PortraitFlip’s 30 Under 30: May 2021 Edition

May 30 under 30 collage of all PortraitFlip artworks.

PortraitFlip’s 30 under 30 features every month’s top 30 best photo to paintings.

It’s time for us to reveal our pick for May’s most breath-taking artworks.

Absolutely astonishing to say that this time Color Pencil has given some tough competition to Oil.

Nevertheless, Oil remains the best of the lot.

Keep scrolling to enter the word of colorful canvases.

Now, someone great said…

“A good life is a collection of happy memories.”

And every month when I sit to create this list, I open the doors to heaven.

Each artwork has so much of sentiments to behold that I get utterly confused about which one to choose.

But one thing that I get reminded every time is the amount of memory a human mind can contain and a vaster number that one can completely forget.

Milan Kundera said, “The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.”

In its truest sense, it is absolutely threatening how weak a human mind can be.

The thought of forgetting a memory every time you walk out of a room can make most of us uneasy.

And so, looking at the PortraitFlip community struggles against forgetting a memory with a handmade painting makes me ecstatic.

With that, let’s look at these amazing 30 artworks of the month of May.

30. Picture Perfect?

30 under 30 oil portrait of a girl and an old man with a frame on a blue background.

Dinner table pictures can come out weirdly angled.

And don’t even get me started on the distance.

But with PortraitFlip, distance can never be too far.

Bonnie did know how to make the photo the best memory of her life: just by removing the distance with a handmade painting.

29. Granny Cool!

Compilation portrait painting of 6 people

Camille Long wanted to get a portrait of her grandmother made along with her closed ones.

But she was holding a wine glass which of course Camille wanted to get rid of.

Not only have we removed the glass for her but we recreated a memory she always wanted to have.

And I must say, it is one of the best compilation portraits that I have seen in the month of May.

28. Con-grad-ulations!

Compilation Portrait of two women in graduation attire

Now graduation is a big day for every young adult.

You are ought to not only celebrate that day but also keep it alive in your memories.

Drew Stewart did exactly what needed to be done to eternalize the day these precious ladies stood on their feet.

27. The Bad Boys!

A pencil portrait of two men and a dog.

Gabriel Prestol was thoughtful enough to get his furry friend a charcoal portrait.

In the humdrums of life, we generally tend to forget our most loyal companion.

They aren’t around us forever, and commemorating them with a pet portrait from photo doesn’t sound like a bad plan.

At least, you will feel his presence around you even if he has left for a sweeter heaven.

26. Happily Married!

Oil portrait of a couple on his wedding day.

If happiest day of anyone’s life would have an award, it would mostly go to the day of wedding.

And to make sure they could relive this moment together, Dominic Raia got this wonderful portrait of her wedding day.

Gone are the times when you maintained a photo album of wedding.

It is time you show the world how happy you were on your day of wedding with a handmade portrait from photo.

25. Christmas Painting Anyone?

Oil portrait from photo of a man and two women wearing christmas hat.

Nicole Perykasz came to us with only one question –

“I don’t know if it’s possible without distorting the photo to zoom into the people more instead of so much background?”

Hey Nicole, if you are reading this, I hope you have gotten a beautiful resolution to your doubt.

There is no thing that PortraitFlip cannot do.

And without exaggerating, this portrait gave me immense pleasure.

The warmth it holds is beyond comparison and it entirely deserves to make its place in our 30 under 30.

24. Feline Power, More Like Paw-er!

Oil pet portrait from photo 30 under 30.

Another fur frenzy friend made it to the list this time.

David Reed must be in abolute love with his feline baby since all he wanted was the cat with no background what so ever.

Now, whoever has petted a cat knows how much it likes to be in the limelight.

This one’s for all the cat parents and their sometime nasty, mostly adorable feline friend.

By the way, did you notice his eyes? I can’t get enough of this one.

23. Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Some Go Fishing.

Oil portrait of a man and a young boy for our 30 under 30.

Marissa Lopes got this wonderful memory painted of her husband and son on the occasion of Father’s Day.

Dad is the only hero that a boy looks up to and believes in.

And every memory crystalized with the hero is less.

Marissa dearly wanted to have this mellow memory of both father and son framed forever.

It is funny how Marissa wished she found us soon.

But better late than never, right?

I hope your husband like this gift for father’s day.

And cheers for making it to our list of top 30 artworks of May.

22. Like Mother Like Daughter

Color pencil portrait from photo of a mother and a daughter.

Whoever said that color pencil couldn’t really bring out the essence of a photo would like to take his words back.

Katy Chavis got a mother and daughter duo sketched on color pencil and I was awestruck.

Our color pencil artists are no doubt the most professional in the world, but it is the characters that make an artwork stand out.

This one entirely goes to Katy.

Doesn’t it look real?

21. The Ulti“mutt” Artwork

Charcoal portrait of a dog 30 under 30

Cody Devan got a pet portrait from photo of this cute mutt of a baby.

Another big boy making it to the list.

I believe that a pet portrait from photo can never go wrong.

There is something in their eyes that makes the artwork come to life.

This one has created a big space with its smile in my hearts.

It will definitely make a little space in yours too.

20. The Magic Is To Compile

Compilation oil portrait of an old couple, a man and a girl child.

Unfinished memory hurts the most.

Charity Parmer’s great father-in-law passed away before her daughter was born.

It is sad how most of us do not get to meet our grandparents.

But Charity made the right decision of getting a compilation portrait made from different photos.

Although, though her daughter won’t be able to meet her great grandpa but at least they will have a memory to look at and smile.

Even a make believe can become truth if felt with all one’s heart.

19. Three Generational

30 under 30 oil portrait of a family

Cheyenne Crenshaw decided to get a three-generation photo of her fiancé, late father-in-law and children.

But she didn’t have a photo of them together.

So, we did you magic and merged photos into one comprehensive painting.

It has by far been one of the warmest black and white oil paintings.

Yes, that is an oil painting.

Most of the people generally go for charcoal or pencil when they want a black and white portrait.

But, I, personally suggest that one can opt for a black and white oil portrait too.

Not only does it look vibrant but also much more detailed than charcoal or pencil.

I must say Cheyanne made a very good decision of changing it into a black and white oil portrait.

It has earned this artwork a place in our 30 under 30.

18. Another Hero Earned His Place

Oil portrait of a father and his son sleeping.

There is something about this artwork that gives you a lot of relief.

It is just not a father and a son sleeping their way to glory but the affection that catches our emotions.

Alisha Gonzalez got her favorite two men painted together in a canvas full of cuddles and love.

Someone said it right, “The best bridge between despair and hope is a good sleep.”

Maybe which is why this oil portrait from photo brings so much a hope and tranquility with it.

And maybe which is why, I feel this deserves a special place in this list.

Absolutely wonderful, I must say Alisha.

17. The Best Father’s Day Gift

30 under 30 compilation oil portrait of a man, a woman and an infant.

Sierra McKinney couldn’t make her husband’s Father’s Day any better.

A compilation portrait of her husband, child and mother must have made him the happiest person.

It often so happens that you wish to live a moment dearly but some people just don’t have enough time.

Custom portraits can fulfill all these memories.

It may not bring the person back but it can definitely make you feel close to reality.

Sierra’s husband always wanted his mother to meet her grandchild.

And Sierra brought him a little close to the memory with this painting.

16. Smile Of Comfort

An oil portrait from photo of a woman and a man

Julio Olguin and this wonderful oil portrait has stuck with us for a long time.

While selecting photos for this month feature, I saw this this image.

And it stirred in a me, a lot of happiness.

The smile of the characters is so assuring, it makes you feel that everything is going to be okay.

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.”

And I must say, this picture looks like a heaven.

Good choice of memory Julio.

15. One For The American Dream

Compilation oil portrait of a man and a woman with an American flag at the back.

Achieving the same heights as her father must have surely come as a pride to Kiara.

I remember her telling us that her father must be very happy to see this.

Of course, it always makes parents proud as a punch to see their kids touching the heights of sky.

Well, in case of Kiara, the depth of an ocean.

I must say that it was very creative of Kiara to actually come up with this custom painting idea.

To make a memory of both father and daughter in the same ae of their lives, achieving the same success.

What adds to this artwork is the American flag that makes most of us proud to be a part of such a dream – American.


14. Cute As A Button

Baby oil portrait

If cute as a button had a face, this little guy would be the one.

Aya Heilman got this young fellow’s close-up photo converted into a baby portrait from photo.

And you read my blog on – Baby Portrait from Photo, you would know exactly why this artwork came out good.

For starters, let’s just say the baby is extremely beautiful.

The detailing is done so perfectly well, that I’d rather hang it in my room.

The best part is the blue background which is helping the artwork come out.

And let’s not even get started on the smile.

Overall, as cute as a button.

Good job on selecting this photo, Aya!

13. We-Ding!

Wedding oil portrait for PortraitFlip's  30 under 30.

What did the Tuxedo say to the wedding dress? I know a veil.

I really need to come up with better jokes.

But wow, this painted ordered by Joshua Lopez has stood out.

“The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage.”

And to be able to seize this day forever is what a handmade painting does for you.

I’d totally suggest Joshua to hang the portrait in a space where it speaks of the couple’s love and affection.

I will make the days of a married life better with years!

12. Bliss Is Sitting On My Granny’s Lap

Compilation portrait of an old woman and a boy child.

Juanita Lopez got this grandparent and grandchildren oil portrait made from us.

Now, I must say that not only were her choice of photographs great but it also helped us to seamlessly fit them together.

I honestly wish that the little dumpling could experience the bliss the sitting on his granny’s lap.

But at least when he grows up, he can look at this picture and smile for having a memory of it.

Grandma and roses are pretty much synonymous.

And a handmade painting of such a joyous moment should always be cherish with an oil portrait.

The kind of happiness this artwork, it deserves to me shown to the world.

11. Grandma, Cole and Summer

Compilation portrait of an old woman, a young girl and a boy for 30 under 30.

Angela Maples’ oil painting from photo caught my eyes because of the vibrancy it beholds.

Each stroke made the character come out and look lively.

In fact, the background complemented it in such a wonderful fashion, that it gives the portrait an old English appearance.

Most interesting part of this artwork is that every character was fit in perfectly to match each other.

Lucky are children to get to have such a sparkling memory with their grandma.

I am pretty sure Angela must have been very happy to receive this.

10. One For Grandpa Too

Grandfather and an infant oil portrait from multiple photos.

Does it look like it this artwork has been made by multiple photos?

No, right?

Well, all thanks to Richard Witt’s creativity.

He came to us to get a portrait made of his wife’s father and his son.

But he didn’t not have a photo of them together.

But his idea was clear of having them in a certain way.

Turned out wonderful enough to earn a space in our 30 under 30.

I must say that the infant’s smile steals the show.

Precious, precious enough to be hung in the house and flaunted.

Pretty sure the artwork could not have come out any better than this.

9. Can You Imagine This Is His Granny?

Compilation portrait from photo of a woman and a baby.

Amber Amarino came to us with a request to create a memory of her mother-in-law and her daughter.

Just like any other parent who would want their child to meet their grandparents, Amber’s husband did too.

Can one really outdo life?

But one can always look up to art for strength.

And so did Amber.

This portrait must have definitely brought a lot of memories comes to life for them.

Amber, if you are reading this:

I hope your daughter grows up to remember this memory as a true one.

8. Too Many Tattoos?

Father and son oil portrait from photo for 30 under 30.

Another father and son oil portrait for Alisha Gonzalez.

I am sure their home will be filled with the father and son’s affection for each other.

It makes me realize how even a simple memory is worth painting.

In fact, handmade paintings make simple memories look so special.

I don’t mind get every part of my life painted into a colorful canvas.

Besides, I would personally like to ask Alisha, if the tattoos came out exactly how they were supposed to.

Because I believe he is proud of his tattoos.

7. If Puppy Eyes Had A Face

Charcoal portrait from photo of a Labrador.

If puppy eyes would have a face, the award would go to Brian Branner’s Labrador.

Our pets do so much for us.

From sticking their wet nose to our face to getting excited over their name.

Our lives would have been incomplete if we didn’t come home to a wagging tail.

A handmade pet portrait can be a great way to honor all that these little balls of fur do for us.

Most importantly, it will always remind us of them even if they are not sitting at our feet.

Brian has made some great decisions in life.

6. Happy Faces!!

Compilation Family Portrait From photo of two women and an old man for PortraitFlip's 30 under 30.

Let me quote Hunter Verrill, one who ordered this compilation portrait:

“Hi, my name is Hunter. I’m a United States Marine and unfortunately I cannot be home with my mother this year for mother’s day. So I came across this website and thought it would be the perfect idea. I would like a portrait of my mother with her parents who have now passed within the past few years. I have three pictures one of my mom, one of my grandma, and one of my grandpa. I would like my mother in the middle, my grandfather on the left, and my grandmother on the right. As for the background, if you could do a woodsy scenery with trees and possibly a blue sky above that’d be amazing, or whatever you can do along the lines of that. Thank you so much! -Hunter”

PortraitFlip is happy to help you a make Mother’s Day special.

It has been very thoughtful of Hunter to gift his mother a gift that will stand the tests of time and will still remain as fresh as a new.

5. Perfect Family Portrait Doesn’t Exi…

Family portrait from multiple photos of two men and five women.

If you think that a perfect family portrait doesn’t exist, well you are wrong.

Look at them! ❤

We have all experienced the hubbub of clicking a family portrait where everybody looks great.

It isn’t until a few thousand takes that we settle for an “okayish” photo.

But with PortraitFlip, all you have to do is send different “best” photos and we will have it combined into a perfect family portrait.

I am pretty sure Jennifer and her family would have been amazed by the  how good and real each one of them look.

4. Beach Ready!

Grandparents and grandchildren oil portrait from photo.

Well, this one is not a compilation.

It is safe to say that Nancy Wood’s children are lucky enough to have met their grandparents.

A perfectly captured memory and a well-crafted piece of art.

I guess, looking at it soothes me enough to want to meet my grandparents.

3. S Stands For Stallion, S Stands For Strength

In a world the fights over cats and dogs, be a horse person.

Finally, a horse portrait has made its debut in our list of 30 under 30.

Jane Reinholz ordered a horse portrait from photo as a birthday present for his grand-daughter.

I am sure his grand-daughter loves horses.

In fact, there are a lot of benefits of hanging a horse portrait in your home.

It is not only a symbol of power, and strength but is known to bring a lot of fame.

Jane Reinholz, it would be lovely to see your grand-daughter’s reaction when she received it.

If you have it recorded, feel free to send it to support@portraitflip.com.

2. Grand-Duo

An oil portrait of a grandfather and his grandson on a tractor.

Steven Goldblatt came to us with a complaint of redoing a photo which already had an artwork.

The artwork which he ordered from a different website had an orange tint to it.

But PortraitFlip’s professional artists are par excellence.

There’ll never be any painting that our artists cannot do.

And I hope Steven was happy receiving this portrait. 

1. The Best Of The Lot

Pet oil portrait from photo of a woman and her dog.

Can this look any real?

It took me good 15 minutes to believe that this was a portrait and not a photo.

Drew Stewart’s handmade painting is a bundle of joy in itself.

It does not only look happy because of the doggo’s face but says so much about our relationship with pets.

I would totally get myself a similar handmade painting a hundred times.

Well, dog’s always steal the thunder and Drew Stewart’s dog portrait has stolen our list of 30 under 30.

But, keep ordering and keep getting featured!

We are always happy to serve you.

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That’s all folks!

If you are reading this, thank you!

Go share your story with the world while we prepare for the next month’s feature.

To see yourself on the next blog, place an order.

If you have any concerns or questions, you can write to us in the comment section below.

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