Cat Portrait From Photo

Cat from photo

The sight of a cat portrait from photo hanging in your main wall of the house….. isn’t it a stunning sight to visualize.

Dogs are often called as man’s best friend and it may even be a valid point but we often forget that cats have also been immensely affectionate in their love towards humanity.

A cat may not be as energized or charged up as a cat but it to by its lifestyle can teach us plenty of things.

A cat is often found lazing around and trying its best to be away from any sort of commotion.

Calmness and composure are some of its most prized traits.

They act like royalty which shows the immense amount of self-love that they possess for themselves.

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”   – Terry Pratchett

It is important to love others but reciprocating that same kind of towards oneself is equally important.

It teaches you to prioritize yourself first whether it is emotionally, physically or mentally.

They always aim high (not only figuratively but also literally).

Cats are known for their uncanny ability to jump over walls and obstacles that may seem impossible to reach for others.

A cat will take a long and hard look at the wall all this while meticulously going through a plan.

Calculating the speed and the distance and figuring out all possible details to achieve the task which is impossible for most others.

But even this simple ability of a cat teaches us to challenge our limits and thinking so that an individual can constantly grow and evolve.

White cat 01

Aim for the stars so that even if you miss you will still be in the sky.

Cats are aware of what is going on in their surrounding.

Their situational awareness is unlike any other creature.

With ears that spring open even with the slightest of disturbance, it teaches us to always be aware of our surrounding.

Constantly being in touch with yourself is essential too.

A cat will always pay the utmost attention.

We too must be willing to listen when an important piece of knowledge or information is being discussed with or around us.

Just stop speaking and listen for a while.

Put down your fancy gadgets and interact with your surrounding for a wise person can even learn from something which may be labeled as dumb luck.

Every situation and every person can be a teacher for a student who is eager to learn.

This learning is not only confined to any formal education or degree.

This learning is a continuous journey that we call life.

Being nimble in life is another one of the great qualities present in a cat.

You may not even notice a cat when it enters or exits if and when they want to keep a low key profile.

Or get some work done without grabbing any eyeballs.

cat pencil sketch

Every cat no matter what breed they like to laze around for quite some time.

Many times we as humans forget that there is a thin line between being busy and being productive.

In our modern and the fast-paced world, we have forgotten the value of some proper good old fashioned rest.

Somehow we have become programmed into thinking that the busier we are the more we will get done.

Please note that we do not support laziness but a sound mind in a sound body will only be possible with proper rest.

Introverted calmness shall result in extroverted dynamism and that is how one can reach the epitome of success.

Taking some well needed and required rest is like a big sin followed by a thousand demons.

Sometimes the best thing is doing nothing.

Hence as a way to celebrate all of these ardently desired characteristics we recommend you to get a cat portrait from photo done.

It will constantly remind you of the aspects of life in which you can improve and develop.

Any portrait for a matter of fact, be it a sketch, a painting a mural or anything else is never just a picture which has been made according to the customers or artists specification.

It highlights something which may not be visible to the naked eye.

You may only see a mixture of various brushstrokes.

But just like poetry or music, it has a hidden meaning behind it.

The beauty of art is that it never ceases to amaze and inspire anyone in search of it.

The portrait more often than not depends on the vision of the customer and the skill of the painter.

Without any of the following, it just becomes a superficial means to earn a little money.

Money may be an important part but it can never be the whole and sole reason for creating any kind of art.

With all of the innovations that are taking place in the field of art a portrait can be made or created in any shape and size and can be tailor-fit to your specifications.

If you are looking for not just a cat portrait from photo but any other style too.

Worry not for you have reached the perfect place.

PortraitFlip is that perfect site that will help fulfill this wish.

We have a very special niche and custom-made portraits are right up our alley.

Cats are many of the times underrated and not at all appreciated as to their relationship with human beings.

Dogs are often crowned as the prized jewel of pets which are loyal and caring towards mankind.

Hence we often forget to mention the name of cats.

Cat oil painting

They may not be the most happening or excited creature around but they have an aura about them which can teach us plenty.

They do not get excited without any rhyme and reason.

They will only treat you well if you treat them the same.

Sometimes a little bit of selfishness is also required.

Just make sure that it does you more good than harm in the long run.

Not that it should be a determining factor but a cat requires less attention and is quite less maintenance as compared to a dog.

“Cats go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask what you want.”   -Joseph Wood Krutch

Our talented pool of artists here at PortraitFlip are always at your service whenever you need it.

After everything that you have just read I think that getting a cat portrait from photo should be a priority in the list of items that you need in your house.

Our team here at PortraitFlip hopes that this article has been of at least some help to you.

Maybe even just help you gain a snippet of knowledge.

If you have anything interesting such as an important or quirky quote or a really fascinating piece of information please mention it in the comments section below.

Happy shopping to all our customers.

Please feel free to get in touch with us regarding any queries that you have regarding our artwork.

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