A List of Thanksgiving Gifts For Everyone To Show Your Gratitude in 2023

A List of Thanksgiving Gifts For Everyone To Show Your Gratitude in 2023

When I first heard that thanksgiving gifts are actually a thing, I haven’t looked back.

Imagine a holiday that is purely meant for food and gifts but most importantly to be thankful for everything and everyone in your life.

And what better way to show gratitude than with a gift for thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is about food? Yes. 

But it is also about giving gifts. 

The gifts are not mandatory per se, but how else would you want to show your favorite person your gratefulness?

And my answer to everything. A gift. Right now? A thanksgiving-themed gift.

Mind you even though these gifts sit in their respective categories, they are not bound to that person. 

I have taken it upon myself to make thanksgiving 2022 the best holiday ever—

and with these thanksgiving gifts, you really can’t go wrong.

Family painting from different photos

A. Thanksgiving Gifts For Family

a group of people shown having thanksgiving dinner with the words written thanksgiving gifts for family

Thanksgiving is never truly complete without having a family to sit down with around the dinner table—

and fight over who gets what part of the turkey.

Thanksgiving gifts for family are a way to show your appreciation to be lucky enough to have one.

Here are my top tried and tested recipes for a great Thanksgiving gift.

1. A Family Portrait To Show Your Love

A family photo to painting by portraitflip as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image: Photo to Painting by PortraitFlip

And how can you do that?

By showing your gratitude for your family with a handmade family portrait.

Getting a family portrait made from photos of your brood will ace the thanksgiving celebration a hundredfold.

This gift can be unwrapped on the dinner table. As they unwrap the painting, they are surely going to be surprised!

If your family does not have a photo together or do you want to add more members to your family portrait and get it turned into a compilation watercolor portrait.

You can get a merged portrait that consists of different photos turned into one beautiful handmade portrait.

I swear the regal look it is going to bring to your living room is going to be—a-mah-zing.

2. A Home Theatre

a home theatre displaying a movie as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: gramophone

What’s after a delicious Thanksgiving dinner?

Just like every other family, a nighttime cozy movie will be next on your to-do list.

How about you get a home theatre as one of the thanksgiving gifts for your family.

The experience is going to be a memorable one.

Get the best one in the game to have a wonderful family experience.

3. A Set of Family Mugs

a set of customized family mugs as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: thepioneerwomen

Yes, I have that one particular coffee mug I like having my coffee in.

It is not even mine, but just when I think coffee, I think—the big black mug.

I am sure when you read this you too had a particular mug in mind, that you can proudly call your mug.

How about you get a set of family mugs as thanksgiving gifts for your family.

You can even get the cups customized according to the aesthetics of your family—be it funny, chic, or straight-up labels.

With these gifts, it will be a nice way to end the thanksgiving evening with a mug of pumpkin hot chocolate.

It’s time to look for some meaningful gifts for the humans that belong to your non-blood family.

Pro Tip: Every family member will be overwhelmed seeing themselves as a parents children acrylic portrait.

B. Thanksgiving Gifts For Friends

a group of people shown clinking wine glasses at a thanksgiving dinner with the words written thanksgiving gifts for friends

Friends are the ones who accept exactly who we are. 

A special occasion shouldn’t be the reason why you want to gift them something.

To stay true to the spirit of this particular holiday you should give them thanksgiving gifts.

Then again aren’t you grateful to have friends that have been nothing less than a family to you?

Here lie my favorite thanksgiving gifts for friends.

1. Cherry Pie Earrings – For Her

a couple of cherry pie earrings as Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: Etsy

We love a quirky gift and these cherry pie earrings are no exception.

Delicious food is the soul of thanksgiving so why not find a way to flaunt it too.

I am sure there are a pair of turkey legs earrings out there somewhere.

Giving cherry pie earrings to your friends, female or otherwise is a humorous way to share thanksgiving gifts.

I mean these earrings are going to look great and can be great accessories to their attire as well.

So use these thanksgiving gift ideas to make your girl best friends happy—or even others.

2. Glass Pumpkin Showpieces – For Everyone

glass pumpkins meant for indoor decoration during the holidays as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: bluegoldsmiths

There is nothing in this world that screams holidays more than pumpkins.

This can be a ‘fruitful gift’ for everyone who loves to decorate their homes during the holiday season.

A festive thanksgiving gift for everyone that is just perfect.

Change my mind!

3. Glass Cocktail Shaker – For Him

a glass shaker that can make cocktails as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: Amazon


Get a glass cocktail shaker for your booze-loving friend and watch his inner bartender come to life!

Everyone attending the dinner will love this excellent Thanksgiving gift idea.

Best feature? He doesn’t need to look online because the cocktail recipes are written on the shaker.

(Suggested: 30+ Halloween Gift Ideas)

C. Thanksgiving Gifts For Parents

a group of people shown having thanksgiving dinner with the words written thanksgiving gifts for parents

A parent’s love is unmatchable to any gift you can ever give them.

Even the most basic chores that you do is your love language for your parents.

Does clearing the thanksgiving dinner table manifest a thoughtful thanksgiving gift? I dont think so.

For the perfect people to be the most grateful for I have the best thanksgiving gifts for parents.

P.S if you’re looking for the best ideas for thanksgiving gifts, look no further.

Suggested Product : Grandparents-Grandchildren Watercolor Portraits.

1. Freeze Their Memory With An Oil Portrait

An old photo to painting by portraitflip as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image: Photo to Painting by PortraitFlip

Photographs are the windows into your past. For you and others.

Memories never grow old as you do, they stay fresh on a photographic memory.

I am sure when you look at your parent’s torn and faded photos, the reminiscence of that day isn’t as strong to you as it is to them.

Why not turn their old photos into paintings and give them something special on thanksgiving day.

That way they can relive their best days on a fresh piece of canvas.

With gratitude in their hearts and a smile on their face—they are going to absolutely adore this thanksgiving gift.

What is stopping you from giving your parents the best thanksgiving gift yet?

Bonus Tip: Surprise your Father this with and amazing Fathers Day portrait this Thanksgiving.

2. Wine Cooler

a wine cooler as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: Amazon

Thanksgiving is that one day when many people visit your home. 

And what do guests bring as a ‘thank you for inviting me’ gift? Wine!

Not my guests tho—they will be gifting their hosts some super cool thanksgiving gifts.

When you have so much wine and your parents’ fridge is stuffed with leftovers—they are allowed to open this gift early.

Help them save some space with this wine cooler.

BTW this wine cooler doesn’t just cool wine but also makes home decor look pleasing and cooler!

3. Outdoor Cooler with Attached Table

a table that has an attached wine cooler  as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: pinterest

One of the best thanksgiving gifts I came across is this efficient and beautiful portable mini table plus cooler.

If you have a family where your whole sibling team visits your parent’s home in summer then there is no better gift than this one.

It is perfect for outdoor BBQs and parties; if your parents love hosting they will love this gift.

The cooler attached to the table will keep the drinks cool forever.

The best thing about this thanksgiving gift is that the guests will enjoy being outdoors without having to run back inside just to grab a cold one.

D. Thanksgiving Gifts For Hosts

a group of people shown having thanksgiving dinner with the words written thanksgiving gifts for hosts

I read host and I remember a very willing Chandler trying to pitch his not so taxing ‘Chan-berries’. 

Well unlike Chandler we have some hosts that are the busiest people during thanksgiving.

While the hostess is busy making dinner, the host takes care of managing everything that happens on that day. Also unlike Chandler!

From decorations to welcoming guests and serving them—the host does it all.

In all seriousness, if your know your host has put in major efforts to pull off the Thanksgiving dinner, don’t forget to get some awesome thanksgiving gifts for hosts. 

1. Barrel-Shaped Coffee Kit For A Powerful Morning

a barrel shaped coffee kit as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: woodsgoodsco

It is work from home for everyone nowadays and sometimes the meeting can be a bit doozy.  

Holiday family portrait

This quirky and extra-looking coffee mug is an excellent thanksgiving gift for someone who is just as much extra.

And let’s be honest coffee is a way of life now. 

Giving a coffee kit is not a cliched gift anymore it is a necessity. 

I feel like there should be a mug not for every day but for every mood.

And this barrel coffee kit comes with an infusion barrel made from oka, a scoop, coffee beans, and two different essence sprays.

I bet the host is going to enjoy a hot brew right after the guests leave. He will need it.

2. A Wine Rack For Saving The Space

a wine rack meant to be given as one of the thanksgiving gifts for hosts
Image Source: Amazon

The highlight of thanksgiving? Delish food and wine! 

As I said the most common host gift is always wine. Always. How happy do you want a person to be?

This thanksgiving gift makes perfect sense for someone who always hosts dinner.

And let me tell you this is no ordinary wine rack because it going to be efficient and add a bit of class to your hosts’ home decor.

So why not give your host a helping hand by getting him a wine rack?

3. A Chic Decanter For Perfect Wine

a chic looking wine decanter as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: Etsy

If your host is a wine connoisseur he is going to be flabbergasted with this chic decanter as one of the best gifts on thanksgiving he has ever received.

With this chic decanter in hand serving wine will look cooler than pouring it straight from the bottle.

Decanters are made to improve the taste of wine by exposing it to air.

Aren’t these just the perfect thanksgiving gifts for hosts to thank them for their generosity?

Now it’s time to select some awesome thanksgiving day gifts for the super lady.

E. Thanksgiving Gifts For Hostess

a woman shown setting up thanksgiving dinner with the words written thanksgiving gifts for hostess

If you are a Friends fan—like me—think Monica. Now think of the gifts Monica would appreciate.

One of the most stressed people during thanksgiving—is the hostess who makes sure that all the dinner needs are met.

From making sure there are three types of potatoes to trusting Rachel for making the dessert, the hostess makes sure that everything is made perfectly.

So don’t show up with generic gifts like shampoo bottles or candles.

Show her that her every effort was worth it with these thanksgiving gift ideas for the hostess.

FYI, all the thanksgiving gifts for the hostess on this list are Monica approved.

1. A Charcoal Portrait

A photo to solo charcoal portrait by portraitflip as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image: Photo to Painting by PortraitFlip

A charcoal portrait is one of the best thanksgiving gifts you can bring for your hostess.

If you know your host personally then giving her a personalized gift is a great way to honor her on this special occasion. 

A gift shouldn’t just have to please someone’s needs but also their hearts. 

Every time your hostess will look at this gift, she will be reminded of two things—you and your thoughtfulness.

On top of that, charcoal portraits are inexpensive.

So, even if you’re on a tight budget, the charcoal painting will not be heavy on your pocket. 

2. Turquoise Ocean Resin Tray

a resin tray that has the design of the ocean that can be given as a thanksgiving gift
Image Source: Etsy

Serving trays are a must in every home and this is no exception. 

A serving tray may just be the saving grace of the thanksgiving dinner.

The generic trays that you find online will not be good enough.

This handmade resin tray will not just compliment your hostess’s dinner table but will also stand out. 

Plus, the turquoise color scheme will keep the hostess serene as she runs between chores.

3. Edge Square Wine Glasses

a chic square shaped wine glass also shown in the hands of Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: pinterest

“Oval wine glasses are for the general crowd—edge wine glasses are for the oddballs out there”

Round wine glasses have become too mainstream—in other words—boring!

compilation portrait for Christmas

These edge square wine glasses look classy and make an amazing thanksgiving gift for a hostess.

If you too want to show off your unique taste, what are you waiting for?

Give these as thanksgiving gifts and let the gushes roll in!

F. Thanksgiving Gifts For Boyfriend

a group of people shown having thanksgiving dinner with the words written thanksgiving gifts for boyfriend

I know it can be hard to find gifts for men, especially when he is your boyfriend.

You know about his likes and dislikes, but when it comes to giving gifts… you’re a little caught up as to what to give.

Yes, you need to give him a little appreciation for putting up with you throughout the year. 

Wondering how to go about it? Here are a few suggestions for the perfect thanksgiving gifts for boyfriends.

1. A Gift Card

a gift card from portraitflip as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: volvik

If you’re not sure what thanksgiving gifts your boyfriend will like, a gift card is a way to go.

The thanksgiving gift cards for boyfriends are the most classy and earnest token of appreciation. 

Those cards will give him the flexibility to choose the gift himself.

You never know he might just get a portrait of you and him.

2. Personalized Wallet

a customize wallet that can be given as a thanksgiving gift to your boyfriend
Image Source: pinterest

Personalized gifts have always been special as they are nothing compared to cliched—picked up from a gift shop—gifts.

They have a way to make your giftee feel special.

One of the cutest thanksgiving gifts for a boyfriend is a personalized wallet. 

It even includes his name, photo, favorite quote, maybe your name, or a movie.

You can even add a humorous twist by personalizing the wallet with something he says—a lot. 

I would add—an emoji. A special one. IKYK.

3. Beard Grooming Set

a set of beard grooming kit as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: amazon

Listen I know men are not little babies—but they are—to make you gift them a beard grooming set. 

If you would like him to keep his beard a certain way why not take matters into your own hands.

This beard grooming set is the best in the game.

‘Cause, let’s be real. You are thankful for his beard. 

Hence give it as a gift on Thanksgiving, to show your enormous gratitude.

This list of thanksgiving gift ideas for boyfriends is the best of all. 

Now it’s time for men to hunt thanksgiving gifts for her. (Don’t worry, my friend. I’ve done the work for you.)

G. Thanksgiving Gifts For Girlfriends

a couple shown having thanksgiving dinner with the words written thanksgiving gifts for girlfriend

Thankful for the best girlfriend in the whole damn world? Show her!

Thanksgiving is meant to show your gratefulness for having specific people in your life.

Why wait for v-day, to spoil her?

She deserves to be spoilt every day if you ask me, your appreciation with these thanksgiving gifts for girlfriends.

1. Pet Portrait Of Her Lovely Companion

A photo to oil portrait by portraitflip of a girl and her dog as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image: Photo to Oil Painting by PortraitFlip

Girlfriends adore anything you give them. Even a rose matters. So why not show her your gratitude with a special and personalized gift.

If your boo has a pet or if she had one, then the best thanksgiving gift for her will be a custom pet portrait.

But just don’t get a painting of her pet!

Not just a plain clicked photo, get a photo painted that shows her personality, her goofy moments, or even her vulnerable moments.

If you want to merge a photo of her and her—which I doubt—we can still do it.

Waking up or sleeping in a piece of art can influence your moods a lot.

So get her a thanksgiving gift that will always make her say ‘that one thanksgiving when he gifted me something so meaningful’.

You can even gift her a painting of her favorite pet that has passed away by PortraitFlip.

“My girlfriend was amazed it was a surprise she loved it she was in tears so happy that her baby is with her again…”

Read one touching review.

2. Mason Jar Scented Candles

mason jar candles as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: hiveandhomeshop

Aromatherapy is said to be one of the best effortless ways to relieve stress. 

They are said to promote sleep and uplift mood when it is most needed.

Hence, these scented candles are one of the coolest thanksgiving gifts for girlfriends.

Also, they are going to save you a ton of money, because they cost much less than a day at the spa.

Just be sure to buy her a holidayee scent like pumpkin spice or cinnamon apple—granted if she likes them.

3. A Bohemian Suncatcher

bohemian suncatchers emitting rainbow rays as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: Etsy

You can see this unique thanksgiving gift here only because—it is sooo cute.

When the sun hits this suncatcher; the way it forms rainbow reflections in various shapes—it’s just beautiful.

If your lover is a boho girl she is absolutely going to adore this unique gift. 

She can just hang it in the window that receives the sun at its best.

Who wouldn’t love to wake up to such a sight?

So did you find the perfect thanksgiving present for your girlfriend? Cool! 

H. Thanksgiving Gifts For Teachers

a card appreciating the teachers shown with the words written thanksgiving gifts for teachers

Inside and outside of the classroom, the finest teachers labor relentlessly with boundless enthusiasm, patience, and compassion.

Giving a teacher a meaningful gift on thanksgiving is the best way to remind them that their efforts are appreciated. 

Teacher’s day is not the only day teachers are meant to be appreciated.

Instead, they should be appreciated and we should show our gratitude on the OG of all thankful days—Thanksgiving.

Here is a list of Thanksgiving gifts for teachers that are as unique as they are. 

1. Daily Planner To Handle Her Turkeys Well

a colorful teacher planner as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: Amazon

This is one of the best thanksgiving gifts for teachers because it is really helpful.

Hold-up, if you think a teacher’s job is not hectic. They have more and then more is added to their plate.

Even though she might already have a planner—why not make her look forward to using this wonderful one.

I know planners don’t play a huge role in being pretty, but why not?

A thanksgiving gift worth a thousand words.

2. Organic Pencil Soap

pencil shaped soaps meant to be given as thanksgiving gifts to teachers
Image Source: Etsy

Who says thanksgiving gifts for teachers are supposed to be expensive and regal looking.

These handmade soaps are shaped like pencils and smell good too.

I love the fact they are in the shape of pencils to kind of make it feels customized to your teacher. 

Best part? They’re chemical-free!

If I may—you can turn this into a gift bag and throw in some chocolates, pens, and confetti.

3. A Handmade Pastel Painting For The Best Teacher

A compilation pastel portrait of a teacher's family and her dog by portraitflip as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image: Photo to Pastel Painting by PortraitFlip

How are teachers not appreciated enough in a way that makes them feel extra special?

Let this personalized thanksgiving gift speak for you.

A painting is in my opinion one of the best thanksgiving gifts yet.

The best part about this gift is that it can be delivered straight to your teacher’s home without any hassle.

All you have to do is upload the photo, select the medium, and pay.

This has to be the most convenient gift for someone who stays far away.

To add to the blessing—you can even choose the painting to be framed and delivered.

I. Thanksgiving Gifts For Neighbors

a group of people shown having thanksgiving dinner with the words written thanksgiving gifts for neighbors

Neighbors have a different level of appreciation in my heart. 

They are basically your no. 1 call for help and if you have the best neighbors they need to be thanked this thanksgiving.

Maybe you would prefer not to splurge way too much on their thanksgiving gifts but the gesture is right there in that area.

Here are some of the best DIY and pocket-friendly thanksgiving gifts for neighbors.

1. Recipe Box

a beautiful recipe box as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: Etsy

This intricately decorated recipe box is perfect as a gift for a neighbor on thanksgiving.

Your neighbor will enjoy filling it up with recipes for years to come maybe even hand it down to their future generations.

A very thoughtful yet inexpensive gift for your neighbor on thanksgiving.

2. Grill Master Set

a grill master set with the complete equipment as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: Etsy

If your neighbor is someone who loves hosting barbecue parties this grilling set is perfect for them.

It comes with everything someone needs to ace their barbecue culinary skills.

Also, this gift will be the official self invitation for you to all their barbecues henceforth.

You’re welcome!

3. A Custom Thanksgiving Plate

set of customized plates in the theme of thanksgiving meant to be given as gifts to neighbors
Image Source: Etsy

This custom wooden plate is made out of ceramic with the option of custom engraving too.

It can be used as a plate to serve food but also as a piece of decoration.

This is a beautiful way to make someone’s Thanksgiving even more special.

The thought of having such beautiful and caring neighbors always fills me with gratefulness.

J. Thanksgiving Gifts Baskets

a gift basket filled with thanksgiving goodies shown with the words written thanksgiving gift baskets

When you are being grateful for someone in your life—sometimes one thanksgiving gift is not enough.

If you have to give a lot—thanksgiving gifts baskets are what you need.

Just don’t forget to decorate it!

Here are a few tried and tested thanksgiving gifts baskets ideas you need to thank the dear ones in your life.

1. Classic Red Wine Thanksgiving Gifts Basket – For Everyone

a thanksgiving wine gift basket with an oil portrait of a human as a Thanksgiving Gifts

As everyone gets together around the Thanksgiving table, they’ll be grateful for one thing apart from turkey—Wine!

The red sweet-sour wine will complement all the meals on the table.

But, don’t be the average guest by just bringing one bottle to the table; thank your host for getting them a classic red wine basket.

You can get a basket that has a variety of red wines plus a classic assortment of gourmet savories like cheese straws, artisan’s crackers, and some wheat crisps.

To make things interesting, you can give a desk-sized custom handmade painting along with the thanksgiving gifts baskets.

While the rest of the things will be savored and enjoyed, a handmade painting will remain as a memory of a wonderful time together.

2. Portable Bar Set – For Him

a portable bar set shown as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: pepperfry

One of the cool things you can get for the host or the man in your life is a portable bar set.

A highly practical mini-bar that he can take everywhere, whether it is a party, or a night out with boys.

This Portable bar comes with booze, glasses, straw, cocktail shaker, stirrer, and a dash of style.

So make sure to get this wonderful thanksgiving gift for him.

3. Aromatherapy Spa Gift Basket – For Her

an aromatherapy gift basket as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: blissfulbalance

Thanksgiving day can be stressful for the hostess, after all, she’s the one who’s taking rounds cooking food, and looking after the guests.

So why not give her the rest she deserves the day after thanksgiving?

Get an aromatherapy spa gift basket for her.

This thanksgiving gift basket comes with a spa kit and bathtime essentials like bath bombs, loofah, essential oils, scrub, and body butter that’ll help her relax.

Using these products every day will make her skin shine and she’ll thank you for that. 

4. A Dog Lover’s Thanksgiving Gifts Basket – For Pet Lovers

a pet lovers gift basket shown as a Thanksgiving Gifts
Image Source: thepicnicpantry

If you know someone who has dogs, their thanksgiving is going to be incomplete without their fur babies.

I can tell you that for sure.

Give your dog-lover host a “best buddies” gift basket, a perfect thanksgiving gift for a dog enthusiast.

This thanksgiving basket includes tiny gifts for the booth: the hooman and doggo.

Treats like Classic Dog Treat Tin, Tummy Treats, Salmon Treats, Reusable Cheery 

Ribbed Tin and a little Chew Toy are great little presents for the dog; gourmets and chocolates for the owner.

This cute Thanksgiving gift basket is thoughtful and the host (and the doggo)  will surely like it.

These were our top picks of thanksgiving gifts baskets for everyone. 

That’s All She Said…

Those were my top picks for best thanksgiving gifts—that too for everyone.

Also read: Thanksgiving Gifts For Teachers.

Hey loves!

This was my list of perfect thanksgiving gifts for everyone in your life for 2022.

I hope you were able to find a thanksgiving gift for that special person in your life.

If you think I missed out on any of the thanksgiving gifts don’t hesitate to write to me in the comments.

Do visit our Youtube and Instagram.

Have A Wonderful Thanksgiving!


What is a traditional Thanksgiving gift?

Wine or chocolate are the real winners of the season.

Do we give gifts for Thanksgiving?

Although giving gifts is not-so-common tradition of Thanksgiving but it is always good to get something for the host as it looks presentable.

What could be a good Thanksgiving gift for employees?

There are many things that can contribute to this question, including:
1. Team lunch or dinner
2. Vouchers and coupons
3. Home decor
4. Paid Holidays
5. Subscription of OTT platforms
6. Electronics

Is Thanksgiving a day of gratitude?

Thanksgiving has officially became a holiday where people gather and express their gratitude and blessings.

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