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There is a fine line between a job and a career. This is an opportunity to contribute towards something bigger and meaningful in life. An opportunity to challenge yourself and learn a skill. We are looking for young, creative minds to join our team and grow with us.

PortraitFlip is slowly becoming Pune’s fastest growing start-ups and is in constant look out for creative people to join us onboard. It takes a team to have the happiest workplace. We work hard, laugh together, play strong and give the best fist-bumps in town. If you think you are one of those who can revolutionize a start-up, this place is for you.

We have a certain fondness for applications that come through word of mouth. If you know someone who is working at PortraitFlip, reach out to them and share a creative introduction of yourself (we would love to see a video come through). Otherwise, let us help you discover yourself.

Why Join Us?

Medical Coverage

PortraitFlip provides medical insurance to all its full-time co-workers if not already covered by the government.

Powered By Chocolates and Caffeine

PortraitFlip has a cupboard full of chocolates and an ever-producing, never stopping coffee machine for people who are powered by chocolates and caffeine.

Unlimited Food

Munchies get you motivated and we have an abundance at PortraitFlip.

Work-cation and Office Trips

When we say we work as a team, we also mean that we travel as a team. To celebrate our successful year, we have an annual office trip. Workcations come and go to beat the monotony.

Team Dinner

Team dinner once a month is our way of taking each month with a sip and snack!

Gaming Wednesdays

Wednesday weakness gives a worse competition to Monday blues. We hit the high when we are about to hit the low with Gaming Wednesdays that includes both outdoor and indoor gaming.

Paid Leaves and Work From Home Opportunity

All our full time co-workers are eligible for two monthly paid leaves and one monthly work from home opportunity. Haven’t taken paid leaves? Encash it with the salary of the month.

Menstrual Leave

A day’s paid menstrual leave for all the female co-workers because female health is important.


Wedding? Family Emergency? Or a Burn Out? PortraitFlip offers a month’s unpaid sabbatical for all its full-time co-workers.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Having a baby is a task and to make it a good experience for our co-workers, we give a Month’s Paid Maternity Leave and a Month’s Unpaid Sabbatical to all our women co-workers who may need it. Besides, there is a 15 days Paid Paternity Leave and 15 days of Unpaid Sabbatical for all the male co-workers of the firm.

What Sets Us Apart?

Discipline is The Soul of an Army

We believe that something extraordinary can be achieved by ordinary people through little discipline.

It Takes a Whole Orchestra to Play It

No one can whistle a symphony; It takes a whole orchestra to play it. Similarly, success does not come from working, it comes from working together. PortraitFlip is proud to have teamwork as its top values.

Work Hard, Play Harder

At PortraitFlip, the hours of work are equal to the hours of gaming. For every great working day, we have a great gaming day which includes indoor, outdoor and online games (including CounterStrike!).

If You See a Mess…Pitch in, and Clean it!

Cleanliness is godliness, you may have heard and to keep the office absolutely clean and hygienic, PortraitFlip values cleanliness above all. If you see a mess anywhere around the office, you ought to pitch in and clean it.

Less is More

The simpler the better. Be it your pitch, a design, a piece of content or even a joke! PortraitFlip believes in simple things. Less is always more.

Feedback Is the Breakfast of Champions

At PortraitFlip, we seek and give feedback. Our vision remains to create a clear conversation with constant feedback. It not only keeps everything transparent but also helps every co-worker grow.

Beat The Clock

We are in a constant battle with time, of course, without compromising the quality we work in. It is a challenge that we have accepted with open arms and make sure to beat the clock every time given with a task. Being ahead of the clock is a superpower.

Consumer First

Every step that we take at PortraitFlip is for our consumers. Be it our customers, readers or audience – we do it for them. To maintain our company standards and to give a wonderful experience – our consumers always top our priority.

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