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Best Places To Buy Home Decor
Find the affordable and best places to buy home decor in the roundup list below!

We all love to explore decor items that we can add to our home for freshness—whether it’s adding an art piece to the living room or refurbishing the whole interior.

With the option to visit a local store or hunt for the item online, it can become tiresome when there are thousands of options to choose from.

And ya, the difference in the cost involved in getting a new couch or new window frames from two different home decor stores can mean a lot.

Although it’s inspiring to go and check out the home decor store near you, it always pays to do digital shopping!

Not only could you compare the prices of similar products on different websites, but also you can find unique items that’ll be delivered to your doorsteps.

And the best part? You can do this from the comfort of your couch! Now let’s explore some of the best and most unique websites to get home decor in 2022.

But before that,

3 Home Decor Factors You Should Consider

a vector image of different home decor items in a living room
Image source: Freepik

Before ordering any home decor item or choosing a service, there are a few key points that you should know.

1) Your Need

Just because you find something on the net doesn’t mean that you should get it for your home. Although the rug looks extraordinary in the photo, it doesn’t mean that it’ll go well with your existing room decor. Think twice before you hit that order button.

2) Your Style

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to choose the decor item as per your style. Many different home decor places will feature products based on your liking, so make sure to go through them all.

Family painting from different photos

3) Your Preference

No matter what you wanna get for your home—whether it’s a rug or a chair or kitchen appliances; there would be different websites bidding different prices for similar items.

It’s up to you to do research and choose the website on basis of its authority, pricing, delivery option, deals, and policies they have to offer.

And just for making it easier for you, I’ve made a list of places to get home decor. Explore the list below!

47 Best Places To Find Home Decor

Before I list out the roundup, please note that:
Following is a collective list of retail stores, franchises, independent companies, and individuals who sell services or (and) products related to home decor. The prices given below are for reference and may change every day depending on many factors.

Also, the worldwide shipping option given below is applicable for countries other than the USA; all the listed home decor websites provide delivery within the USA where “No” is mentioned.

1) PortraitFlip

A family portrait hung on wall. the painting is handpainted by portraitflip's artists.

When you wanna give your home an art make-over, PortraitFlip is the website that you should choose! With them, you can turn your regular photos into handmade paintings that you can add to your decor.  From compilation portraits to family portraits to pet portraits—the sky is the limit in choosing the type of painting.

It is one of the best places to buy home decor.

Custom Handmade paintings in various mediums like oil, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, and charcoal sketch.


2) Amazon

amazon logo
Image source: Amazon

The leading e-commerce company in the world—amazon is a great place to find almost everything possible, and that includes home decor items as well!

Almost everything!


3) Etsy

etsy logo
Image source: Etsy

An eCommerce website that is a well-known platform for selling and buying vintage pieces and handicraft items, is also a place to get home decor stuff.

Handmade and vintage items in various categories that include home decor as well.


4) Social Media Webistes

a vector image showing different social media logos
Image source: Storefrog

I’m not lying when I say this: You can find a great deal of good home decor items on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Just search it up and you’ll find many small companies,  groups, and individuals dealing with home decor items. 

Depends from a seller to seller

5) eBay

ebay logo
Image Source: Ebay

An online platform that connects sellers with buyers—eBay is another place to get home decor, just like amazon. This is amongst the best places to find home decor items that can spruce up your home.

All commercial items including home decor


6) Uncommon Goods

three wooden ducks as decor
Image source: countryliving.com

A 23 years old company that specializes in selling unique and “uncommon” gifts also has a wide range of products that you can use to add to your decor.

Home decor items including fancy items, kitchen accessories, tables, small furniture, chairs, and more


7) Lowe’s

When you’re hunting for ways to improve your home, then look no further! Lowe’s home improvement should be your pick when you want to reflect class in your home.

All home improvement and decor items from clocks to building supplies.


8) Kohl’s

compilation of different home decor items

A leading retailer that aims to inspire and empower people—Kohl’s has a variety of products to offer: from fashionable clothes to stylish home decor products.

clothing, home decor, beauty products, and more.


No. Delivery in the USA only (Although, Kohl’s can ship worldwide indirectly, kindly read their international delivery policy.)

9) HomeGoods

a brown stool
Image source: homegoods.com

When you’re looking for places to get home decor, you cannot miss checking Homegoods, a website that sells branded high-quality home decor.

Everything that comes under the home decor and improvement


10) CB2

home decor items

Both the stores and website are beautiful to visit and you’ll find everything from pillow covers to heavy furniture for revamping your decor. 

Furniture, home decor items, bathroom accessories.


11) Wayfair

BBQ table on porch
Image source: shopboxhill.com

A retailer store located all over the world that’s on the mission of making home feel like “home”—Wayfair is a nice place to start your hunt for home furnishing stuff.

Home decor and home improvement item


Ships only to the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany

12) Walmart

Front view of Walmart store
Image source: Walmart

A multinational company that operates chains of supermarkets and department stores all over the world, is a good place to find home decor at cheap prices.

Everything from daily necessities to home decor and home improvement.


No (although, they do ship through their existing chain in the respective country.)

13) Ikea

a photo of IKEA store
Image source: Ikea

Ikea —a well-renowned place— is great to get stylish ready-to-assemble furniture and decor items that’ll make your home sleek.

Home decor furniture and accessories


14) World Market

a beautiful living room decor in neutral colors.
Image source: worldmarket.com

From unique gifts to little things that can make your home wonderful—World Market has a lot of accessories to offer. Don’t forget to check their website for awesome products for your decor.

Floral, furniture, food and drinks, home decor items


15) Target

front view of a Target store
Image source: Target

Another one-stop superstore that has everything you can think of—is also a great place to get home decoration at affordable rates. Not only can you visit your local superstore, so can you find what you need online on their website.

Everything from daily necessities to home decor and improvement items.


16) Zara Home 

Image source: Zarahome

Zara, a famous Spanish apparel company that is well recognized for stylish clothing, is also known for chic home products! Zara Home is the place where fashion meets home decor items.

17) H&M Home

A decorated dining table
Image source: Juniormagazine.com

When you wanna show a tint of fashion in your home decor, the “Home” section of H&M should be your choice!

Clothes and Home decor items


18)  Williams-Sonoma

a grey cushioned chair
Image source: williams-sonoma.com

William Sonoma, a well-known place to get cookware and kitchen items, sure has to offer home decor products that are as stylish as you can dream of!

(You can also visit their child brand, West Elm, for more items related to home decor.)

Cookware items and home decor items


19) ABC Carpet & Home

a red sofa in the living room

When your motto is to have a stylish home without leaving a major carbon footprint, ABC Carpet & Home should be your first choice.

Dining and Kitchen accessories, rugs, furniture, and more.


20) Joss & Main

Sofa along with table and chairs are kept in an open field for taking photo
Image source: jossandmain.com

This brand believes in making you and your home cool, confident, and moody—so give it a shot!

Furniture, lightings, chandeliers, kitchen and bathroom accessories


21)  Michaels

 a screenshot of categories offered at  michaels' website

When you want to get supplies for DIY, one name that may come to your mind would be “Michaels”. But, you gotta see their home decor items that they have on their shelves— you’d love to add them to your home.

DIY supplies and classes, frames, Home decor.


22) Nordstrom Rack

a fancy yellow wall clock,
Image source: nordstromrack.com

Their retail store lets you shop not only clothing but also a wide range of home decor items at a discounted rate!

creation of adam reproduction

Clothing, accessories, home decor products


23) Pottery Barn

Dining table decorated with items.
Image source: PotteryBran.com

Being a part of Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Bran is a well-renowned place to get sustainable and inspiring products that can make your house beautiful.

All home decor products and gifts


24) Anthropologie

a snapshot of  living room with  agreen sofa.
Image source: pufikhomes.com

Anthropologie, a mid-level lux brand believes in creating a lifestyle that is soft, classy, and modern sporty. If adding comfort is what you’re looking for, you should go with this place for home decor.

Clothing, accessories, furniture, outdoor and garden needs, and home decor


25)  RH

living room decorated in white and brown theme.
Image source: happyfuncorp.com

A brand that can give your home a royal makeover—RH specializes in creating your dream home!

Furniture, home decor, interior, and exterior decor items.


26)  Big Lots

a laptop on a white laptop table.
Image source: Biglots.com

Let me tell you: this retail company has “Lots” of stuff that you would wanna buy once you visit their website! From lights to cushions to furniture—they have it all.

Furniture, home decor.


27) Home Depot

The Home Depot store
Image source: The home depot

When we’re making a roundup of the best places to get a home decor list, we can’t miss mentioning the largest home improvement retailer in the USA: Home Depot!

From construction material to home decor—you’ll find everything under one roof.

Home decor and home improvement


28)  at home

products offered at at home

at home is a home decor superstore that has aisles of home improvement stuff with attractive offers that no one can miss!

Furniture, home decor, bedding, bathing essentials, outdoor decor


29) Pier 1

a white and grey bed
Image source: wayfair.com

If you want to evoke the interior designer within you, don’ miss checking their website! One of the best places to get home decor, Pier 1 has all the savvy home decor stuff for you.

Furniture, home decor, bedding, bathing essentials, outdoor decor


30) Ecovibe

a plant with a white planter kept on a table.
Image source: ecovibestyle.com

For all the nature-loving folks who want to make a difference in the world—Ecovibe will let you get sustainable products that you can proudly add to your decor.

Home decor, plants, gifts


31) T.J Maxx

white towel placed on a maroon cubicle.

When you want to maxx up your home decor with innovation, TJ maxx will be your best bet. As part of TJX companies, they believe in delivering quality products with huge discounts!

all home decor-related items, furniture, kitchen essentials, and pet products


32) Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond store
Image source: Bedbath&Beyond

One of the leading merchandise chain stores in the USA, Bed bath & beyond gives everything you’ll ever need to add to your home decor.

Home decor, furniture, lifestyle products, baby care products, and more


33) 1StopBedrooms

a view of living room decor
Image source: badboy.ca

Shopping for furniture for your home is never easy as there are various aspects that you need to look out for, like product quality, packaging, shipping, and installation. But thanks to  1StopBedrooms, they’ll make everything easy!

Furniture, kitchen set, outdoor decor, accessories, and home decor items


34)  The Jungalow

a brightly decorated kitchen counter and shelf.
Image source: jungalowshop.com

If you wanna bring nature to your home and make the place breathe serenity, this home decor place is all you need to start. Jungalow—a blog that turned into a lifestyle brand will make your home colorful.

Furniture, kitchen set, outdoor decor, accessories, and home decor items


35) The Citizenry Inc.

a chair with a towel
Image source: the-citizenry.com

If you want your house to reflect your personality, The Citizenry Inc. is what you should choose for getting your home decor. From rugs to kitchen accessories to bedding —you’ll find savvy decor.

Home decor items, wallpapers, plants, art prints, bed, and bathroom decor


36) Jonathan Adler

a white  woman face shaped flower pot with pink roses.
Image source: amazon.co.uk

What happens when you turn your love for pottery grows bigger? You start a brand that can take home decor to next level! Jonathan Adler’s wide range of home decor products is something you should explore!

Pottery, furniture, home decor items


37) Umbra

A modern shelf with sleek design.
Image source: shoppiex.com

Umbra—an idea that turned into a reality when the cofounder decided to create a brand that will let customers buy modern decor that is elegant and inexpensive.

Home decor, furniture, window frames, kitchen, and bathroom decor


38) Brabbu

home decor products
Image source:brabbu.com

When you’re looking to add power to your home decor, Brabbu should be your choice for elegant home decor products. They have a diverse range of products that are specially crafted for your need.

Home decor items, kitchen and bathroom essentials, and more!


39) Urban Outfitters

strawberry shaped throw pillow
Image source: urbanoutfitters.com

Apart from having branded clothes for chich fashion, this multinational retailer also provides everything you need to spruce up your home decor! That includes bedding, rugs, furniture, and more.

Clothing, lifestyle, and home decor


40) Novogratz

a snap of living room decor

With the tagline “your home should be a reflection of who you are”,  Novogratz will not fail to amuse you with their home decor products.

Furniture, textiles, home decor items, and gifts.


41) 2Modern

 a bed with a side table
Image source: 2modern.com

A website that is too stylish: 2Modern is a place to get home decor that is fueled by a passion for authentic, thoughtfully created modern design —as claims the website. So make sure to see their chic designs!

Furniture, baby essentials, kitchen, and home decor items


42)  The Container Store

a snap of container store website

Organize your home and keep your home clutter-free always with The container Store. not only do they give organizing solutions, but do their space solutions will totally nail your home decor.

All space-related products for home decor


43) Chicken Daddies

a man posing in a funny way in a farm for photo
Image source: boredpanda.com

When you wanna add humor to your home, you can’t miss checking what Chicken Daddies have to offer for your home decor!

Funny Calendars and Posters


44) The Inside

a simple white themed bedroom decor.

Setting up the decor can be a task, but with “The Inside”  you’ll find shortcuts for your style and budget that you have in mind.

If you are yet to decide your style, check out these budget-friendly home decor ideas for some inspiration.

All home decor products


45)  Article 

Sofa set kept outdoor

When you are looking for a great style that has a modern twist while keeping in mind the budget, this home decor place is one you should definitely check out.

You’ll definitely find a lot of minimalistic decor ideas from this place!

Furniture, and home decor items.


46) Hobby Lobby

A screenshot of categories offered at hobbylobby website

If your hobby includes redecorating your home for freshness every once in a while, you should definitely love to check this website.

Home decor and craft


47)  Gordman’s

A screenshot of products offered at Gordman

Not only do they make clothes with love, sure they put them in home decor items too! At Gordman’s, you’ll find home decor that perfectly fits in your space.

Clothing, pet products, and home decor


It may be hard to find the best places to buy home decor online, but with this list that mentions some of the best websites (some, because there are hundreds of them!), your task got just easier—that’s what I believe!

So choose the one that you think has the decor you’re looking for.

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