52+ Decoration Ideas For Living Room Walls In 2020

Decoration ideas for living room walls

Looking for decoration ideas for living room walls that will amp up your living spaces?

You are at the best place to explore some refreshing, motivating, and tailored décor items!

Both Science and Ayurveda say that the elements around a human being have some vibrations to them, which are responsible for controlling the happy thoughts in a human’s mind.

If you ace the game of the right décor for you, you can certainly be at a happy place!

Whether you are an artist, professional, an entrepreneur, or any other profession, we have some handy tips and suggestions as well as some exciting goodies to surround yourselves with all the things that you adore in life!

Let’s hop in!

Oil Paintings – Personalized. Sophisticated. Awesome!

oil paintings

How can we not start the list with paintings!

Paintings give you the freedom to go beyond the limitations of language and express a feeling which cannot be otherwise described in words.

Or you can put your artistic glasses off and simply get a painting of your happy place!

The subject of a handmade painting can be anything right from your dog to an apple, or a scene you enjoy watching.

Opt for an oil painting due to the unusual texture it gives to the finished painting and its archival properties.

A traditionally painted oil painting can be found in lots of galleries, but if you want to customize the subject, background, framing, text, or anything else, visit PortraitFlip.

Suggestions To Hang A Painting

Hang it low.

Balance your portrait’s background with the color of the living room.

Gallery wrap your paintings for living rooms.

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Optical Illusory Paintings

optical illusory paintings

When it comes to illusory paintings, only one name pops in every listener’s mind – Rob Gonzales.

You can get a painting like the above image to hang it up your living room and leave your guests impressed by your choice of art!

There are many such illusory paintings available; you can send this image and get a painting of it from PortraitFlip.

Family Tree Painting

family tree painting

Are you a fan of your family and adore them the most?

Then fancy a family tree with photo frames and steal all the praises!

Beware to keep changing the photos based on which member is going to come to your house or else the idea may turn against you!

Frame Special Dates

frame special dates

Everyone has a special date in their lives- Marriage Anniversary, First Child’s Birthday, Parents Birthday, or any other date that means a lot!

Celebrate these dates with a picture frame on your living room wall.

This idea, is one of the cheap decorating ideas for living room walls.

Mount Your Passion

mount your passion

Walls have a significant role in describing what your interests and liking are.

You can mount your bike, helmet, guitar, or anything of your choice!

Suggestion: A framed poster of the movie that has changed your life can also be mounted.

set up a wall gallery

Life is fantastic, it has its way of teaching you different things, and the best part is that we can go back to the specific memory with the help of a photo or a handmade painting.

Decorate all of your important memories and put them up on your living room wall, which only showcases the key memories in your life!

Tip: Extend the wall paintings to the ceiling to give a look of large space.

Theme A Hallway

theme a hallway

Hallway walls are potential décor places to inculcate happy thoughts.

You can theme it with your paintings, pet paintings, graduation pictures, A trip’s photos, or anything else.

You may also light up the whole hallway with yellow lights or small bulbs to give it a nice highlight in the evening.

A handy tip here would be to suit your photo’s background color with the wall color.

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Child Portrait From Photo

child portrait from photo

What can be more lovely to watch than a sight of your children!

Get a handmade painting from your child’s photo delivered at your doorstep and showcase at anyone of your living room walls to make the house a home!

Dangling Frames

dangling frames

Why drill or keep frames? When you can leave them dangling!

Try this new décor idea to stand apart.

Minimalist Bookshelves

minimalist bookshelves

Well, how about a bookshelf?

It’s useful, acts as a great showcase, and doesn’t demand a lot of investment.

You can flaunt your literature here, and the conversations with all the guest would never stop!

Mirrors To Balance Light And Act As Dividers

mirrors to balance light and act as dividers

The use of a mirror is one of the great decorating ideas for walls in living room.

Using it as a tool to spread brightness and light into your living room is one thing you can do, or you may also use it as a divider and add symmetry to your living room.

Artwork Above The Fireplace

The spot above your fireplace is a great base to showcase artwork or a showpiece.

An artwork that can be enjoyed watching by sitting next to the fireplace is a good place to start the search for the spot.

Live Love Laugh!

This is a minimalist approach to wall frames and looks good as well.

You can flip the background and text color to suit your walls.

You can order these from Etsy.

Green & Glowing

green glowing

You can also go for something completely different decorating ideas for walls in living room.

The above shown décor suggestion is also loved by many interior designers who get requests of adding plants to the wall.

But the catch is to either put artificial plants or keep changing the plants in every week.

Its Family Wall Time!

its family wall time

The family wall can have all the beautiful memories of your family, like the time when a baby was born or when someone graduated or when you bought your first car.

Consider converting all the photos into B&W charcoal drawings as they are all memories and charcoal sketches would suit the content of the photos.

Vertical Garden

vertical garden

How about that?

A vertical garden not only adds the bright and fresh green color to your living space but also gives out oxygen in your living room.

This kind of setup is difficult to maintain and needs a lot of care and supervision.

Pet’s Handmade Painting From Photo

pet’s handmade painting from photo

Your dog’s photo in the living room, isn’t that a great idea?

It will be a great conversation starter and an amazing art piece in your living room.

The wide colors in an oil painting will give charm and vibrant look to your living room.

You can order a handmade pet painting here and get a 10% discount when you use code OFF10 for a 10% discount.

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Bright Fabric

bright fabric

A piece of fabric on a wall is by far the best choice after a handmade painting or any other artistic keepsake.

A bright fabric looks colorful and at the same time doesn’t hurt the wallet, you can choose the right fabric based on the specific need of the room.

You have a lot of options available on Amazon to choose from when it comes to hanging fabrics.

Add Lights To Your Living!

add lights to your living

Lights set the mood for any room.

The right light for your living room could be any light shade like yellow.

Lights look gorgeous after 5 PM and could help to elevate the atmosphere of your living spaces.

Showcase Your Collectables – China Plates, Pots, Souvenirs, etc.

showcase your collectables

One of the cool decorating ideas for walls in the living room is to flaunt your collectibles in a lavish display.

You may showcase anything like China Plates, Pots, Souvenirs, Stamps, etc.

This not only adds to their usability but gives you a good chance to display your interests and passion for something to your guests.

Add a Magnificent Wallpaper

add a magnificent wallpaper

Are you bored with the same plain paint colors?

Then go for a wallpaper that complements the living room as well as all the décor items on it.

Choosing a wallpaper might be a difficult task, but you can try hiring an interior designer for this purpose.

Tip: Add a wallpaper only to one wall of your living room, anything beyond that moves the perception from classy to hippy.

Something Fresh – A Scallop Wall Art

something fresh – a scallop wall art

A scallop art can be considered for your living room for its colorful and lively properties, it will make any living room’s vibe exciting!

If you are lucky, you might find someone on Etsy or else you will have to DIY.

Rustic Wall Décor

rustic wall décor

A wallpaper like rustic wood can make any artwork look magnificent!

While you are thinking of rebuilding your living room, you can think of getting a rustic wood wallpaper; it’s a one-man show because even you think to skip getting anything for the wall, you would still be left with a handsome wall!

A Big Family Oil Painting

a big family oil painting

A huge family oil painting might be the right choice for decorating a living room wall. It is classy and a premium choice to go with!

An oil painting adds colour and enhances the look & feel of living spaces, a framed painting is the right choice for a living room.

You can order a custom handmade oil painting just from one photo with PortraitFlip, who deliver worldwide.

Large Scale Art

large scale art

Observe the above painting and see how well does it go with the room?

You can see how the ceiling white is continued in the painting and is making way for the blue to end with the blue sofa.

This is a well though painting concept, but if you go to a gallery, you might not be able to find something like this as most of the paintings are already made.

What you can do instead is find an image online and send it to PortraitFlip and get a painting out of it delivered at your doorstep.

It’s that easy.

This is one of the best decorating ideas for a large living room wall.

create a gallery wall

A gallery wall should be a peek hole to your life, it should be able to explain what kind of a person you are – Lone wolf, travel junkie, foodie, photographer, animal lover, or any other!

Start building a wall with picture or painting frames or even showcase your medals, certificates, trophies, etc.

This is by far the best way to use a living room wall!

Decorate A Window

decorate a window

Do you have a window in your living room?

Well, you may decorate that with adding exciting elements like a fresh wallpaper, lamp, plants, a coffee table, etc.

You will steal all the praises for this one!

Minimalist Plant Wallpaper

minimalist plant wallpaper

While your love for plants maybe not be able to appear as real plants on the wall, you can add a minimalist plant wallpaper to add green to your living room.

The end result would be a colourful living room which looks welcoming yet minimalist!

gallery wrapped multiple paintings

Gallery wrapped paintings are canvas paintings stretched on a wooden frame to give a frameless continuity to paintings.

You can send a photo to a painting service and ask them to split the paintings as per your wish. The painting will be hand-painted by an artist and split into different as per your wish.

Don’t Drill Artworks, Add A Ledge To Keep Them

don’t drill artworks add a ledge to keep them

Why drill when you can keep the artworks on a shelf?

This style of decorating the living room wall looks good with lights just like as shown in the image.

Blackboard Travel Diary

blackboard travel diary

Who said that a diary could only be in the form of a book?

Log your journey with a blackboard wallpaper on your living room wall and keep on scribbling!

Cat Portrait From Photo

cat portrait from photo

Do you have a cat?

Yes? Great!

How about flaunting a handmade cat portrait in the living room!

Its artistic, handmade, sophisticated, and purrrrfect!

Checkout PortraitFlip, who make handmade paintings from photos and deliver at your doorstep.

Tip: Use their background change feature to suit your living room wall or merge multiple pets into one painting.

Create A Memory Wall

create a memory wall

A memory wall can be created very easily and looks pretty good as well!

All you need to do is tie multiple strings on to the wall and keep clipping pictures.

You may need to get them printed now and then, but a good memory deserves that much, doesn’t it?

wood gallery

Yes! A wood gallery.

All you need to do to pull this off is order multiple wood plates available on Amazon and get them hanged on your living room wall.

Then you just need to use a clipper to get the photos onto the plates!

Flaunt Abstract Paintings

flaunt abstract paintings

If you have an understanding of art or if you are a fan of any artist, you can get an abstract painting frame to go up on your living room wall.

An abstract painting is unfinished and always leaves something unturned for the viewer to explore, this makes it an excellent choice to go up on your living room wall.

If you loved an abstract painting somewhere, by just a photo of it you can get a framed handmade painting of the same photo from these guys.

Split A Photo/Painting Into 3

split a photo painting into 3

The rule of third is quite famous in the photography world because it always works!

If you split your photo/painting into 3 and get it gallery wrapped or framed, it will look sophisticated yet interesting.

You can get it done from here.

PS: Adding humor always works!

Add Minimalist Shelves                   

add minimalist shelves

Shelves are awesome!

You can theme it to showcase something specific or put random keepsakes there, it is all up to you!

A Pet Charcoal Sketch

a pet charcoal sketch

Charcoal sketches have a completely different charm to them.

The black and white classic look is perfectly magnificent!

You can get a charcoal sketch from any photo of your pet, may it be a solo picture or a couple or a family picture, a charcoal sketch looks simply elegant.

Send your photo to PortraitFlip and get a charcoal sketch out of it delivered at your doorstep.

Add A Family Name Art

add a family name art

How about creating a family wall on one of your living room walls?

It would be a great idea!

You can add the name tag in the middle, surrounded by family paintings, plants, medals, photo frames, etc. around it.

Go 3-Dimensional!

go 3 dimensional

Art speaks beyond words, and something like this can surely attract any viewer who has an eye for artistic things.

The above show art is a DIY art so you will have to make it yourself.

Hang Hats

hang hats

Use your wall as storage and flaunt your hat collection!

Add A Big Clock

add a big clock

A wall clock in the middle of the living room wall adds sophistication and discipline to your house.

This is one of the best decoration ideas for living room walls.

Add A Nature Wallpaper

add a nature wallpaper

Bring nature to your living room walls by adding any of the sceneries to your living room wall.

This will set a refreshing tone to your living room.

Hang a Big Blackboard

hang a big blackboard

Hang a big blackboard and keep on changing the décor of your living room wall as per your mood!

The blackboard can feature the menu during a guest lunch, happy thoughts, or anything else.

Hang A Memorial Painting

hang a memorial painting

Nothing is worse than someone close leaving us!

Nonetheless, you can always keep them close to you by getting a handmade memorial painting from photo.

It is perfect if you have lost someone very close to your heart like your dog or parents or anyone else.

Order one from here.

Lit Up Your Artworks

lit up your artworks

Add lights and lit up your artworks to make them living room wall décor look premium and sophisticated.

Add An Oversized Calendar

add an oversized calendar

If you are a person who loves to keep track of time or are always finding a calendar to mark some event, this is a great choice for you!

Only For Captain America Fans!

only for captain america fans

Okay! This one is for only for Captain’s fans.

You can order something like this from Amazon and steal all the praises.

Hang Famous Paintings

hang famous paintings

Celebrate your love for art by hanging famous paintings from the past.

We know it is difficult to find the original one for its cost and availability, but you can do the next best thing!

Assign an artist to paint the same painting.

This way you don’t violate any ethics yet get a fantastic painting at your wall.

You can choose a painting from the 49 Famous Paintings Of All Time and assign an artist on this website.

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Consider The Indian Warli Paintings

consider the indian warli paintings

You can hire an artist to paint a warli painting on your which is a traditional painting style of Indians which is considered to be originated in 2500 BC!

Build an Aquarium In The Wall

build an aquarium in the wall

If you are into fishes and have a lot of money, you can pull off something like this!

The aquarium is in the wall and looks sophisticated and rich!

gallery wrapped ocean painting

Simple. Sophisticated and elegant!

Get custom gallery wrapped paintings from a photo of your choice from here and amp up your living room!

Flaunt A Royal Pet Portrait!

flaunt a royal pet portrait

Do you want to see your pet like a king or queen?

You can do that by just a photo!

The idea is to paint your dog’s face in the attire of a king or queen and get the painting framed to go on your living room wall.

The paintings would look super awesome and act as a great centerpiece!

Well, that was the last one!

We hope you loved our Decoration Ideas For Living Room Walls.

We would love to hear your thoughts down in the comments section.


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