Baby Portrait Artist

You should consider no one less than an experienced and professional Baby Portrait Artist when it comes to making a Custom Baby Portrait from the photo.

Baby paintings are a means of safeguarding the first few glimpses of yours or your loved one’s baby forever.

Baby portraits hold a lot of emotional value for the parents and the close family, Hence one must be through about the quality an artist delivers.

Finding an artist is never a walk in the cake, you must look for some specific qualities in a portrait artist when you are considering him/her to paint your angel.

What all qualities, you ask? Here is a guideline which will help you:

1. The Artist Guideline:

The artist guideline
  • Prefer contacts through your friends and relatives because they can give you a genuine review about the artist.
  • If you find someone outside your friend or family circle, insist the artist show his paintings or any relevant work.
  • Make sure to finalize the medium of the painting you want before you start the artist hunt.
  • Ask the artist how much time he might need to finish the painting and make sure you have enough time after the delivery date as artists tend to delay to execute finishing touches.
  • Talk to the artist if he could also frame your baby portrait made from the photo.
  • Make sure that the artist is offering you a 100% handmade painting.
  • Does he/she entertain some last minute changes if you’re not satisfied with the product?
  • Enquire about the price, of course!
  • Don’t hesitate to request revisions and customizing your painting.

Now, don’t you think all this is too much but necessary at the same time? Because you want to be sure that nothing less than a masterpiece is delivered to you for your precious little one.

2. Editing and Revisions:

Editing and revisions
  • Editing and Revisions:
  • We know that how one struggles to find a good photo to be painted.

In some, the background doesn’t go well and in the other, some unnecessary things are in the frame.

  • Ask your painting artist to change the background if needed, get rid of things you don’t want, and consider asking him/ her to add some elements of your choice.
  • You should be 100% sure about the background because local artists do not entertain revision or will they draw a mini painting for you.

They might do some last minute tweaks but they do not guarantee 100% satisfaction.

(Pro Tip: Use the merge feature of PortraitFlip and get one single painting with all your children in it when they were small babies.)

3. Choosing the Right Size for Your Painting:

Choosing the right size for your painting
  • Size is a very important factor when it comes to procuring a marvelous painting.

A perfect sized painting can take your painting to the ultimate level or can even completely drop the ambiance of the space.

  • Won’t you regret it, when you all the way find a genuine artist who can paint in your medium, suits your delivery requirements and then you learn that he cannot paint a bigger size painting for you?
  • Hence you must first choose upon the size which would perfectly compliment your living space,
  1. Get an 8”x 8” for you study tables at work or home.
  2. Get a 12’’x 12’’ or 12”x 16” for hanging multiple photos on a single wall.
  3. Get 16”x 20” to decorate your bedrooms(Recommended By Portraitflip For Baby Portraits)
  4. Prefer an 18”x 24” for showcasing a major focal point in your living rooms. (Recommended By Portraitflip For Baby Portraits)
  • All artists cannot paint in every size available. But some artists who have been in this business from a long time can paint in all sizes. Finding such painters in your vicinity is really tiring.

Don’t worry we from PortraitFlip are here at your rescue.

Portraitflip was built by the very thought of acting as a platform which bridges the gap between genuine artists and people in need of nothing less than a masterpiece.

You can get your baby portrait painting in 6 different mediums:

1. Baby Oil Painting:

Baby oil painting

Oil painting is the oldest technique in the book and hence the most effective, these are made on high-quality canvas and are known for their archival properties. These look very real and lively.

2. Acrylic Baby Portrait:

Acrylic baby portrait

A modern medium with a perfect blend of oil and watercolors painted on a canvas which makes it look realistic and colorful.

3. Charcoal Baby Drawing:

Charcoal baby drawing

The classic black and white paintings are back in trend! They look classy and add a retro decor element to living or office spaces.

4. Baby Pencil Sketch:

Baby pencil sketch

A Pencil Sketches made on a high-quality white paper using graphite pencils which provide a substantial range of light-dark effects. Sharpened pencils are used to contour the subjects.

5. Baby Watercolor Painting:

Baby water color painting

Watercolor paintings are known for their ability to mix with different colors and extend the shading capabilities for an artist. These add a very artistic feel to the painting.

6. Baby Colored Pencil Drawing:

Baby color pencil drawing

Colored Pencil Drawings are known for their sharpness. They are executed on premium support by the industry-wide preferred methods of burnishing and layering.

We also feature:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • We house more than 100 genuine and professional artists, who we ourselves have handpicked from various parts of the world.
  • Unlimited Revisions. The artist starts only after you approve the digital copy.
  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • You can get a Rolled, Gallery Wrapped or Framed painting.
  • 24×7 Support.

Yes! We also have some artists who specialize in painting baby portraits to cater to our high volume of baby portrait orders.

Interested? Smart choice! Checkout our products here.

Not Interested? No Worries! Let’s see which occasions are best to gift a baby portrait from a photo.

1. Baby’s First Birthday or Any Birthday:

Baby’s first birthday or any birthday

First birthdays are very special, parents see how their little one digs into the cake for the very first time.

But finding a perfect gift for your darling could get you into all sorts of confusion and wrong decision making.

Just gift the baby a portrait made from a genuine artist. You just have to give the artist a photo of the baby and you are done.

Consider a custom oil painting from for its archival qualities which will serve as a memorial for the next generations as well!

2. Baby Memorials:

Baby memorials

It is very disheartening and depressing when a baby dies immediately or at an early age.

All one can do is to find other reasons to cling on to life and find a good reason to fight.

If you or your loved ones have lost their baby we can only help you to move on.

A baby memorial portrait would serve as a memorial for the parents and help them continue their life by acting as a medium which connects them to their lost baby.

Consider custom charcoal or pencil sketch for its exhibitive properties which help to connect you with the person sketched.

3. Evergreen Gifting Option for Parents:

It gets so annoying to find an apt gift for a mom’s or a dad’s birthday right?

Don’t bother gifting them with a custom painting made from their baby’s photo by a baby portrait artist would surely do the job in style!

Either find an artist to do this job or give PortraitFlip a chance to paint your angel.

4. Baby Shower:

Baby shower

We know how exhausting it gets for a mom to attend those baby showers.

We know for a fact that there is a rising trend when moms are celebrating their baby showers after the baby is born.

This takes away all those awkward conversations about waistlines, stretch marks and what not.

Don’t you think a mom deserves much better on a baby shower?

And what better than interesting games and some amusing gifts can a mom wish for?

Ditch the monotonous games and be creative or find some games over the internet.

Consider gifting a custom acrylic painting from the photo which is painted for the mom and the baby.

We at PortraitFlip have made it easier and housed all types of artists you might need at our website, check out paintings and reviews of our happy customers here and our video testimonial here.

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