Partner Program

Partner Benefits Cover

PortraitFlip works with the best artists to convert photos into 100% handmade paintings. We act as a bridge between all the artists with their exceptional painting skills and a customer base that wants to get handmade paintings from photos.

Our six mediums include Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Charcoal Drawing, Watercolor Painting, Pencil Sketch, and Color Pencil Sketch at the lowest price in the entire market.

Besides, PortraitFlip is known for its free customizations and unlimited revisions on every commissioned artwork with a dedicated support manager to listen to every customer.

What Is Our Partner Program?

Do you have a customer base that would fancy handmade paintings from photos? If yes, then you can join PortraitFlip’s Partner Program that allows you to couple up your product with ours and sell it under your name.

What Are We Looking For?

PortraitFlip majorly falls under the gifting sector. Our successful partners have been outlets that are a part of the following:

  1. Gift Shops
  2. Art Galleries
  3. Vets
  4. Pet Shops
  5. Pet Cares
  6. Wedding Service Providers
  7. Event Managers
  8. Photographers
  9. Photo Studios.

We are looking for partners from the above industry who would like to club their product with ours.

Why Join Our Partner Program?

A partnership should always be a fair deal. With that thoughts, here is how PortraitFlip’s Partner Program looks like:

  1. 25% Discount on all orders for 
  2. Add a uniqueoption to your products/service.
  3. Stand ahead in the competition.
  4. Dedicated Account Manager to address your queries.

Benefits With Our Affiliate Program

You enjoy the following perks as an affiliate with PortraitFlip:

  1. Get a sample painting at a 25% discount for your store, and when you successfully get us 3 deals, we will refund the initial amount.
  2. PortraitFlip does not make any customer interaction which means you get to break the deal.
  3. You can sell our product under your brand name and we will not tell anyone.

We provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and to keep up with our service, we will contact you via email. There will be no customer interaction from our side and every communication with be done solely with your company.

We at PortraitFlip will love to see you on board. To partner up, fill the contact form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Partner Program?

A Partner program is a way of generating the sale through a two-way process. We let our partners club their product with ours and sell it under their brand name if they have a similar customer base.

What is the minimum eligibility to join PortraitFlip’s Partner Program?

There is no minimum eligibility to join PortraitFlip’s Partner Program. You just have to be an outlet of any of the following things – Gift Shops, Art Galleries, Vets, Pet Shops, Pet Cares, Wedding Service Providers, Event Managers, Photographers, and Photo Studios.

How can I become a Partner with PortraitFlip?

If you have a customer base that would be interested in getting a handmade painting from photos, we would love to have you on board. All you have to do is simply fill up the contact form attached above and we will have a dedicated manager get back to you.