30+ *Hands Down* Best Proposals Ideas Of 2022: Swanky To Simple

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To plan the perfect proposal you need one of the best proposal ideas. 

I know it can be confusing and daunting—especially with those millions of proposal ideas out there.

The fact that you are here says everything about the efforts you are willing to put in.

I got you boo!

You know when you know right? And when you do know you have to do everything the right way.

The engagement ring comes first and then thinking of good ideas for the proposal.

If your partner is low-key, she’d not like the spotlight instead would prefer a quiet and private proposal at home or on a hilltop picnic.

But if she is extroverted, the ‘more is more’ type—go above and beyond!

TBH the only time you would know if your proposal idea was a hit or a miss is when someone asks her, “OMG! How did it happen?” 

(Disclaimer: These are all the cutest proposal ideas I have come across—mostly in movies and some in real life and are worth the risk so don’t hesitate to spruce them up.)

Before Proposing To Someone…

a gif of 2 dogs waiting by the door

There are a few proposal tips that you should know before you pop the question to the special someone!

  • Before anything and everything, discuss the future. Don’t blindside your partner with a ‘Will you marry me?’ without knowing their intentions.
  • Proposal planning takes a lot of preparation and effort. It is not something that you plan and it happens overnight.  
  • A growing marriage proposal trend is to document it all. To have the beautiful moment as a keepsake—and also to share it on social media.
  • Be creative while proposing.  Don’t just stick to the usual proposal ideas. Think something out of the ordinary. 
  • Take a deep breath and be yourself! The last thing you want to do while proposing is get anxious or worse—get awkward, and spoil the fun.
  • Be prepared for the worst. There’s a chance that the person whom you’re proposing may turn down the proposal. So be Lionhearted.

Now without further ado, let’s see the 30 best proposals of marriage ideas that will make them say “Yes!”

1. Proposal At A Picnic

A proposal at a picnic shown as one of the best proposal ideas

Imagine the most beautiful and cozy spot you have ever seen.

If you want your proposal to make it to the list of ‘Best Ideas For a Proposal’ hear me out.

When properly planned, just popping a question on a picnic too can be one of the most romantic proposal ideas ever.


I can only imagine how romantic and intimate this proposal idea would be.

Plan an outdoor picnic in a gorgeous setting for your proposal. 

Throw in a basket full of candles, a good bottle of wine, and chocolate-covered strawberries (or whatever your partner’s favorite dish is)

—and the ring of course.

The ring can hide in a picnic basket or even a glass of champagne.

And when the time is right, pop the question.

Plus, you have the option to include others, such as your partner’s family and friends, or keep it exclusive.

Consider hiring a photographer or videographer to hide and film the proposal, so you can relive the special day forever.

2. Proposal On A Hike

A proposal at a hike shown as one of the best proposal ideas

To be very very honest, only Patrick and David could have made this unique outdoor proposal idea so romantic.

So this is a tried and simple proposal idea: Go on a hike and pop the question once you’ve reached the top of your climb. 

(But please be careful not to lose or damage ‘the precious’.)

Proposing at the end of a trek is classic. Hence, one of the best proposal ideas.

It’s private, memorable, and gorgeous, plus it provides a fun, physical activity to help you forget about your anxieties before proposing.

3. Propose With A Handmade Portrait

a pencil sketch by portraitflip shown as a proposal idea

A wedding proposal has got to be one of the biggest days in anyone’s life. 

There are hundreds of ways to tell someone you love them, and say you even nail the crazy proposal event—

and your partner even accepts it, you still have room to enhance this experience.  

No matter how you’re proposing to your partner, you can make that moment special by proposing to them with a custom handmade portrait! 

But how will a custom handmade pencil portrait make your special moment more “special”? 

I’ll let Luke tell you how. 

“I wanted my marriage proposal to Amanda to be as unique and creative as she is,” “I knew I wanted to propose to her with a portrait, but just didn’t know how”.

When Luke came to us we suggested that he gets the inevitable painting. 

A pencil sketch that shows he is proposing to Jessica would completely confuse her.

And that is the story of how Luke proposed to Amanda. 

Also, one of the most unique and best proposal ideas ever!

4. Casual Dinner At Home

A proposal at a casual dinner at home shown as one of the best proposal ideas

If you are one of those homebody couples, who do everything at home—boy have I found one of the best proposal ideas for you.

Imagine your partner coming home after a long day at work.

While you are waiting for them at home with food from your favorite Asian restaurant and fortune cookies.

In Bride Wars, Fletcher proposes to Emma with a ring in one of these fortune cookies.

A clueless yet soon-to-be bride is surprised to see a ring in a fortune cookie.

He says “If we are still doing this thirty years from now, I know you are the one I want to do it with”. 

Does that top the at-home proposal ideas list or what?

5. Future Wedding Venue

A proposal at the future wedding place  shown as one of the best proposal ideas

Probably this is one of the best will you marry me ideas. 

Whether it’s the church their parents got married in or a place that means a lot to them.

Decisions! Decisions! But once you know—road trip.

Don’t say a word about the destination(keep them guessing).  

When you reach the wedding venue, keep playing it cool until you walk them to the altar. 

Now bend down on your knees and propose marriage.

Your partner will drop their jaw with amazement!

You can also give them a custom handmade painting of your lovely memory to make the moment precious.

A Bonus Point! Send your proposal photo to us and we will turn it into an oil painting! 

This way, you will freeze this precious moment of your life forever. 

The surprise element is the reason why this is one of the best proposal ideas. EVER!

6. Baby Bonus

A proposal that includes children shown as one of the best proposal ideas

Unlike Kourtney and Travis Barker’s proposal; include both of your kids. If you have any.

If you, your partner, or both of you’ll have kids, they will be a part of the marriage too.

Incorporating your and/or your partner’s children is surely going to make the proposal as memorable as it gets. 

Crying is a bonus. Because that is the dream—to have a complete family.

I swear if this isn’t one of the unique ways of proposing, I don’t know what is.

7. Incorporate A Book

A proposal with a ring hidden inside a book shown as one of the best proposal ideas

A book as the vessel of your proposal. Whoever this gave goosebumps to—this is for you.

Whether you use a journal to write a love poem or you gut the insides of a book and place the ring inside—as long as it turns into a keepsake, it’s fine.

You know you can even get a customized book, to catch your partner by surprise.

I mean if you are rooting for the element of surprise in this romantic proposal, this can be it!

8. A Romantic Rooftop Proposal

A proposal at a rooftop shown as one of the best proposal ideas

Alert to all modest people! Look no further! I have ‘THE’ engagement proposal idea for you—ahem—in budget.

If you’re lucky enough to have a rooftop (or have a friend with a rooftop) with a killer view, dress up the space with floral bouquets and some candles. 

Go up pretending to want to watch the sunset and then express your love followed by the question.  

It’s lovely, intimate, affordable, and actually one of the best proposal ideas for her.

9. Spruce Up Your Usual Park Date

A proposal during a casual walk in the park shown as one of the best proposal ideas

Do you take walks often in your local park? 

Take her there under the pretentious that it is ‘just another walk’.

Deck this beloved local park with some flower petals and ask the question there.

Imagine a familiar, comfortable location that is going to be turned into a magical spot. 

Plus, every time you walk by the location in the future, memories.

10. Put Your Proposal In Writing

A proposal with the words Casey will you marry me shown as one of the best proposal ideas

A WOW moment may be created by having friends or relatives hold up a sign spelling out the proposal. 

This can be an excellent proposal idea that involves your partner’s favorite individuals.

If you have them show the sign from afar, you’ll be able to ask the question away from the prying eyes of others—a private romantic moment.

11. First Date All Over Again

A proposal at the recreation of your first date shown as one of the best proposal ideas

So you’ve decided to marry your partner and wonder about the best ways to propose to them. 

If your partner is an easy-going person and you think they will appreciate something cute.  

Simple conclusion? Wind up the time, and take them on your first date ever. 

Remember the location, the food that you ate, and the fun things that you did together?

Now, do the same things all over again, but when it is time to leave, propose to them!

It doesn’t matter where your first date was or what you did.

Just order the same thing, go on the same path for the walk, and go above and beyond to make the experience special. 

Share what you remember most from your first date, and then pop the question.

This cute proposal idea is sure to surprise your partner. In return, you can expect a “yes”!

12. The Insta-Worthy Moment

A grand proposal shown as one of the best proposal ideas

Do you want to go all-out and let your partner have the proposal of marriage of their dreams?

-which can also be boasted on social media-

Hire an event planner, give them a big budget, and let them do their thing. 

Voila! You’ve got yourself the most romantic, Instagram-worthy proposal you’ve ever seen.

While arranging a grand proposal like the one above, it’s crucial to keep the following in mind ‘Plan, communicate, and carry it through.

“What about the photographs in particular?”

“Communicate the finest potential settings with the best lighting,” Allison, an event planner says.

13. A Boat Proposal

A proposal on a boat or yacht shown as one of the best proposal ideas

Enjoy sailing? Ummm… Yes!

Hit the open seas with a basket for a picnic and some bubbly. And the ring.

I have seen a lot of proposals happening on a boat or a yacht. And they are just so divine-looking.

Isn’t it just the best way to propose?

I absolutely adore the concept of proposing while you’re doing something you like.

Furthermore, there’s just something romantic about proposing on a real voyage.

14. Proposal At An Impromptu Photoshoot 

A proposal at a random photoshoot shown as one of the best proposal ideas

A make-believe photoshoot. A clueless proposee. A ring.

Doesn’t it sound like the perfect concoction for an intimate and romantic proposal?

Besides the proposal setup is already there. 

All you do is dress up, and then ask the big question during the “photoshoot.”

15. Sing A Song

A proposal while singing a song shown as one of the best proposal ideas

For all those who want to keep it easy and meaningful, this is a simple proposal idea: sing a romantic song to them and pop the question!

I know, not everyone can sing well. But when you sing a song to your partner, they will find it romantic (isn’t that what you want?)

No matter how bad your singing voice may be—if even you sound like an underwater french horn symphony, they are gonna like it.

And that is how you know they love you. Just saying. 

If you know how to play guitar, that will be a bonus! Even if you can’t, then just stick with a karaoke set or hire a musician to play the instruments. 

If you like to keep things intimate, just sing the song to them privately!

This one is utterly romantic, simple, and yet one of the best proposal ideas, and it works. 

So practice! Practice! And sing it for them!

Here are some songs that you can sing while proposing:

“All of Me,” by John Legend.

“Thinking Out Loud,” by Ed Sheeran.

“Have I Told You Lately That I Love You,” by Rod Stewart?

“A Thousand Years,” by Christina Perri.

“To Build A Home,” by Patrick Watson.

“Can’t Help Falling In Love”, by Elvis Presley

16. Say Yes To The Donut

A proposal with a box of doughnuts shown as one of the best proposal ideas

 ‘Will You Marry Me?’ doughnuts. Excuse me while I wipe my drool are maybe the cutest and tastiest proposal accessories ever.

If you are planning a long-distance proposal and they are a huge fan of doughnuts. Do this. 

Or even if you’re proposing in person, using your partner’s favorite sweet treat to spell out a message may be enjoyable.

To my future hubs, who probably is going to be reading this. Ummm… hint.

17. Say It With Pets

A proposal with pets shown as one of the best proposal ideas

This is one of the cutest ways to propose.  Tell me who can resist cute pets? 

Get your pets to pop the question for you. 

Tie your proposal message to your dog’s leash or make a “Will you marry me?” cardboard and wrap it around your dog’s collar. 

Now, awe them by letting your dog ask the question for you!

Or you can surprise your partner with a new kitten or dog (or whatever pet they like). 

Get a box and keep the kitten or puppy in it (Just don’t forget to add a “will you marry me” card and a ring in the box).

Give the box to your partner and ask them to open it.  I’m sure your partner will cry with joy after opening the box.  

Additionally,  you can get a customized handmade photo of your pet with a proposal message!

18. Flash Mob 

A proposal with the help of a flash mob shown as one of the best proposal ideas

Friends with Benefits. Friends with Benefits. The movie. The flash mod. The proposal.

Listen it is an adorable gesture if you have a kookie girlfriend who you know is going to enjoy this.

Getting a mob to perform out of the blue, whether it’s a dancing or a singing flash mob, or something altogether, it’s different.

It is a really unique and enjoyable way to ask someone to spend the rest of their lives with you.

Don’t know where to begin? A website dedicated to booking a flash mob exists.

19. Propose In A Theatre

A painting of a proposal at a theatre shown as one of the best proposal ideas ever

You. Them. An entire theatre is booked just for you. Which is also filled with rose petals. A Ring. A photographer maybe. Need I say more?

Here we have the best example of how beautifully this proposal idea turned out.


20. Incorporate The Proposal In The Family Vacation

A proposal at a family vacation shown as one of the best proposal ideas

Do you have an annual family vacation like the Kardashians too?

Tessa Wilds says her fiancé proposed on the same yearly family friends’ vacation that brought them together in the first place.

The vacation was a tradition in and of itself, but the proposal was unexpected.

The backdrop was familiar, but the proposal was still as thrilling as it could be—plus, it was poignant.

“I still don’t know how Jason did it, but it was definitely the finest weekend with our favorite friends in our favorite spot!”

The nicest part was hearing all of my relatives’ and friends’ tales about how they kept it hidden from me for so long.

Does it sound like something you do? You can always spin this cute proposal according to you. 

21. Turn Your Partner’s Fav Holiday Into Your Engagement Day

A proposal during a holiday shown as one of the best proposal ideas

Do you have a partner that is a huge Halloween fan? Christmas? Easter? Perhaps even the Fourth of July?

Plan the proposal around that day, and it will make their favorite day even better than they imagined.

Or you can even devise an unexpected proposal on their birthday as a matter of fact.

Plan a “surprise party” for your partner’s birthday, then pretend to destroy the surprise by having them arrive early.

The big shock will come when you propose and your entire family and friends turn up to celebrate.

22. A Spontaneous Trip Does The Trick

A proposal at a sudden trip shown as one of the best proposal ideas

Did you know that many resorts offer mind-blowing proposal packages that make romantic proposals even extra special?

I mean what exactly is a better way to up the ante on your outdoor proposal than jetting off to a tropical getaway? 

There are also cooler destinations to consider, like, say, Maldives, Seychelles, or any place you’ve always dreamed of visiting together.

23. Propose Where You First Said ‘I Love You’

A proposal where you've said your first I love you shown as one of the best proposal ideas

Hold up! If you have access to the place where you have said your first ‘I Love Yous’. 

Is there even a better idea in existence?

Narrow down the place that is meaningful to both of you—where you first met, first kissed, or first uttered: “I love you”.

Plan a picnic for two at one of these historic locations. 

If you want to include your family and friends make sure to give blankets for family and friends to use as they hide.

Trust me this will be one of the best places to propose—that mixed with romantic words and a ring. 

I am jealous.

24. A Family Dinner For Two

A proposal at a family dinner shown as one of the best proposal ideas

Kourtney and Travis alert. Again!

Whatever it was the fact that he planned an entire family dinner following his proposal, was *slow claps and standing ovations*.

If you and your partner are especially close to your families and friends, this is one of the best ideas for a surprise proposal. 

25. A Plane Does The Trick

A proposal on an airplane shown as one of the best proposal ideas

Want to get really creative? Involve a plane. 

I have seen marriage proposals attached to flying planes.

Sure, it might be a little complicated, but the memory is going to be worth it.


Plan a destination vacation and offer to use the speaker system to propose, either at the airport or on the airplane!

One of the perfect proposal ideas for travelers might I say.

26. A Custom Puzzle

A proposal with the help of a puzzle shown as one of the best proposal ideas

Get a custom puzzle made just for your proposal.

Arrange a game night just for you two and start putting the puzzle together.

Once you both complete the puzzle, they can see the words ‘Will You Marry Me?’.

Then all you have to do is go down on one knee and create a magical moment.

Isn’t it one of the most intimate and cutest proposal ideas?

27. Proposal At A Live Concert

A proposal at a live concert shown as one of the best proposal ideas

I have seen proposals at concerts okay, and they are the cutest ever.

Take them to any type of concert or live music that means something special to the two of you. 

You may even take things a step further by contacting the venue to see if you can propose on stage.

Or try reaching out to the artist’s management to see if they can arrange for the performance to be stopped and an announcement made.

Where you can finally propose. 

With every proposal idea, my expectations are going up a notch too. Lord save my future would-be.

28. Trivia Night

A proposal during a trivia night shown as one of the best proposal ideas

This unique proposal idea is something you can do at a trivia night out or even at home!

“(Name), will you marry (name)?” should be the quizmaster’s question. to the team of your partner

For everyone involved, it will be one of the most unforgettable memories.

29. Perfect Moment In A Photo Booth

A proposal during the photoshoot in a photobooth shown as one of the best proposal ideas

Take your partner out on a date to a place that has a picture booth.

Pop the question during your photo booth session so you have a strip of photographs from the exact moment you proposed.

Before using the photo booth, make sure you test the timing.

You don’t want images shot at inconvenient times!

30. A Planetarium Proposal

A proposal at a planetarium shown as one of the best proposal ideas

The perfect proposal. Isn’t this how Ross was going to propose to Rachel.

Just for this reason hands down this is one of my favorite creative and unique marriage proposal ideas.

Check with the planetarium ahead of time to see whether ‘would you marry me?’ may be projected during the stargazing show.

31. A Beach Proposal 

A proposal at the beach shown as one of the best proposal ideas

No matter how your and their personalities are, a beach proposal is romantic for everyone!

Between the sand and ocean waves; the beach is one of the best places to tell someone you love them.

And how do you say it? 

There are tons of Beach Proposal Ideas. 

A proposal setup; full of roses, a candlelight dinner, or even a plane flying by with a proposal banner.

Amongst them, a candlelight dinner on the beach is one of the unique ways to propose.

You know that at night, the beach is serene with the pleasing sound of waves crashing at the shore. 

How wonderful would it be that you and your dear one are savoring wine and seafood at candlelight? 

The breeze is blowing gently and then your future-to-be spouse finds something on their plate. They pick it up and discover that it’s a ring. 

And then you finally pop the question: Will you marry me? 

It definitely will be met with happy tears and an evitable Yes. 

So plan to pop the question at a candlelight dinner at the beach and surprise them. You can go a step further and plan the proposal at the best beaches around the world.

Here are some of the beautiful beaches:

The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Sunset Beach, Oahu

Beaches of Maldives

White Beach, Boracay, Philippines

Marco Island, Florida

Beach proposal ideas are one of the best ways to tell someone you love them (and yes, they will accept your proposal)

To Conclude…

I mean come on. All of these are the best proposal ideas have someone’s name written. 

Cute proposal ideas? I got them.

Unique proposal ideas? I got them.

Romantic proposal ideas? I got them.

Unique proposal ideas? I got them.

Creative proposal ideas? I got them too.

Find the one that suits you best and up the ante.

And not just one or two. I got a whole bunch of the most romantic ways to propose ever, What else do you need?  

I know what I need though. A frickin’ proposal. I mean if I need something foremost it would be a guy.

To tell you the honest truth. No matter where you propose to the person you love, nothing else would matter if they say no!

Ahahahahah sorry.

No special place, no 10-carat ring, no special orchestra, nothing matters as long as you are with your partner.

I have been talking a lot about going the extra mile, so why not do the same to preserve your memories.

Photos aren’t enough my loves. Turn your proposal into a beautiful photo to painting.

I promise you won’t regret it!

So yes please make them feel special and make their day magical by using at least one of these proposal ideas out of the bunch.

That’s All She Said…

Salut lovelies,

I know I have brought you the best proposal ideas there are out there.

I can also assure you there is a 100% chance that the only answer you receive is a ‘Yes’.

If you think they are worth sharing, do your girl a favor and share the article!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube and follow us on Instagram.

Au Revoir!

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