15 Art Memes You Should Know About If You Are A True Meme Lord

15 Memes You Should Know If You Are A Meme Lord PortraitFlip

It’s the 21st century fellas, the century of art memes!

A world where your collection of humor card is directly proportional to your popularity.

But why would anyone turn towards dull artworks from gallery for humor?

(Although I personally feel that the pre-photograph era was wonderful!)

(Do I sound like your millennial aunt?)

Well, half of the GenZ has anyway turned towards art for humor in form of art memes.

An escape from their otherwise “extremely social lives!”

mona lisa ad of reproduction

But it’s always a great idea to present to our youth the same paintings their way, after all.

Although, they may not know the importance of these artworks, they surely know how to make you laugh.

Now, if you are one of those who claim themselves to be meme lords, this list is for you.

Presenting 15 art memes you should know if you are a true meme lord. 

1. Successfully Survived Meeting That Could Have Been…an email!

Classical Art Meme

2. No Karen, I Cannot Do It For $20…

Art meme

…but I will ’cause I am broke!

3. They Probably Think I Am Dead

Art meme by PortraitFlip

4. Dude Zoning Out At The Back

Painting of Jesus and his followers as an art meme.

5. When You Sneak Into Her Bedroom

Fuyant la critique

…and find your best friend there!

6. Does It Look Like I Care?

George 3 after reading the declaration of independence joke.

7. Meet Me After The Class

Painting of a man hit with arrows.

8. The Longer This Quarantine Goes…

…the more I think Jack from The Shinning actually held it together quite well.

9. Now I Know Why Napoleon’s Horse Dropped Him!

Dude was cold, man!

creation of adam reproduction

10. Wasn’t This Repainted By Mr. Bean?

11. Pharaoh-nade

12. I’d Rather Get An Arrear!

13. Sensitive Content! Watch Your Eyes.

14. A Card That Has Ruined Most Of The Friendships

Classical art memes of a woman in a painting holding bible.

15. Potterrr!

So, if these are classical art memes that you haven’t seen, it’s time to flaunt it around in your circle.

Although, you may not know half of these artwork, your art meme game will be on point.

Want to impress that girl from Arts Department? This is your key.

Share! Now!

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That’s all folks!

If you are reading this, thank you!

Hope this article brought a little laughter in your otherwise stagnant life.

Do let me know how to liked the memes in the comment section below and feel free to share with your gang.

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