is holding his camera.
Credit- Envato Elements

Treat your partner to a trip to one of the romantic destinations, whether it be Disneyland (Dress her up like Cinderella and be her prince charming) or a trip to Paris (people proposing in front of the Eiffel Tower has set the bar high) they won’t be able to resist themselves from saying YES!

11. Ring in the Rain

A couple hugging on a park bridge under the rain. The man is holding an umbrella.
Credit- How They Asked

Slow dancing in the rain, like a scene from a Hollywood movie. Get on your knees and let the rain cover your tears of joy the moment your partner says YES!

12. Set the vibe at Sunset

A man on his knees with a ring in his hand proposing to a woman who is surprised. It is all happening during the time of the sunset at a beach.
Credit- Freepik

Sunsets and sunrise are the times of the day when you can easily set the vibe and tell your better half about the things on your mind!

Viola! If paired with good music, food, and drinks ofc then all you will hear after you’re done proposing is a YES!

13. Hot Air Balloon Ride

A man is on his knees proposing to his girlfriend on a hot air balloon.
Credit- Rohr Balloons

This can be an expensive idea but is hella dreamy and will definitely surprise your partner which makes it worth a try (if affordable). 

You can also carry a bottle of champagne and toast it when your partner says yes!

Don’t try this if you or your partner are scared of heights! Because you can’t risk your life just because it’s ‘romantic’. 

14. At an Art Gallery

A man sitting on his knees and proposing a woman who is standing in a red dress with both hands on her face. They both are in an art gallery.
Credit- Artnet.com

To set the vibe on a scale of intellectual to elite, take your partner to either a museum or an art gallery.

While your partner is busy praising the beauty of the artifacts and the paintings, get on your knees and when they turn around, they’ll definitely be in awe! 

C. Cute Proposal Ideas-

A man is standing with a bouquet and a box of ring behind his back and a woman is sitting at the coffee table with a cup in her hand and is smiling while looking at the man.
Credit- Envato Elements

We’ve shared both indoor and outdoor proposal ideas with you, now it’s time for some romantic and cute proposal ideas which will melt your partner’s heart and will make them say YES in any case! (definitely not at the gunpoint)

Here is a list of some of the great proposal ideas, through which you can also plan a perfect gift for your man and also a perfect date for him:

1. Portrait to say ‘I Love You’

A living room mockup which features a portrait of a couple.

Portraits are the purest form of expressing your love to someone and when paired with the ‘will you marry me’ question.

Sharing your partner’s favorite memory in the form of portraits and paintings can be a heartwarming moment. 

So what is holding you back? Visit our website and get your partner a fantastic portrait with the ring of course and you can definitely expect a yes!

2. Paw the Aww (Pet Proposal)

A white dog staring at the camera with two rings on his snout.
Credit- Freepik

If you and your partner are existing pet parents or wish to adopt a pet sooner or later then proposing via a pet can be the best and the most romantic option for you. 

Tie a ring to your pet’s leash or just put the box of the ring with the pet, carefully. Your partner will love it forever and will always remember that!

3. Handwritten Love Letters

A pile of handwritten letters with a red paper heart on the top of the pile.
Credit- Envato Elements

Worried about what to say for a proposal? Be that writer which lies within you and start writing all the memories that you’ve spent with your partner. 

Also get your hands on some romantic poetry as well to add that extra touch of love to your letter. 

Read it out for your partner or make your partner read it aloud for both of you, and then propose to them with a ring once the letter is done! 

You can also look out for some customized gifts for couples, which can help you express your love more easily. 

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4. Proposal at Family Gatherings

A scene from the dinner table, two women and two men can be sitting and clinking glasses.
Credit- Envato Elements

Looking for more sincere proposal ideas with family? Then here’s the deal: Talk it out with your partner’s family and plan an intimate proposal at a planned family meeting/gathering/lunch or just a casual meet-up! 

Make sure to talk to your partner before approaching their parents first, or else it can lead to a serious hot-talk! 

5. Virtual Proposal

A man has a ring in his hand and over a video call is a girl who is surprised and shocked by looking at the ring.
Credit- Envato Elements

Been in a long-distance relationship for a long time? Ready to take a step ahead, but can’t travel and meet in person for a while? 

It is a simple way to propose but is indeed one of the most romantic ideas for proposal. 

Well pull that ring and get on your knees over a zoom or a skype call! 

You and your partner can dress for a virtual date and then you can surprise them which will definitely leave them with a deep sense of joy!

D. Unique Proposal Ideas- 

Floating letters over a pool which reads Will You Marry Me? 
A sun can be seen as well in the shadow on the water surface.
Credit- Envato Elements

Cheers to the fun-loving couples out there, here is a list of perfect proposal ideas for you and your bae who loves adventure and thrill a Lil too much:

1. Hints to the ring (Treasure hunt Edition)

A treasure hunt black coloured box which is locked with a heart shaped lock and is kept on a mattress surrounded with electric candles and rose petals and also a red coloured envelope is kept on the front of the box.
Credit- roomescapeartist.com

Wondering about how to propose to your girlfriend who loves playing games? You can either plan it in-house or you can also rent a game room for this. 

All you gotta do is make some hint chits and hide them in coordination and let your boo make their way to the ring! 

2. Underwater Proposal

A couple is scuba diving while holding a banner which reads Will you marry me?
Credit- twofishdivers.com

Imagine yourself asking your partner out in an imaginary underwater proposal way. 

Surprising and exciting at the same time! Take your bae to scuba diving or any underwater restaurant and propose them in the best way possible.

3. Recreational Proposal

A man and a woman is sitting in an outdoor setup with glass of wine and few snacks on the table. They are smiling and laughing.
Credit- Envato Elements

Do you and your partner remember the first time you met? Or the first prom you guys attended together? 

What did you guys wear when you went to senior prom together? Bring it all back and dress as you used to in the starting phases of your relationship.

And to surprise your partner all you gotta do is just get on your knees when your lady walks in the room wearing the same prom dress which melted your heart right away!

You can also get some personalized gifts ready just for your boo for that extra emo twist! 

4. Escape Room

A scene where a man is proposing to a woman in an escape room. The woman has her hair loose and is looking at the ring.
Credit- questfactor.us

If your boo is a fan of ghosts and thrill then take her to a haunted house or an escape room, accompany her, of course! 

And on the exit waiting for her with a ring in your hand.

And don’t forget to give her a glass of water, because, damn! She definitely isn’t going to be ready for a surprise right after a trip to a haunted house!

5. Flash Mob Proposal 

In this image the man came up with a unique proposal idea. He proposed his woman on a square with a flash mob performance and is now sitting on his knee with a ring in his hand.
Credit- NYX Entertainment 

Do this if you really want to give your partner a memorable moment for life, where they have a dedicated outdoor proposal setup! They’ll start thinking of themselves in the video for Stereo Hearts- by Adam Levine!!

Prepare your group and dance in advance you know just to keep yourself away from the secondhand embarrassment it may cause… jk

So, What are your thoughts on these Ideas?

A proposal is a lifetime experience in a relationship, and it is indeed very personal. 

These were the ideas from my end, I’m pretty sure there are many other ways in which you can plan your perfect proposal. 

A window pop-up notification which reads- Will you marry me? with a yes or no action to perform.
Credit- www.deviantart.com

But just make sure that your partner is as equally interested and invested as you are because all these plans will get ruined if all you hear after arranging the dreamy set-ups is a no! (I hope you don’t hear a no, anyway, it’s personal, so I’ll take a leave at this point)

Meanwhile, 14th Feb is on its way, take a look at Valentine’s Day gifts that can definitely bring a smile to your partner’s face and will have a special place reserved in their heart forever. 

Author’s Note

Keep this in mind that no matter what you do, once in a relationship, you gotta do it for your boo! And don’t you think they deserve it? 

Besides, we believe that memories do not belong in a photobook. It deserves to be celebrated and honored, hung as a centerpiece or gifted wrapped in affection. So convert these memories into hand-painted art with PortraitFlip.

We are the world’s No. 1 choice for custom portraits. We turn your photos into 100% hand-painted portraits and deliver them worldwide.

Do let me know in the comments, and make sure you check our Youtube and Instagram pages as well. We have lots and lots of ideas piled up on our Blog as well!

See you, bye!

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