57 Gift Ideas that Make Perfect Gifts for Cat Lovers

Cats are the second best furry companions for humans.

Cats are super cute, adorable and blend in well with families.

But there can be one member of a family who is absolutely cat-crazy and also the pet cat’s favorite.

A person so crazy about cats must be surrounded by things that have cat mentions on it.

This person can be easily termed as a “cat lover”.

If you are thinking of gift ideas for a cat lover, we at PortraitFlip are here to help you.

Continue reading to choose the right gift for your cat-lover friend.

Cat Themed Gifts

Handmade Cat Oil Painting

Gone are the days of plain photo printing and collages to gift people.

Now you can get customized handmade paintings made using your digital photos.

Gifting a cat lover a handmade painting of their pet cat is something they will absolutely love.

Anything that is not digital but handmade instantly attracts everyone.

Custom made cat portrait can be anything it can be just the cat’s photo or a photo of the cat with their owner or also two different photos combined into one handmade portrait.

Here is the link to our website where you can get the customized handmade portrait made.

You can get your favorite photo made into a beautiful painting and get it delivered anywhere in the world at absolutely no shipping cost.

Go and surprise a cat lover with this very sweet gesture with PortraitFlip

Cat Pillow Case Set

A Cat lover’s life revolves around their cat(s).

They can never get enough of cats and will love gifts that are related to cats in any way possible.

A Cat pillowcase set is just the right gift that can make a cat lover’s day, or say night, better.

A comfortable sleeping bed is what anyone needs.

What better than a cat pillowcase set to make the bed even cozier and cute to sleep on?

These pillowcases have got on them minimalist cat ears design to fit any style.

It just perfectly celebrates the loved one has for cats.

Simple and stylish this is a cute and unique gift idea.

Also this gift promises that the person will using it for sure.

You can buy this pillowcase set at Xenotees.com

Cat Themed Welcome Mats or Doormats

Cats may not have a welcoming nature but a cat lover will love coming home to a cat-themed welcome mat.

Welcome mats and doormats slightly differ in use.

A welcome mat is the one placed at the entrance of a house and doormats can be used outside rooms inside the house.

You can choose between giving just a Cat themed welcome mat or add more cat-themed doormats and make it a set of mats.

Cutesy gifts like cat-themed welcome mats can be put to use right away.

The cute cat face and colorful design will also help in cheering up visiting guests.

Cat Themed Shower Curtain

Everything related to cats is fun and quirky.

One of these quirky home accessories is the cat-themed shower curtain.

Fun gifts for cat lovers like a cat-themed shower curtain will always attract the eye and add a dash of color, quirk and cuteness to the bathroom.

A shower is a person’s “Me time” and for a cat lover a bathroom with the faces of cats around is the ultimate way to enjoy the “Me time”.

A cat-themed shower curtain will not only make a cat lover happy but will also bring a smile to their face every day.

This gift will add a pop of colors to the bathroom and is just too cute to look at.

Buy this gift at Showerofcurtains.com.

Cat Themed Measuring Cups

There are many gift ideas for cat lovers but to select the best gift for cat lovers is the real task.

Here we bring yet another cutesy cat-themed gift, cat measuring cups.

This gift is perfect for someone who is a baking enthusiast or a baker by profession.

Made from porcelain these adorable cat-themed measuring cups are cute and sturdy in design.

Imaging, the person using these measuring cups while baking and go “aww” every time he/she uses the cups.

This gift is not only stylish but also very practical.

The cat-themed measuring cups are so beautiful that they are bound to cheer up its user.

Cat Charcoal Sketch

How about getting a classic black and white charcoal sketch out of a photo of your cat sound like?

Awesome, doesn’t it!

All you have to do to get a handmade charcoal sketch from your cat’s photo is send the most adorable photo of your cat to us and create an order with any customizations you want like – Adding Name or a Custom Message on the portrait, Changing Background, Adding More Cats or Dogs or Any Other Character into it, etc.

We at PortraitFlip are all about a custom experience that satisfies you nothing less than 100%!

Find PortraitFlip here.

Gifts for Cats

Cat Cave

While searching a gift for cat lovers you cannot miss on the idea of giving them a gift that is useful for their furry friend.

What is a guide for cat gifts without a gift for the cat itself?

So, a Cat Cave is quite the right choice for the four-legged friend.

Cats love to nap and find weird places and corners in the house to go get that beauty sleep. 

A cat cave will give them just the right place to go and doze off.

It can serve as a perfect hideaway place for them.

A gift for cat lovers that don’t consider the cat can be a mistake.

A cat cave is quite the “purrfect” and the best gift for cat lovers

Desco Cat Feeder

A Desco Cat Feeder is a raised dish attached with food bowls to stop your food from splashing friends from eating the food off the floor.

Cats tend to spill their food a lot and that can be a mess for their owner to clean.

A Desco cat feeder will ensure that the cat doesn’t spill its food and can enjoy the meal.

A cat feeder is a practical gift as cats can be messy to handle. 

Small and thoughtful gifts like these can really help the pet owners to be more organized and the cats will love it too.

Buy this at tuff and paw.

Cocoon Bed

On average a cat sleeps 15 hours a day and to sleep they need to find a perfect spot.

Unique gifts for cat lovers like the cat cave or even a cocoon bed is also a thoughtful gift idea.

Your four-legged sleepyhead will love a cocoon bed as it is very comfortable and soft.

Made from 100% wool your furry buddy will feel cozy in this cute cocoon bed.

It can also be the cat’s favorite place to sit and do nothing, which is what all cats love to do.

This cat bed also has petal details on the top for the cat to feel like a flower.

Fancy Cat Collar with Bells

A fancy cat collar with bells is a great gift idea for two reasons.

  • The fanciness makes the cat look more cute and attractive. Also, it is easy to identify if by any chance your cat goes missing.
  • The bells on the cat collar will jingle every time the cat moves around in the house. Sometimes cats get confused by the bells jingling and try to track the noise. This can be quite a scene to watch.

This can also be categorized as funny gifts for cat lovers as it keeps their kitty busy and the owner enjoys watching their silliness.

 Cat Trees and Towers

All Cats do is jump, climb, and some more jumping and climbing.

Cat trees and towers are perfect for them and will keep them busy, at least for some time.

Cat trees and towers come in many options and have a varied range of fun towers to classic towers.

Cats love to hang out at a spot off the ground and love watching their humans from above.

A cat tree or tower is perfect for them.

The fun thing about these cat gifts is they are also a great gift for cat lovers because nothing can make them happier than to see their furry buddy have a great time.

Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

Handmade Cat Painting with Owner

A cat lover must have hundreds of photos with its cat.

You can select one such photo of the cat and its owner and we will give you a painting of the same photo.

The painting can be of your choice.

We suggest you go for an oil painting for a portrait that fits both the cat and the owner, like the one in the picture above.

If you don’t have everyone in one picture, no problem!

Take advantage of our Free Merge Tool by which you can add multiple characters into one painting.

Want to know more? Head to PortraitFlip and use our 24×7 chat feature.

For more ideas visit our gallery. Click here.

“Best Cat Mom” Funny Wine Glass

Get over the cliché gift ideas like mugs or cat-themed mugs.

This wine glass is one of the funny gifts for cat lovers you can choose for a cat mom.

Also, a wine enthusiast who is in love with cats this funny wine glass with the perfect tag for a cat lover is just too cute to handle.

This wine glass has a holding capacity of 15-oz.

You can also get this design custom made on a coffee mug in case someone is not that much into wine consumption.

Coffee mugs can be cliché but never go out of style.

Plush Cat Slippers

Pretty cute, fun gifts for cat lovers like this warm and plush cat slipper are sure to bring a smile on anyone’s face.

A cat lover especially will be overwhelmed.

On a cold winter night, a cat lover friend will just love to get these warm and plush cat slippers on.

It has the cutest face with buttons as cat eyes.

It has a leather and rubber sole with a wool-like lining.

Very comfortable and warm to the feet this cat slipper is the sweetest and warmest gift for cat lovers.

Buy these slippers at Freakypet.com

“Cat Dad” T-shirt

Cat lovers are definitely not just “Cat Moms” but there are “Cat Dads” too.

You got a Cat Dad in your life?

This t-shirt is just perfect to appreciate the dads in them.

Being a cat dad is just awesome and a t-shirt that just helps in proudly flaunting the same is quite the perfect gift.

We admire all “Cat Moms” and “Cat Dads”.

These self-proclaiming Cat Dads are just wonderful and will love a gift that has a cool screen-print saying “Cat Dad” on it.

Cat Socks with Paw Prints

As mentioned earlier that there are both Cat Moms and Cat Dads in this world.

We bring you a unisex gift idea for cat lovers, the paw print cat socks.

Cat themed gifts that are wearable like earrings, slippers, t-shirt and socks are gift ideas for cat lovers that provide all the personal and cutesy feels.

One cannot resist wearing these cute cat socks.

They feature paw prints on the toes making it look just like the cat feet and super cute.

As being unisex it can be worn by both “cat moms” and “cat dad” and are available in different sizes.

Neoprene Cat Lunch Bag

This is a lunch bag for adults with cat prints suitable for carrying to work.

It can also be used by kids for school.

The Neoprene cat lunch bag is perfect for your 9-to-5 working friends.

This is not just an ordinary cat lunch bag but this bag is also an eco-friendly and reusable non-toxic bag.

Made from 4mm thick neoprene this cat lunch bag can also be machine-washed.

Made with PVC-free materials to ensure food safety this is the best gift for cat lovers who make it a priority to always pack their lunch for work.

Multiple Cats Painting by PortraitFlip

Cat lovers can be crazy cat owners.

Some cat lovers own not just one but even three or four cats.

Don’t have everyone in one frame? Hakuna Matata!

Send each character’s at least 1 photo and we will merge all of them into one which looks perfectly natural as it is going to be painted by the artist!

Visit PortraitFlip.com and order this painting now.

You can also avail a 10% discount by using OFF10 code during checkout.

Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers

Cat Shaped Tea Bags

Cats are not everyone’s cup of tea but they can make a cup of tea.

We are talking about cat tea bags.

Yes, this unique and very cute thing is available for real.

Yet another unusual gift idea for cat lovers this kitty shaped tea bags are available to brighten up a dull day.

These cat tea bags are suitable for the quirky cat lovers in your life.

Cat Ice Cube Tray

Cats can be described in only three words quirky, quirky and quirky.

Even the cat owners and cat lovers are mostly of quirky personality types.

This unusual cat shaped ice cube tray is here to give you all the quirky feels.

Ice that is shaped like a cat, just the idea of it sounds extremely fun.

The cat ice cube tray is a perfect gift choice for any cat lover.

Cat Themed Soap Bars

There is literally nothing that cannot be turned into a cat themed gift.

Cat-themed soap bars are other unusual gifts for cat lovers who will love to bathe with a soap that makes a cute kitty face.

These soap bars are made from natural and organic materials.

Cat Headphone

As said before there is nothing left to be turned into something that is cat-themed.

Cat headphones are perfect for the tech-savvy friend who enjoys all sorts of electronics.

Cat headphones are available in quirky themes or simple and cute themes.

Royal Cat Portrait

PortraitFlip is all about celebrating your captured moments and memories by turning them into paintings and portraits.

We have a unique gift idea for a cat lover it is a Royal Cat Portrait!

A royal cat portrait paints your cats face on a royal uniform.

This is quite a funny and creative gift idea for cat lovers which also points out how royal cats and pets can be, in a funny way.

To order this royal cat painting, visit this page for more details.

Fun Gifts for Cat Lovers

Cat Earrings

Cat Earrings are for real.

Across the internet you will find hundreds of sites that sell cat earrings.

All you need to do is search cat earrings in the search bar and scroll through a varied range of options and extremely cute cat earrings.

A cat lover will never get enough of cats and personal gifts for cat lovers can be just their own to use and adore them every day.

These cute earrings that come in silver, gold, copper, pearls and many options are just the best gift that can be used to put on for work, evening hangouts or just any regular day.

“Cat Hair Don’t Care” Poster/Frame

Every cat owner is will totally relate to this quote.

Animals tend to shed a lot and a feline friend sheds the most.

Cat owners somehow become immune to the shedding problem and do not mind it over the course of time.

This “Cat Hair Don’t Care” poster or frame is one of the funny gifts for cat lovers because the cat owner is sure to burst with laughter after reading this quote.

This is more of a sarcastically funny gift where the cat quote seems to have pun intended.

You can buy this online or take a print out of the quote and frame it for a cat lover yourself.

Party Cat Plates

If cats were humans they would be definitely tagged as party animals.

No party is complete without food and what’s better than ceramic cat plates to serve the food.

Gifts for cat lovers are always funny and cute to look at.

These fun gifts for cat lovers who are party animals are just the appropriate choice.

The party cat plates are available in ceramic and also disposable paper plates.

Perfect for a party these plates are also helpful and eco-friendly.

Cat Mousepad

This gift is suitable for workaholic cat lovers.

Forever working on the laptop the workaholics will love working with a cat Mousepad.

Cat Mousepad is super cool and also unusual, have you met someone using a cat mousepad?

That makes this gift idea unusual.

Someone you know who loves his/her work but is also a kitty lover deserves a gift that suits both their passion and their love for cats.

Unique gift ideas for cat lovers like a cat mousepad are just perfect for people who are workaholics or someone who spends most of the time using computers.

DIY Cat Bookmarks

Cat Bookmarks are super fun gifts for cat lovers who are also avid readers.

If you have a bookworm in your life who loves cats he/she is bound to love a gift like this one.

Cat bookmarks are actually handmade gifts.

You can learn how to make cat bookmarks from YouTube and make an easy DIY gift for your loved ones.

However, for all the lazy shoppers you can also buy cute and quirky cat bookmarks online.

Cat Watercolor Painting By PortraitFlip

Quite the basic form of painting watercolor paintings may sound old-school but they still stand out.

A cat watercolor painting is pretty much the ideal gift for cat lovers.

We at PortraitFlip are here to help you get this idea turned into reality.

Cat Shaped Cross Body Shoulder Bag

If you can’t carry your cat with you wherever you go, this kitty shoulder bag is the next best option to carry with you.

Ideal for the fashionista cat lady in your life this cute cat shaped cross body shoulder bag is perfect to complete the whole look.

It goes well with almost any outfit.

It has wonderful streamlined stitching outside and fully lined interior on the inside and a cat shape to top the whole look.

It can be worn in three ways:

  • Crossbody
  • Top-handle
  • Single shoulder
  • Cat Sleeping Mask

For a traveler soul or a homebody this silky cat sleeping mask is just the best.

This can be a gift or for personal use, it will not disappoint when it comes to a good night’s sleep.

More suitable for frequent travelers and people who are always on the go. 

This kitty sleeping mask is not specifically for cat lovers but is useful for everyone and is overall a cute and thoughtful gift idea.

Cat Fruit Basket

A fruit basket shaped like a cat is the right choice for people who love to fill their homes with all the cat stuff.

The internet is filled with unusual cat lover gifts and this fruit basket is not something you ordinarily see in the kitchen.

In metal or wooden you can get it any material of your preference.

This fun and functional gift deserve a glance when thinking of gift ideas for cat lovers.

Party Cat Plates

If cats were humans they would be definitely tagged as party animals.

No party is complete without food and what’s better than ceramic cat plates to serve the food.

Gifts for cat lovers are always funny and cute to look at.

These fun gifts for cat lovers who are party animals are just the appropriate choice.

The party cat plates are available in ceramic and also disposable paper plates.

Perfect for a party these plates are also helpful and eco-friendly.

Cat Candles

Anything and everything that is related to cats, small or big, unique or cliché, all of these are well-suited and best gifts for cat lovers.

Cat candles are yet another “aww” worthy and the best gift for cat lovers.

Cat candles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs.

You have an ocean of choices to explore from considering what goes well with your cat person.

Cat String Lights

Fairy lights are the trendsetters for home décor ideas.

Fairy lights are basically a thin string of LED lights that look very beautiful when used for home décor.

Gifts for cat lovers such as the cat-shaped string lights are something creative, fun and different.

The cat string lights are too cute to be true.

A cat lover in your life is bound to love these cutesy lights that will not just shine but make cat faces light in a corner.

A home or room décor that has cat string lights is one of the unique gifts for cat lovers.

Cat Wall Calendar

How lovely is it to look at a new cat every day for all 365 days in a year?

Very much isn’t it?

This can be true as the Cat wall calendar is a thing now.

Gift for cat lovers that is a 365 days cat calendar is just the gift idea.

Your favorite cat person will just love this cat wall calendar.

You will find a variety of calendars some are also with funny cat quotes.

Your crazy cat person will love this gift filled with kitties for every single day.

Cat Acrylic Painting

Acrylic Paintings are a specialty at PortraitFlip.

Cats being the second most favorite pets you will see a lot of previously ordered cat acrylic painting in our gallery.

Paintings that are handmade never go out of style and we at PortraitFlip assure you the best quality paintings by our artistic and very talented artists.

A cat oil painting is also much of a loved gift idea by cat lovers.

You can order a handmade cat oil painting here.

Cat Writing Journal/Planner

This is a highly recommended gift for cat lovers who are of the “Dear Diary” personality.

These cat lovers have to write in their journals or always have a planner notebook handy.

The cat writing journal or planner notebook is quite attractive and demands to be used.

The kitty face on the front is not just cute but the whole journal is classy and filled with cat cuteness.

It is also divided into months or weeks for planning weekly or monthly goals.

Cat Planter

Indoor plants are yet other cute and environment-friendly trends these days.

Planting trees indoors that does not require much sunlight and are immune to survive inside the house.

Add a tiny cat planter to plant the trees and there is nothing more than cuter than this.

Cat planters are available in various cat shapes, different cat poses; some are also hanging cat planters.

All these varieties just add to the cuteness of these cat planters.

Cat Planters are the perfect gifts for cat lovers who are all about plants and nature.

Cat Bottle Holder

Cat Bottle holder can be recognized as an unusual gift for cat lovers.

This cat bottle holder is colorful, unique and something that you do not see in every kitchen.

Gifts for cat lovers like this cat bottle holder are very pretty to look at.

Treat your family or friends with this cute and funny bottle holder.

This cat bottle holder is sure to bring a smile on their face every time they look at it.

Cat Bottle Opener

Plain and boring bottle openers are a thing of the past now.

The market is filled with new ideas even for small things like bottle openers.

Cat bottle openers are exclusive gifts for cat lovers who love having anything and everything that is cat-themed.

The smallest of things relating to cats will bring them joy.

A cat bottle opener is the perfect choice of gift that they can also add to their cat-themed collections.

Cat Glass Marker

Cat-loving wine drinkers can rejoice because we’ve found the perfect gift for them, cat glass markers.

Wine drinkers are also party people and glasses of wine can get mixed easily at parties.

Cat glass markers are just the appropriate and lovely gifts for cat lovers to help them mark their glass of wine

These kitty markers hug the wine glass and make it easy to identify one’s glass of wine.

Made of silicone these cat glass markers are also dishwasher safe.                   

Cat Apron

A cat apron is a perfect gift for the cook in you or for a cat-loving chef in your life.

Gifts for cat lovers that they can use personally or in their professional life is quite the right choice.

Cat aprons are pretty to wear and practically a very useful gift.

A cat apron makes a heartfelt gift for bakers and chefs who are also crazy cat lovers.

Made with cotton this one size fits all.

Cat Coasters

Eye-catchy and simple cat coasters are gifts for cat lovers that should not be ignored while thinking of gift ideas.

These absolutely adorable cat coasters are ideal for everyday use.

Cat coasters are also available in different materials such as silicon, plastic, ceramic and wooden coasters.

Cute, simple and useful these cat coasters will not disappoint.

Cat Trinket Dishes

Cat trinket dishes are the perfect homeware gifts for cat lovers.

These dishes are useful in practically everything.

These cat trinket dishes come in many shapes and sizes.

They are quirky, funny and very innovative.

The cat trinket dishes also offer you a sense of personality same like those of the real cats.

They are mostly stoneware dishes perfect for snack binging.

Cat Embossed Rolling Pin

A rolling-pin is used to make cookies.

A gift for the baker friend of yours, this cat embossed rolling pin will leave cat prints on the cookies.

Freshly baked cookies and that too with cat shapes on them will be an instant hit for everyone.

This rolling pin can be used on dough for cookies and also ceramic-mass.

Cat Measuring Spoons

Cat measuring gifts are also good houseware or kitchenware gifts for cat lovers.

These cat measuring spoons come in a set of 4 including 1 tablespoon (tbsp) 1 teaspoon (tsp), ½ teaspoon (tsp) and ¼ teaspoon (tsp).

These cute measuring spoons are available in wooden, ceramic and plastic materials.

Cat Water Bottle

Water is essential to stay hydrated but you can also stay hydrated and look stylish or just flaunt the cat personality.

The cat water bottle is just the right gift idea for cat lovers.

Cat water bottles are not just stylish but you can also experiment with gifts for cat lovers by selecting a very quirky cat water bottle, just like the ones in the picture.

Cat Hook Hanger

This over-the-door or wall hook hanger is perfect for cat lovers who like to keep it minimal.

Gifts for cat lovers who love cats but aren’t willing to stock the whole house with cat-themed things are the suitable category of people for this gift.

This cat hook hanger is perfect for hanging lightweight items like keys.

However, you can opt for sturdy cat hook hangers that can be used for hanging clothes, towels, and many other items.

Cat Quilt Set

A cat quilt set may not the ideal gift for everyone but it is surely one of the perfect gifts for cat lovers.

It is available in both King and Queen’s full sizes set.

Crafted with highest-quality material and solid cat prints all over, makes this quilt set all types of adorable.

Adding a dash of colors and cuteness to the bedroom the cat quilt set has barely any reason to be ignored as a gift idea.

Cat Umbrella

This cat umbrella makes a perfect gift for cat-loving travelers or for anyone who is a cat lover.

The cat umbrella fits well and neatly into a backpack or a purse.

The adorable cat print is great to fade away all the rainy day blues.

An umbrella with cat prints will be the only instance where the cat is getting wet and not running away.

Cat Butt Magnets

The easiest and best choice while searching gifts for cat lovers are the cat butt magnets.

These cat butt magnets are for the refrigerator and also help in holding the stick out notes.

Their fluffy tails are extremely cute and they make a perfect gift for the friend with a wicked sense of humor.

Cat Phone Cases

Phone cases or back covers area craze all over the world.

Gifts for cat lovers who are always on their phones leave an easy gift choice.

Cat Phone cases also have options like cat quotes, cat face or whole phone case shaped like a cat.

The cat lover phone addict friend in your life deserves a purrfect cat phone case.

Cat iPad Case

Tech-savvy cat lovers will dance in joy and happiness to get a cat iPad case.

The cat case for iPad is perfect to satisfy the personalities of your friend, the tech-savvy personality and the cat lover personality together.

Cat Flash drive

Gifts for cat lovers who are techies by profession and also need to carry a flash drive with them are perfectly eligible for this gift.

Cat flash drives are super cool and fun gifts for cat lovers who are habitual to lose their flash drives easily.

The unique cat flash drive might also help them in not losing it anywhere.

Cat Moody Cards

Cats are mostly grumpy and whiny.

The cat moody cards are perfect for the work desks.

At office humans have more moods that are relatable with cat moods.

Gifts for cat lovers such as the cat moody cards are helpful in cheering up people with the humor and relatable quotes.

Cat Doodle Book

The moody cards may help in cheering you up but the cat doodle book for adults will help calm the mind.

Doodling has many positive effects that calm down stress and depressed feelings.

Cat doodle books are ideal gifts for cat lovers facing a tough time in dealing with emotions.

We hope that this article has been of much use to you and if you have any interesting opinions or ideas for gifts please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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