PortraitFlip Store Credit Terms & Conditions

Want to save a little extra with every painting you commission? Here’s what you can do!

Store Credit Cover Page

Note: Store credit is only awarded to customers who have placed an order with us and performed certain activities to earn it.  

Store Credit Terms & Conditions

  1. The store credit can be redeemed only against the product and services purchased from portraitflip.com.
  2. The store credit cannot be used for purchasing add on services like Frames, Timelapse Video or Express Shipping.
  3. The store credit cannot be used to purchase gift cards.
  4. The store credit is valid only for 12 months from the date of issue. The credit cannot be used after the validity expires nor can the validity be extended.
  5. Store credits cannot be changed into cash refunds.
  6. Store credits can also be used as a discount with a new order.
  7. You can use only a $50 discount at the maximum for one order. If you are awarded $200 as your store credit, you can use $50 discounts four times on four different orders.
  8. If an order made with store credit is cancelled, the amount will be refunded as store credit and not in cash.
  9. An individual cannot buy store credits. It is only awarded by PortraitFlip.
  10. Store credits are only awarded when PortraitFlip checks and approves the quality of the unboxing video and the social media posts.
  11. It is mandatory for the customer to tag @portraitflip and use #PortraitFlip with the posts shared on social media. As soon as we are notified about the tags, the store credit will be reflected in the next 3-4 days.